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Taking my favorite BBC

By binct

submitted September 19, 2011

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Friends, Interracial, True Stories

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I had not seen my friend in a long time and was dying to see him again. He is a beautiful hung black man that lives about 2 hrs from me. I always love servicing his fantastic cock and my asspussy was getting wet just thinking about him.

I walked (or really ran!!) in the front door that was always open for me. He was sitting there in his robe looking fantastic. I stripped out of my clothes on my way over to him and kissed him deeply as I got to him. I was on my knees kissing him and moaning as I reached for his already hard cock. I started my way down to his cock with my mouth. I was so excited I rushed a little bit and finally got him all the way down my throat. I sucked for all I was worth and then looked up to his eyes. He always knows he can have me any way he wants. He stood me up and started sucking my cock ... I was in heaven. He turned me around, bent me over and stuck his tongue deep inside my asshole. I moaned and begged him for more. I love it when he eats me ... getting me ready for his cock.

He picked me up and carried me into his bedroom and laid me down. I worked my way down his beautiful body and licked a huge blob of precum from his rock hard cock. I love the taste of his cum. I spread my legs wide for him and slowly lowered my ass on his cock. It slid right in and was buried up to his balls. I started out slow and picked up speed ... riding his cock for all he was worth. He rolled me over and laid me down on my back and spread my legs wide as he rammed his cock deep inside my waiting hole. I love it when he does that. He proceeded to fuck me as I wispered how much I loved being his cumslut in his ear. I begged him to cum in my fuckhole. I wanted him to breed me ... sink his seed deep in my asspussy. I love having his hot cum up my hole. He rolled me over on my stomach and started pounding me in earnest. "Fuck me baby", I said. "I want your hot cumload. I am your cumslut baby. Give me that cum. Breed me" I begged. He started to moan and I could feel his cock getting bigger inside me as he started to spurt his hot cum up inside my waiting asspussy ... it belonged to him now and was using it as he wished. He came and came up my waiting hole ... I love the feeling of his cum inside me as it started dripping out between his cock and my hole. He rolled me over and jerked my cock with his fingers playing with my wet asshole until I came all over myself. He then fed me my own cum as I gulped it down. I left with my hole dripping his cum ... the way I love it!! I cant wait to see him again.

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