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Carlos popping my cherrie

By boribttm702

submitted August 5, 2011

Categories: First Time

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First off this is my first story ever so give me a break but do welcome criticism to my email thanks and hope you enjoy.

I'm a young puerto rican in Vegas and was visiting some family of my moms boyfriend at the time. I met all the females and got along just fine since me and my mom lived in Cleveland Ohio before moving to las vegas and they were from New York. We were over for a special welcome home party for the boy of the family but I didn't get what was the big deal but what ever lol. I was just chillin outside with 2 of the girls and one of their boyfriend when he got there.

Carlos was 18 tall caramel complexion long braided hair and toned just like a typical newyorican. After everyone said the hellos the party started and it was cracking music loud great food and people drinking and dancing and telling stories having a good time. It was getting late and my mom said it was time to go but I was having so much fun I didn't want to leave so Iasked if it was ok if I stayed the night. They said yes so I was excited even tho I didn't know anything about men and didn't pin point that i was gay. I had girlfriends and had sex with girls but always hang around the girls.

So my mom left and I was served my first beer. Didn't really like it but I drank it because I wanted to drink and see what was all the hype. After 2 or 3 beers I was feeling good and we went outside to chill with the girls and the bf from earlier and started walking around the neighborhood and went into one of the outside laundry rooms. They starting smoking(weed) and offered me some but I said no cuz I never did it before. Peer pressure got to me and I hit it but they was laughing at me telling me I was wasting it. Then next thing I know Carlos was shot gunning it into my mouth and he said just hold it in and I did. After choking I felt great with the buzz from the beer and the highness from the marijuana. Then more chillin went by so fast that I found myself just sitting on the lower bunk bed just staring at the tv screen. Everyone got ready for bed but I just stayed in my clothes. It was 2 bunk beds in one room so I shared one of the bottom bunks with Carlos and the 3 girls in the other beds. I tried to sleep but couldn't but tried to stay still so I wouldn't wake anyone and plus I was against the wall.

Since I was not able to sleep I turned over on my back and just layed there for awhile when I heard Carlos say if I was asleep. I didn't say anything cuz I thought I was imagining it. Then he said it again and I wispered no. He said " you wanna suck my dick". I thought he was kidding and just layed there. He said it again and I said yes being sarcastic and he said " then come down here and touch it I have it out already". I touched it and was shocked but even tho I didn't know what I was thinking I went down the bed and started sucking his nice 9 inch thick dick. It was so good i couldn't get enough of it. Then he told me to lay on the floor but to unbutton my jeans. Carlos got on top of me and pushed his dick under my balls and was hunching me while he kissed me on the lips and on my neck I was so hard it hurt.

Then he told me go into the shower but don't lock the door so I did what I was told. I walked into the bathroom and took all my clothes off and started the shower and got in. When I was starting to soap up I heard the door open so I looked and it was him and he was taking all his clothes off and it was the first time I saw his big ass dick in the light. He smiled when he saw my face cuz I was shocked it was so big. I never seen another dick in my life and here I am with this big dick all for me. So he gets in the shower and we start to kiss and I pull away and go on my knees and start to suck his dick like nothing, With him moaning softly and me sucking like hell on his dick it was getting super hot in there. He told me to get up and I turned to the wall facing away from him and he put the bar of soap in my cheeks. Thats when I was scared cuz all I could think of is why is he doing this I know he not thinking of putting his big ass dick in my ass. The next thing I know I could feel his dick head at my spincher. When he pushed in I yelped and he shushed me and grabbed my face and stuck his finger in my mouth so I started to suck on it while he slowly pushed all 9 inches in me.

Once all 9 inches in me he lifts my leg and starts to fuck me slow while the water hitting all the right spots. It felt so good I don't know what he was hitting that made my dick so hard. After loosing me up he started fucking me nice and hard god it was amazing. I started to cum without touching my dick all on the shower wall and he was telling me how tight my ass felt. When i finished cumming he just was fucking me so hard i didnt notice the water went cold but it didnt stop him from fucking me till i felt something i never felt. When I thought about it it was to late and he was gruntng and slamming in to the hilt busting his nut in me. I felt so warm inside it was incredible. When he went soft we tried the hardest to clean up with the cold water so it was pretty quick. When we got out he made me some cup of noodles and we sat to watch lord of the rings and eventually went to sleep. The next day I had a glow on me I swear everyone looked at me differently but that was the night my cherry was popped and made me the whore I was in my teen years.

If you have any comments or questions just email me at elboriduh@gmail.com hope you enjoyed and let me know if you wanna read more of my sexscapades