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The little red speedo

By nounour

submitted August 22, 2011

Categories: Outdoor Sex, Chance Encounters

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"WOW!!!! I like that".

I am on my daily walk through the park and down a wooded area just before the beach. There is a number of trails that I take because every so often I come across something interesting. Today is one of those days.

He is wearing a white t-shirt over a red speedo and runners. He has a NICE bulge, a cute butt and is somewhat shy. Shy I am not and following the above comment I got a good look at him before he turns down another path...a dead end. I take a few steps down the same path and sits down on a tree stump waiting for his return.

What a guy to do while waiting...but to play with himself. I am wearing a pair of very short shorts and no underwear. At all time my dick is but a fraction of an inch to be exposed and this gets me excited, something that prevents exposure for it points up when I am out wearing these shorts. I pull down my cock and jerk off thinking of that red speedo. Although I got to see him but a few seconds, the image is burn on my mind, an ill define bulge an inch or so below the t-shirt and a nice butt. He must have been swimming for his wet speedo is caked on his ass cheeks and defines his crack, letting me see two nice peaches.

Waiting for him, I look down his way and then up the other way...back and forth while jerking off. I am looking up the other way when he returns making so little noise that he got me off guard....my hard-on expose. He stop but for a second seeing my cock before taking another step.

"Hot day today", I squeeze in before he gets away.

He stops, turns and replies, "Yes, it is hot. Nice day for a swim". He is not looking at my eyes, but at my hard cock.

"I needed to pee so I..." he adds as he reach for his package.

"I like how you look in that. You got a real nice ass."

Turning to look up the path...letting me see more of his behind, he reply, "Thanks".

I get up and take a few steps, my cock pointing at him. By now his bulge is much more define, a 6" pointing to the side and a nice ball sack just below. I reach for his ass cheek with my free hand while still playing with my hard cock with the other. His ass is firm and nice to the touch. I can't help myself and look at his ass.

"WOW! Fucking nice", as I move my hand to his ass crack. I'm a butt man and love to play with anuses. After a moment or two, I reach down to take a feel for his ball sack from behind, juggling with his balls for a bit. I turn my eyes to his bulge at the front. By now he is real excited and reaches for the string to release his speedo.

Letting go of his balls I say, "Come down this way so we can be free to play".

I lead the way some twenty odd steps to a small clearing. As I turn toward him, he pulls down his speedo and present a beautiful hard cock and nice set of balls, totally free of hairs. I reach for his cock with one hand while reaching for his ass with the other. I jerk him off slowly while playing with his asshole, looking at his facial expression, he is not looking at anything, just wearing a big smile. Looking down, I see a nice crown free of foreskin and a drop or two of precum. I spread the precum with a finger as I reach for his balls with the other hand. This gets him to grunt a bit.

After a moment, I release my grab and turn him away from me so I can concentrate on his ass. Spreading his cheeks I find a pink asshole waiting for my tongue. I get down on my knees to lick his asshole.

"WOW! This is too much", he replies, loosing his balance for a split second and reaching for a tree trunk inches away. As I carry on my activity, I can feel the motion of his hand jerking his own cock. Again I reach for his balls with one hand while playing with myself with the other. He has a real nice ball sack and I stop licking every so often to take a peek at his balls from behind.

This goes on for a minute or two when I feel his balls pulsing. He exclaims, "I am cumming!". I am not far behind him.

I get off my knees and faces him as he lets go a nice string of cum, a second... and another. Seconds later and it's my turn, letting my cum land on the very same spot. Taking in a breath or two, we both go soft a bit as he reaches for his speedo residing around his knees. Before he covers his cock, I get to swipe a drop of cum off his cock.

"Thanks", he said as he walks away.

"My pleasure", I reply as I lick his cum off my finger.

Later, I can't get this afternoon activity out of my head and find myself jerking off again. I love these change encounters.

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