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It started in an Adult Theater

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When I was married in 1985, I used to enjoy occasionally going out at night by myself and frequenting my favorite adult theater. I would always watch a couple hours of porn and then jack-off in the restroom before returning home. It used to be that guys in the audience were discrete in the theaters; nobody ever exposed themselves. However, it had been a year since my last visit and I guess that in that time, things had changed drastically. When I went into the theater this time, the attendant informed me that there were now two theaters, gay and straight. I had never seen a gay movie before, but I was definitely curious to know what one looked like.

As I walked through the doorway, I had to pause for my eyes to adjust because the theater was pitch-black except for the glow from the screen. When they did finally adjust, I saw two guys fucking on the screen. And as I looked around the theater, I saw a man on his knees giving a blowjob. Now days, a scene like that would be commonplace, but back then, it was totally unheard of.

I found a seat quickly near the guy that was giving head because I wanted to watch up close. He took his time sliding up and down his partners cock, pausing at the head for a second and then engulfing his rod down to the base. It was a real turn-on for me because the guy’s cock was coated with a slimy mixture of spit and pre-cum. In a few seconds, he went over the edge, threw his head back and unloaded into his partner’s mouth. I must say, the guy giving head was a real pro because he didn’t spill a drop. After his buddy finished shooting in his mouth, he leaned back on his haunches, showed his buddy the pool of jizz in his mouth, and then swallowed it with one big gulp.

I was so mesmerized by the action that I didn’t notice when a young black man sat down next to me. He was a good-looking kid that couldn’t have been more than twenty years old (I was thirty-five) and I wondered what a kid like that would be doing in a porn theater. I mean, he should have been out fucking a cheerleader or something!

Since the blowjob was finished and the two guys got up and left, I turned my attention back to the movie. I kneaded my cock in my pants and prepared to cum in my underwear when I noticed motion from the kid beside me. When I turned to glance at him, he had his cock out and was stroking it! He looked at me and smiled and then we both looked down at his straining cock. It was over seven thick inches and straight as an arrow surrounded by a bush of kinky black hair. He saw that I was kneading my cock.

“My name’s Robert,” he said in a whisper.

“Hi, Robert,” I responded, “my name is Will. I would shake your hand, but I can see that you’re busy.”

He chuckled at my stupid joke and then sat back in his chair so I could get a good look at his cock. In a place like that, normal social conventions fly right out the window so I wasn’t the least bit hesitant to casually look him up and down. I must say, it was a beautiful piece of meat looking like it had been carved out of ebony.

“Well, Robert, you have an impressive piece of meat there.”

“Thanks,” he said with a grin. “My girlfriend’s out of town so I felt like coming in here to get my rocks off.” He then nodded at my hand in my lap. “Why don’t you take yours out?”

“Oh, I’m kind of shy,” I answered.

“Do you want to touch mine,” he asked.

My eyes darted back and forth from his eyes to that gorgeous cock and then I nervously reached out with my hand. He held it at the base while I wrapped my fingers around it and lightly stroked it up and down. I had never felt a cock before and I was amazed how hard and smooth it was.

“That feels really good,” he hissed.

Then he reached over to knead my rock-hard cock which also felt really good! We played with each other for a couple of minutes until he put his hand over mine to stop me.

“We’d better slow down, bud. I’m about to blow.”

I retracted my hand, slightly embarrassed, and we watched the movie in silence. His erection softened up until it lay in his lap like a big, black snake. I think we were both getting a little uncomfortable until he spoke up:

“I’m getting tired of this place.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Hey,” he said, “do you want to come over to my apartment? I have some beer and good porn. We can kick back there.”

I looked at my watch and realized that I didn’t have to be home for a couple of hours. I nodded at Robert and after he put his cock back in his pants, we left.

I followed him to his apartment near the college campus and after he showed me inside, he told me to turn on the TV because he wanted to shower. While he was in the bathroom, I clicked through the channels looking for a movie to pass the time. In a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and Robert came out completely nude! He had a well-muscled body and his cock hung long and low against his thigh. Instead of sitting down, he just stood next to the couch with his hands on his hips and watched TV.

With him standing just two feet away, I leaned forward and brushed his cockshaft lightly with my fingers. He lowered his hands and we both watched that black beauty firm up until he had a full erection. Then he gripped his cock and turned to face me. He held me by the chin as he moved his cock toward my mouth. I knew what he wanted, and to be truthful, I wanted it too. I opened my lips and he pushed his cock into my eager mouth.

I was amazed at how good it tasted and how good it felt in my mouth! I had never done this before, but I loved it! As he stood in front of me with his feet planted wide apart, I held his cock and the base and sucked it in and out like I had seen the guy in the theater doing. I kept this up for a few minutes until he stopped me.

“I’m going to have to make you stop ‘cause I don’t wanna cum just yet.”

I leaned back into the couch, somewhat disappointed, but then he knelt down in front of me and took off my shoes and socks. After that, he unbuttoned my shirt, unbuckled my pants, and had me raise up so he could pull my pants and underwear off. My cock was already hard again and he stoked it a couple of times until he stood up and went into the bathroom. When he came back, he had a jar of Vaseline and he bent down in front of me, exposing his gaping asshole, and then dipped out a glob of jelly and smeared it in and around his hole. He kneeled down in front of the couch and laid his chest on the seat cushions.

“What are you doing, Robert,” I asked.

“I’m getting ready to get fucked.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done that before,” I said.

“Hey, it’s just like fucking a pussy, only better,” he chuckled. “Don’t you dare waste that hard-on.”

Well, there I was, my cock stiff as a board and leaking pre-cum, with a cute guy asking me to fuck him. Who would know? I certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone. I got down on my knees behind Robert and used some of his Vaseline to smear on my cock. Then I held him by the waist while I slowly screwed the head into his hole. When I popped past his sphincter, I paused out of concern.

“Are you OK? I don’t want to hurt you,” I asked.

“Don’t worry, stud,” he chuckled, “I can take it.”

I held his hips with both hands and slowly pushed my cock into his bowels. Once I was completely in, it felt like I was sheathed in a warm tube. I slowly pulled my cock out until the head was about to pop out and then I pushed back in with a long stroke. He was right; it did feel better than a pussy. I had never felt a pussy hold me tight like that and actually pull my cock like a vacuum. Robert moaned appreciatively as I found a steady rhythm. I was getting off watching my cock disappear into his ass until I felt pressure building up in my balls.

“Robert, I’m going to…I’m gonna…”

“Give it to me, Baby.”

His encouragement pushed me over the edge and I gave one last thrust as I felt my guts empty out into his guts. It was overwhelming, knowing that I was actually fucking another guy. I wasn’t queer or anything like that, but this was an amazing feeling. There was something about one guy surrendering sexually to another guy. It really wasn’t about sex; it was about…POWER!

After my last spasm, I pulled out of him and collapsed on the floor on my belly. I was still in an orgasmic haze when I felt a greasy finger probe my asshole and push inside. I turned back around to see Robert greasing his cock slowly from the head to the base. He grinned at me as positioned himself between my legs.

“What’s going on, Robert?”

“Well, my friend, now it’s your turn.”


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