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“ROB’S ROOMIES” part 4

By Rembrandt Rob

submitted August 19, 2011

Categories: Best Friends, College Days, Coming Out, Crush, Threesomes

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It felt so good to finally know the truth that had been hidden away for all these years. I leaned in and gave Kent another hug and this time he wrapped his strong arms around me and hugged me back. When I kissed his cheek he turned and looked at Mike, who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “Would it be okay if I kissed him back?” Kent asked. Mike winked at him and smiled.

Kent placed his hands on the back of my neck and pulled me close, softly kissing my forehead, then both my cheeks. As he leaned in to kiss my mouth, I realized that my pent-up desire for him was about to be released and I joined him in one of the most sensual kisses of my life. A kiss that had started off so soft and innocent quickly became something that was all consuming and I felt a fire burn within me for this man. Our tongues began to explore each other’s mouths and our arms tightly encircled our muscular physiques. I reached down and felt Kent’s huge cock as he grabbed at mine. Within moments I realized that we were not alone in our passion. Mike was right there with us on his knees, kissing our faces and rubbing our bulging crotches. I was in heaven.

I locked the door behind me as we entered Mike’s room. I was still reeling from discovering Kent’s feelings for me were as real as mine were for him. How could I have missed the clues? I thought to myself. I was more than willing, though, to make up for lost time.

I turned out the overhead light while Mike turned up the radio at his desk. I was glad to see that he had not yet moved the mattresses that were still in the center of his floor. The sight of them made me smile, remembering how I had woke up this morning with him lying there warm and naked next to me. It was a little awkward for a minute with the three of us just standing there, waiting for something to happen. We burst out lasting, thinking how weird and surreal everything had become.

Surprisingly, it would be Kent who made the first move. He came over to Mike and I and put his arms around our shoulders, pulling us all together in a tight circle. He greeted us both with long, tender kisses and nudged us to do the same. In a few moments we were entwined in a sexual frenzy; our mouths and tongues, hands and hips worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Mike broke away and started to slowly unbutton his shirt to reveal his silky chest hair, which set the stage for the erotic show that would follow. Each of us did a slow strip tease for the others, removing one article of clothing at a time, saving our bulging shorts for last. Though Kent claimed to be new at this sort of thing, I couldn’t tell by watching him. He wasn’t the least bit nervous and his confidence was incredibly sexy. He was fully aware that he was turning me and Mike on and was enjoying every second of it . I had sneaked a peek at Kent’s long dick many times in the shower and in the privacy of our room when he was changing clothes, but I had never seen him with a full-fledged erection. My eyes grew wide as I watched him pull his massive blonde tool from his boxers. His cock had a slight upward curve that was quite unique. Inserting that thing up my ass would be a challenge but I was more than willing to try! Kent squeezed his cock in a death grip again and again until the head became a deep purple and began to drip. Never once taking his eyes off of us, Kent rubbed the pre-cum over his smooth, tight abs until they glistened in the fading light. He continued his part of the show by flexing his muscular pecs and pinching his nipples hard while watching our reactions to his foreplay. Mike and I were in awe of his beautiful body and wanted to discover more of it for ourselves. Once all three of us were nude, we pulled Kent down to the floor between us and began kissing and rubbing him from different angles. I concentrated on one side of his tanned, hairless chest while Mike focused on the other. Kent pushed our faces into his nipples and we sucked and chewed on them until he gasped for air. His breathing became deeper and deeper and he began to moan as our mouths explored his rock-hard frame inch by inch. I licked and massaged his muscular arms and Mike tongue fucked his beautiful blonde pits. I kissed Kent over and over and was excited to finally get the chance to run my tongue over his sexy stubble.

Mike and I took turns feasting on Kent’s eight inch pole while he writhed beneath us. Every sensation brought Kent heightened pleasure and I knew that his first time was so far an incredible journey that he’d never forget. “Oh man, this feels great…” he whispered in low moans. We continued working his tool, both orally and manually, stopping only intermittently to give each other a sensual kiss. “Oh fuck, that looks so hot!” Kent gasped.

As Kent’s panting began to quicken, he leaned up on his elbows and started to plead with us. “Oh man, you guys! I don’t want to cum too soon!” he begged. “Hold off a minute… and let me catch…my breath…” Mike and I only smiled at each other and ignored him. We continued to switch off sucking and licking his manhood. Kent was squirming in ecstasy and kept asking us to slow down, but we only increased our pace. When it was Mike’s turn next to swallow his rod, I leaned over and sucked Kent’s huge balls into my hot mouth. That move must have sent my friend over the edge. I could feel his nuts shift on my tongue and heard him make low, broken growls. Mike yanked Kent’s dick from his mouth just in time to watch his cum explode like fireworks across the room. Kent’s body bolted and twisted in the spray of jizz, which was a huge turn-on to watch. He collapsed back on the floor like a dead man and Mike looked over at me and grinned. “Looks like our work here is done!” he chuckled.

“Not so fast, mister!” I told him. I pulled Mike to my side of the mattress and wrapped my arms and legs around his hairy body. We’ve still got more work to do!” I kissed him hard on the mouth, my tongue fighting with his for dominance. I pushed him down roughly to the mattress and began kneading his furry pecs like dough. I glanced over at Kent who had recovered from his orgasm and was sitting up, wiping the remaining cum off his face and chest with his underwear. He was watching us with keen interest and I could tell he was taking mental notes. I’ll give you something to write home about! I promised myself.

Leaning forward over Mike, I began tracing the outline of his mounded pecs with my hard dick. The tactile sensation of his silky chest hair rubbing against my sensitive cockhead was amazing and made me shiver to my knees. I rubbed each of Mike’s nipples with my engorged cock, pushing its slit over each erect knob and coating them with juicy pre-cum until they glistened. I leaned over and sucked each nip, making loud smacking sounds that caused Mike to groan in pleasure. I looked up at Kent and grinned as I saw him begin to stroke his tool again for another round. He was totally enthralled by what he was witnessing and took a second to grin back.

“Fuck him, Mike!” Kent ordered. “Fuck my roomie’s ass – I want to watch you tear him up!”

Mike looked up at me and winked. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do, Kent. But don’t you want to have first crack at your roomie’s…crack?” All three of us burst out laughing at his joke.

“Hey!” I chuckled, “Don’t I get a say in who fucks me?” I put my hands on my hips and pretended to be ticked off. “I may just take my dick and go home…” Mike and Kent laughed again. They both knew full well that wild horses couldn’t drag me away from them right now!

Mike motioned to Kent to pitch him the tube of lubricant lying on his desktop. Kent grabbed it and crawled over to where we were and loosened the cap. “I want to do the honors!” he smiled. I had been sitting on Mike’s taught abs, feeling his huge pecker poking me in my lower back. I slide to one side to let Kent have access to grease up Mike’s stiff rod. With his hand full of the gooey jell, Kent lifted up Mike’s meaty cock and began priming him with ever increasing speed. Mike threw back his head and panted like a pup.

“Jump on here, cowboy!” Kent said, holding the giant dick for me to straddle. I climbed back up on Mike’s trunk and spread my butt cheeks for Kent to locate my manhole. Still slick and warm in his hands, Kent rubbed my hole with the left over lube. He kissed my mouth as he pushed his twitching finger inside my eager ass. His tongue thrust matched the movement of his finger, both fucking me over and over again.

Finally Kent positioned the rocket for launch. My gasping breaths became more intense as Mike began to arch his strong hips upward, his cock punching my hole like a boxer in a ring. When I sat down of that enormous mushroom head and felt it poke through, I heard myself grunt like a wild animal caught in a trap. My butt slid down quickly on Mike’s swollen shaft and his whole body trembled with the experience. We began to move in unison, his strong hips pushing upward and my ass pushing downwards, grinding out our lust while Kent watched. “That’s it, cowboy! Ride that fucker!” Kent cried in a hushed voice.

Suddenly Kent jumped up and faced me with the beautiful blonde dick he had been stroking just inches from my mouth. It was enormous and wet with pre-cum and throbbed with every heartbeat. “I’ve got something for you,” he teased. “But you’ve got to let me know how bad you want it!” He smacked his cock against my cheek and chin; my tongue tried to lick his ball juice whenever it passed by. “Oh yeah, man, I want it!” I gasped. “Feed me that big thing – I want it bad!” Kent pushed his dick as far as he could into my waiting mouth. I almost choked on that monster, forcing him to pull it back out quickly. “Man, you’re huge, Kent!” I sputtered. “I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this thing all these years!” Kent nodded his head in agreement. “We’re not going to let that happen again!” he whispered. He grabbed my head in his hands and plunged my face into his crotch over and over . Eventually, Kent backed up and bent down on his knees on either side of Mike’s head to feed him his meat. He pushed his nearly vertical pole downward and inserted it into Mike’s hungry mouth. Mike sucked hard on this cock, grabbing Kent’s ass cheeks and pulling him down further onto his face. Kent gasped loudly and jerked his hips as if he had backed up into a hot stove. My roomie then bent over and grabbed my gyrating tool in his mouth and gently raked the shaft with his teeth all the way down to the base. I shuddered from the unexpected sensation. This was almost too much stimulation for me and I felt my passion for these sexy men rising inside of me, getting ready to explode and I was helpless to stop it.

My ass felt like it was on fire with the continuous motion of Mike’s pelvic thrusts. His hips drove that monster cock deeper and deeper inside of me, fucking my hole in angles that made my balls boil with hot milk. At the same time, Kent’s mouth engulfed me, swallowing me into his throat with a powerful suction that drove my dick wild. He was unmerciful to Mike’s mouth as well, driving his eight inch jackhammer as deep as it could possibly go. Mike tried to slow down his furious pace by squeezing Kent’s ass cheeks as tightly as he could, but that just sent my best friend into orbit. Kent shot his second load of hot cum into the back of Mike’s throat, sending his muffled screams of orgasm with each wave. Mike greedily swallowed every last drop of sweet juice.

Hearing Kent cum was music to my ears; I couldn’t hold back any longer. My heavy breathing turned into quick panting and I felt my body rise and fall with the waves of pleasure. Moaning, I fell onto Kent’s back and held him tightly as he sucked my dick to explosion. My cum blasted into Kent’s virgin mouth, filling it full to almost overflowing.

At that same moment Mike convulsed on the mattress below, bucking and thrashing. “FUCK ME, MAN, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” he cried in desperate whispers. His hips lifted me off the floor and I struggled to keep riding his huge rod. I could feel his pulsating dick shooting hot man juice deep inside of me in torrents. His moaning was incredibly erotic and I enjoyed watching his hairy chest swell even larger with each thrust. When I felt Mike’s cock begin to soften, I slowly pulled up and felt his dickhead release me from its grip. I grabbed Kent’s towel to catch the flood of Mike’s thick cum which poured from inside me. Kent and I collapsed on either side of Mike and nestled together in his muscular arms. He kissed both of us on the tops of our heads, just like a dad would to his kids. Completely spent and delirious from pleasure, all three of us soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up an hour later and noticed that the room was dark. I yawned and hugged Mike and Kent who were still dozing and got up to look out the window. The campus was deserted except for a few couples heading for the library. The three of us had missed supper in the cafeteria and would either have to go out for a burger or order in a pizza. I didn’t mind that we had missed a meal. I wouldn’t have traded my evening with my guys for anything in the world.

I smiled when I thought of how the last twenty four hours had changed our lives. Mike was the man of my dreams and Kent was a dream come true. I couldn’t imagine my life now without either of them. My relationship with Mike was only growing to grow stronger and the friendship I had with Kent was only going to grow deeper. For the first time in my life, I looked forward to the future.

In a moment I heard low whispers coming from behind me on the floor. Mike and Kent laughed when I turned around.

Kent reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to join them again on the floor. I reached my arms across my friends and squeezed them tightly. “We missed supper, you know,” I reminded them. Mike and Kent looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“What?” I asked them.

“Well, we were wondering if you wanted to make us a sandwich…” Kent smirked.

“We don’t have a thing in our frig to eat, let alone to make a sandwich! And besides, I’m not going to make your lazy asses anything!” I answered.

Mike laughed again. “No, that’s not what we were asking you…we were wondering if you wanted to make us into a sandwich!”

It took me a moment to figure out what they were talking about. I can be a little slow to grasp sexual innuendo at times. Once it clicked, however, my eyes were open wide! “Ok, I get you now…but who’s going to be the meat and who’s going to be the bread?” I smiled.

“Well, Rob,” Kent suggested, “since you are so full of baloney, we thought you would be in the middle!”

I reached over and good-heartedly pushed Kent’s face to one side, pretending to be highly insulted. Like a dad settling a sibling rivalry, Mike clamped his strong arms around us and kept us from moving. “Ok, you two, knock it off!” he chuckled. “Now kiss and make up…” I smiled at Kent and leaned over Mike’s furry chest to kiss my gorgeous roomie. Mike gently held the back of our heads as he watched our tongues dart in and out of each other’s hungry mouths. “This is so fuckin’ hot to watch!” he whispered.

I climbed on top of Kent and nestled my head on his chest; it was warm and firm with rigid muscle. I licked his chest in a rhythmic way, savoring the slightly salty taste of his smooth flesh. His large nipples grew hard on my tongue, and I sucked each deeply into my mouth, massaging each knob with my teeth. Kent watched every move I made and whispered constantly how much he was enjoying my work. I leaned up to kiss his sweet mouth again and again, plunging my tongue as far as it would reach. I held his head in both hands, gripping his blonde locks of hair in my fingers. The tactile sensation of his whiskers drove me wild with lust. I wanted to fuck this man with everything in me.

My mouth slowly kissed and licked its way down his core, stopping to worship his ab muscles for a moment, but concentrating on the giant cock waiting down below. As I took the huge head of Kent’s dick into my mouth, I looked up and noticed Mike watching intently, his dark eyes studying every motion of the sex act. I loved the fact that he was comfortable watching me and was enjoying it as much as I was. I ran my tongue up and down Kent’s meaty shaft, milking as much pre-cum juice as I could to the head slit. I loved its warm taste and wanted as much of it as I could get. With both hands around the base of his pole, I gobbled it down. The bobbing of my head and the rubbing of my hands on his dick caused Kent to squirm beneath me. After a couple of minutes of this intensity, I pulled away and told Kent to roll over on his knees. I found him to be eager to obey my every command.

Kent’s firm white ass was a beautiful sight, perfectly framed against the tanned edges of his waist and thighs. I squeezed his hairless cheeks with the palms of my hands, delivering little kisses and love bites all over its surface. As I parted the cheeks, I took a minute to admire the pink rosebud that was hidden there for me. Visually it was so very different from Mike’s hairy crack, but still just as sensual. I deliberately licked that sweet manhole with firm pressure, knowing that this was Kent’s first time to experience that wonderful sensation. Kent moaned in surprise, loving every second of the anal pleasure. I pushed my face into his sexy ass as far as I could, fucking his tight hole with my oral cock, wetting that sweet spot with my saliva until it dripped. I wet my finger and tickled his rosebud with ever increasing pressure until each wiggling digit slid into him and was hidden from sight. Slowly twisting it in half circles, I felt his ass clamp and relax on my finger and listened to Kent’s moans increase. While I was working his ass, Mike brought me his tube of lubricant and kissed me while he oiled my cock. “Fuckin’ hot!” he whispered between kisses. I had to agree – this was beyond anything I could have imagined!

Leaning over onto Kent’s muscular back, I humped his ass crack with my well-greased rod, and kissed the back of his neck. “Are you ready, buddy?” I asked him. Kent nodded nervously. “Don’t worry, I will go easy. Just remember to push out as I push in and you’ll be fine.”

I oiled up Kent’s hole and inserted another couple of fingers to make sure he was loosened up for my hard cock. Kent’s breathing became deeper and stronger with each thrust of my hand. “Fuck me, Rob – I want to feel that big dick of yours inside of me!” Kent demanded.

Running my cock up and down his crack, I found his hole and slowly pushed forward, studying my roomie’s body language. I saw him grip the edge of the mattress and felt him push his ass forward, letting my dick move a centimeter at a time. Eventually the cockhead pushed through and Kent’s body became less rigid as he dropped his head to the mattress. “Yeah, that’s it – go deeper, man!” Kent begged. “Take it all the way down!”

Within moments I was able to fuck his ass with a steady rhythm. Grabbing his narrow hips, I started to plow deeper and deeper into his virgin hole, enjoying the warmth. Mike was right there beside me, gently pinching my nipples and kissing me while I rammed Kent’s butt. Kent was in another dimension, completely focused on the new world of anal sex that he had only imagined before but was now participating in first hand. Knowing that I was taking his cherry, the man he had dreamed of for so many years, only added to his enjoyment.

I looked at Mike and smiled. “Let’s make that sandwich!” I said. Mike winked at me and began oiling his huge cock. Without pulling out, I had Kent move to his side on the mattress. I laid down next to him, never once missing the beat of sexual rhythm. Mike oiled my ass crack and I felt his large hairy frame nestle down beside me, holding me close as his hands massaged my cheeks. Soon I felt that familiar cockhead knocking at my back door and I pushed hard to let him in. His enormous dick found its way into me and I gasped from its girth and length. “Damn, Mike! I forget how big you are between fucks!”

Soon we were in perfect rhythm with each other, our bodies moving like the waves of the angry ocean crashing on the shore. Feeling Mike pound me with that colossal cock was just as erotic as my own dick stabbing Kent’s bubble butt. I had never been in the middle of a ‘manwich’ before and I had to admit that it was quite delicious!

I moved my muscular thighs around Kent’s torso for better leverage and pounded his hole with full force. Mike’s massive tree-trunk legs wrapped around my hips while his strong hands gripped my pecs. I absolutely loved feeling the friction of his hairy chest rubbing against my back. His deep moans and his heavy breathing in my ears sent high voltage electricity throughout my body.

I quickly found that it was Mike who was fucking Kent though me, and I had to surrender my own movements to the sheer power of his thrusting hips. I was only there for the ride and I wanted to enjoy this rollercoaster for as long as possible.

Kent stroked his engorged dick while I drilled him, often turning his head to the side to whisper how much he loved being fucked or to beg me to fuck him harder. I only answered him with my tongue in his mouth or with wet kisses on his neck. I was so overly stimulated that I just couldn’t find the words to speak. I only wanted to drown in this frenzy of mansex and let it consume me . After a few minutes of our red-hot lovemaking, I knew that I couldn’t last much longer. My whole body began to tremble for release. As much as I wanted this pace to continue, I knew that I was about to explode in orgasm. “I’m going to cum, guys…. FUCK!... OH, FUCK!... I’M CUMMING!” My passion erupted and I shot my load deep into his man cave. My groin spasms were intense and deep and shook me to my very core. Kent began to cum almost simultaneously, his body quivering with each strand of cum that jacked from his massive tool. “Oh fuck!...oh fuck!...oh fuck!!!” he gasped over and over in a low voice. I held him tight as we both descended from our orgasms, pinching his nipples hard as we convulsed in pleasure.

Mike also began to buck his hips forward, plowing my ass with his sweet man juice with every mind-blowing thrust. I could feel his hot cum filling me, lubricating his engorged dick as its rhythm increased.

The three of us laid there in a breathless, sweaty pile – totally exhausted but mutually satisfied. My cock slowly released itself from Kent’s tight hole and Mike’s massive tool eventually did the same. We hugged each other and silently reflected on what we had experienced together in the shadows of this small dorm room.

A moment later, the fire alarm jolted us to our feet and there was a loud pounding knock on the door…

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