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Brother to Brother

By cleanshaven

submitted July 12, 2011

Categories: Family Fun, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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This past weekend, my wife and I drove to Show Low, Arizona to visit my brother who had undergone a stent procedure the week before. I was concerned because Glenn has never had anything seriously wrong with him in the past, certainly nothing as serious as heart surgery. By the way, I am 53 and Glenn is 67. I always looked on my big brother as a guy that could meet any adversity; he was always my hero. Now, this turn of events had us both concerned. As it turned out, the stent procedure was a good thing because Glenn, although sore from the operation, felt better than he had in 2 years.

We arrived at their house in the afternoon and after a nice lunch, our wives decided to go to the Indian casino, leaving Glenn and I alone at the house. We knew that since they were gambling fanatics, the gals would be at the casino all night long. That was fine with us because we wanted some time to visit and hang out together without interruption.

After we cleaned up from lunch, we went outside to feed their huge menagerie of dogs and cats and talked about Glenn’s plans to eventually go back to work. Back in the house, I made Glenn relax on the couch while I did some spreadsheet entry for him in his office. When I was done, I joined him in the living room where he was reading a book. I picked up a magazine and thumbed through the pages.

We took time to catch up on past events and then Glenn started telling me an unusual story for no particular reason. He was telling about the time he was about 20 years old when he had a job hauling plumbing supplies from Phoenix to El Paso. One of the guys from his company, Warren, was riding along and they would be on the road for a few days. Glenn said they stopped in a town in southern Arizona to rest up for the night. It was summertime and after they had dinner in the hotel restaurant, they decided to take a swim in the pool before turning in for the night.

They swam and chatted for a while and then got out to go back to the room. On the way, Glenn told Warren that he had to take a leak in the pool house. The pool house was just a changing room for the hotel and besides a couple of sinks and toilets, there was a long urinal mounted on the wall for communal pissing. Without thinking anything about it, they both sidled up to the urinal to do their business. While Glenn was letting go, he absentmindedly glanced over at his buddy and got the shock of his life. He said that Warren had the biggest cock he had ever seen; at least 10 inches and thick! He said that Warren was holding his flaccid cock in the middle to keep it from drooping. The head hung down toward the trough like a fire hose.

“Damn, Warren, Glenn exclaimed, “you’re hung like a fucking horse!” Warren just grinned and said, “Well, the ladies like it.”

“I’ll bet they do. God, that must be incredible when it’s hard.”

Glenn started to zip up, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Warren’s cock. Aware of Glenn’s fascination, Warren started to stroke his cock to make it hard. In a few minutes, with Glenn’s silent approval, Warren spurted a glob of cum in the urinal as Glenn just stared.

After hearing Glenn’s story, we both went back to reading without saying a word. I was perplexed because his story came totally out of left field. Glenn wasn’t gay, so why did he tell me that story? Now, I, on the other hand had sucked a few cocks in my time, but he didn’t know that. I knew that Glenn had a powerful sex drive because of the things he told me about his wife and how they loved to fuck. I also knew that because of his wife’s gambling, she was often gone late at night and as a result, Glenn would often be forced to go to bed without seeing her until the next morning. He was probably getting pretty horny. I imagined that he often lay in bed by himself at night jacking off.

As the night wore on, we turned on the TV and Glenn found a HBO channel that featured soft-core porn. Like a couple of teen-aged boys we commented on the girls’ big tits and tight asses and then when one of the actresses started sucking her lover’s cock, I noticed my brother staring at the spectacle glassy-eyed.

“She’s very talented,” I said.

“Oh, God yes,” hissed Glenn. “I can just imaging how good that feels.”

As we sat there watching the movie, I started thinking sexually about Glenn. Even at his age he was still a good looking guy and I had always kind of fantasized about having sex with him. I knew his wife was ignoring him by spending so much time at the casino and I felt sorry for him. After all, he was my brother. I decided to try to find out where Glenn was sexually.

“Glenn,” I asked, “have you ever had a guy suck your cock?”

“Are you kidding,” he replied. “I’m not queer!”

“I know you’re not, but I was just wondering. I don’t think you have to be queer to let another guy blow you. I think it’s just something that guys might do if they don’t have another outlet. I mean, I was kind of surprised with your story about Warren and I wondered why you would bring it up. Were you attracted to his cock?”

“Well,” Glenn said tentatively, “he had an incredible piece of meat and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, even though I tried. I guess maybe at that moment I might have wondered what it would be like to suck a guy.”

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left Glenn alone to consider what he had just told me. When I got to the bathroom, I stripped my clothes off and jacked my cock a little to fluff it up. I got it to the point where I was on the verge of cumming and then stopped to regain my composure. Now was the moment of truth. I was going to walk out naked with half a hard-on for my brother to see. Either he would laugh at me uncontrollably or show some interest. I knew I was taking a big risk, but I wanted to see his reaction. The last time saw me naked was when I was a baby.

I walked into the living room and Glenn was back to reading his book. He casually glanced up to acknowledge me and when he saw that I naked, his eyes got as big as saucers!

“Will, what are you doing?” “Oh, I thought I would just get comfortable. It is a little warm in here.”

He watched me intently as I flopped down on the couch and picked up my magazine to continue reading. After a few moments, I looked up to find him still staring at me. What happened next was a perfect example of non-verbal communication.

I laid my magazine down and took my cock in hand. With Glenn watching, I stroked it slowly until I had a respectable hard-on. Then I twisted on the couch and leaned against the armrest with my legs spread wide apart and my shaved balls hanging down over my asshole. I massaged my balls and stroked my cock while continuing to look Glenn in the eyes. It was as if I was daring him to say or do something. He noticed the pre-cum in my slit. Finally I spoke up.

“Are you just going to sit there and watch me cum, or are you going to take your clothes off?”

Boy, I didn’t have to ask twice! In about three seconds, he threw off his shoes and pulled off all his clothes until he was as naked as I was. He was still in pretty good shape because he worked outside a lot and got lots of exercise. I was pleased to see that he was already hard when he sat back down on the couch. Without a word, I rolled off the couch and positioned myself between his legs. I took hold of his cock and licked a pearl of pre-cum from the slit.

“What are you doing,” he asked.

“What do you think, Einstein?”

I jacked his cock a couple of times, slid my mouth over the head, and took him all the way to the base. I thought his eyes were going to pop out! I took my time sliding up and down his cock and teasing the head with my tongue. I also reached down to massage his furry balls. He, unlike me, did not shave. Someday, I was going to have to do something about that.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Glenn, “that feels incredible!”

To someone looking in the window, I’m sure this would have appeared ridiculous or weird. Here was a middle-aged guy on his knees sucking an older guy’s cock. It wasn’t weird to me, however, because I loved my brother and this was just one other way to express that brotherly love. To me it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. At the age of 53, I was at last doing the thing that I should have been doing all my life; servicing my brother.

To intensify the situation, I reached down and resumed jacking my cock; I wanted to make sure that I was hard and ready when the time came. I didn’t have to wait very long because within seconds, Glenn arched up off the couch, driving his cock in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and held me still as he shot a gallon of cum down my throat. I didn’t resist at all. In fact, I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from choking. I had to let go of my own cock because I was on the verge of cumming myself. I swallowed my brother’s seed with untold pleasure and when he finished pumping my mouth, he fell back into the couch, exhausted. I held his softening cock in my hand and gently licked the head, getting every last drop of cum.

Finally, he pushed me away because he was so sensitive. I, on the other hand, was still on the verge; I hadn’t cum yet. I stood up in front of Glenn and with him watching through half-closed eyes, stroked my cock for that long-awaited orgasm. As I got close, he leaned forward to watch my technique. When I started huffing and puffing, he automatically opened his mouth. He was going to take my shot! God, that thought made the feelings even more intense. I reached out to hold his chin and aim my cock. Then, with one great blast, I shot a wad that hit the back of his throat. His lips closed around my cock and I proceeded to fuck his mouth like an animal. He reached up to grab my ass and helped me pump into his mouth. I held his head just like he had held mine and fucked it until my legs collapsed. Then I fell back onto the floor and opened my eyes just in time to see my brother swallow my cum with a big, loud gulp.

What an experience! I had just realized a fantasy that I had held all my life. I sucked my brother’s cock, swallowed his seed and to top it off, he just took mine. Now my mind was reeling. I didn’t want it to stop here. Now I wanted Glenn to fuck me and make me his bitch! I wanted him to look me in the eyes with my legs draped over his shoulders as he pumped my ass full of cum.

I was about to mention my new fantasy when we heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway. Our wives were home! SHIT! We grabbed our clothes and Glenn ran into his bathroom while I ran into the guest bathroom. By the time the girls came through the back door, we were both busy taking showers. When I came out wrapped in a towel and drying my hair, Annie was already in bed, asleep. I crawled into bed beside her and fell into the deepest sleep of my life.

The next morning, we woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. In the kitchen, Glenn was already making breakfast for all of us. I sat down to the best breakfast I’d had in years and savored every delicious morsel. As the girls traded gossip, Glenn and I looked at each other with a secret, understanding smile. We had shared an incredibly intense and special experience and it meant a great deal to both of us.

As we prepared to leave Show Low and return home, Annie gave Glenn and Lauren a big hug and then I did the same. As Glenn and I released each other, he told me to come back soon. I didn’t get to take our experience as far as I wanted to, but I was confident of one thing…there would be a next time!

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