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Married Cock Sucker's SilverDaddies Meeting

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This is my 5th TRUE STORY:

Today is Monday, October 3rd, 2011.

I'm a married guy, almost 50 years old, but I look 10 years younger. Anyway, ever since I can remember, I loved to play with men's cocks. Through my 20s, 30s, and most of my 40s, my experiences usually meant me getting naked, and men sucking me off. I would jerk them off, we would make out, suck each others nipples, etc.

I loved it when there was a nice bed involved, and we could really take our time. I have never been fucked by a cock. Men have finger-fucked me, and tongue-fucked me. I love that. I moan so loudly, and I have incredible orgasms that way - but only with men.

Several years ago, When I was about 36 or so, I finally got the nerve to suck a man off, and I was totally hooked. Since that day, I think about it all the time. I can get hard just eating a banana.

Getting back to my story...

Saturday morning I went to the local Coffee Shop. There are tables outside, and two men (about 60-ish) were having a cigarette, talking and drinking coffee. We all said "Hi" to each other as I walked passed them. I opened the door, looked back at the two handsome men, and they were "checking me out."

The man sitting with his back to the window said, "Don't be too long!" As I smiled at him, I looked at his crotch because I could have sworn that I noticed his cock was in his hand, sort of covered. I figured I was seeing things and went inside.

When I came out, they invited me to sit with them. I put my coffee on the table, and took out a cigarette. The man whose cock I thought was out lit my cigarette for me. His name was Tony, and his friend's name was Don. As I leaned forward to reach his lighter, I looked down and his cock was out.

The other guy, Don, just laughed. He asked me if something was wrong, and I told him I wasn't expecting to see a cock. Tony told me that when I finish my cigarette, I should meet him in the bathroom. He took my hand and put it on his dick under the table. I squeezed it a bit and pulled my hand away. There were people all around us.

After a few minutes, Tony pulled his shirt over his crotch and went inside. Don told me to go to the bathroom - he said Tony would be in there. I went back inside and slowly made my way to the bathroom. The place was very busy. The door was locked, but Tony opened it right away and re-locked it. He was fully dressed.

He grabbed me by my butt and started kissing me all over my face. We began to make out passionately as his hands squeezed my butt harder. We stopped kissing and Tony told me, "Take out my dick... I want you to suck it for me right now."

I undid his belt, opened his pants, and lowered his zipper like it was a fire drill. Tony pushed his pants and shorts down and out popped the object of my insatiable desire. His cock was cut, average size, and so gorgeous. We kissed passionately again as I squeezed and stroked his hard cock. Tony said, "Suck it, Boy, suck it now. I won't last too long."

I could hear all these voices right outside the bathroom door, and that was making me even more excited. I would have loved to have that door propped open. In my mind, I knew somebody must have seen me go in.

I immediately dropped to my knees and slid his dick into my mouth. He said he liked it fast and hard. He grabbed my head and he fucked my mouth as I sucked his cock. I was pulling down on his balls with one hand, as I slid my other hand down into my jeans and played with myself.

When his dick began to throb a lot, I got so excited that I came in my jeans. My head was bobbing in and out and he told me to suck his cock even harder. After about 3 minutes Tony grabbed his dick and he started jerking himself off as I sucked the tip of his leaking dick.

Tony said, "Open your mouth, Babe." I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. I was still fondling his balls. "Here it comes, Boy," he said. I slid my hand up under his shirt and played with his nipple. About 20 seconds later he was squirting his silky cum against the roof of my eager little mouth. I began to moan as I felt my tongue being draped in sperm

"Suck it more now." I wrapped my lips tightly around his throbbing cock and nursed on it, as his hand began to slow down. I stopped twisting and pulling on his nipples.

I took his cum-soaked cock out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, kissing it and licking it until he couldn't take it anymore. His dick became too sensitive.

I slid his whole softening cock into my mouth and slowly pulled it away, flicking my tongue all over it. I kissed the tip and he began to re-dress. I stood up and watched him put his shiny cock away in the mirror as I washed the cum from my hands and face.

Tony was so sweet. He kissed me on the forehead and told me I was a beautiful man. As he left, he said, "Lock the door, Baby."

I finished, and I left the bathroom as fast as I could. As I walked out I felt like everyone in the place knew what I had just done, and i liked that feeling. Tony and Don were both outside sitting at the table. I was in total shock, I was horny, and I was ready for more cum.

I didn't even notice the big wet cum-stain on my jeans. I guess I really came a lot. I usually do when I have a cock in between my lips. Don was staring at my crotch, and he said something like, "I guess you both had fun!"

I quickly slid my hand down the front of my jeans and took it out. My fingers were all wet with my sperm. Don handed me a napkin, but I slipped my fingers into my mouth one at a time, and I moaned as I sucked each one very quickly. The three of us just sat there and laughed. We stayed about an hour longer, and we talked about our love for men, cock, cum, and about how much hotter men are than women.

All three of us are married guys.

They told me that they go there several times a week, but on weekend mornings, they can always spot the married guys into cock. I asked how they knew, and they just said that in about 10 years I'll be able to do the same thing - I will be able to tell who the all secretly gay men are.

I asked them, "Aren't all men gay?" They laughed and told me, "Of course we are, but we both knew that you were a cock-sucker!" They were so right.

I sat there, sipping my coffee, and loving the taste of cum that was still in my mouth. When Tony pulled his cock out and shot cum into my open mouth, I was so happy. That was so hot! I felt like I was the one cumming. I thanked Tony for giving me such a wonderful view of his orgasm, and I thanked him for his sweet cum. I told him it was the best tasting coffee I'd ever had.

True stories are so exciting, because you can go home and re-live them over and over again.

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