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My neighbor's bubbles

By asslover

submitted November 22, 2011

Categories: Neighbors, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Underwear Action

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A few years ago my sister-in-law who lived next door, sold her house to a young couple in their mid to late 20's. He was the type that wore army camo pants and t-shirt with booths, clean shaven and short brown hair and green eyes. A couple days later, I drummed up the courage to go over and introduce myself. Michael was a nice guy, but a bit standoffish, probably because he must have heard I was gay. Michael had on a tan t-shirt that depicted every ripple of his muscular arms and chest. His nipples peering through his sweat drenched shirt. I extended my hand in salutation & introduced myself and we made small talk for a few minutes. Upon my leaving I turned around and Michael was bent at the waist working on the landscaping, the sight of his bulbous man mounds bulging, made my dick harden in the instance.

As I stood there mesmerized by this vision of camo covered mountains, separated by a long and deep valley, I could not help but fantasize about what it would be like to kneel behind him & stick my face in that oversize melon booty. I was brought back to reality when Michael stood up as if being surprised and asked me if I was OK. I made an attempt to hide my hard on through my gym shorts, but he noticed it all too well. I excused myself & went back home.

A couple days later Michael was outside mowing his lawn walking behind a push mower, dressed in nothing but sneakers and tan shorts. The sun beating down on his glistening sweaty muscled torso, and when he turned around, you could see his sweat following the line of his back all the way down the back of his tight tan shorts, creating a long inviting river of sweaty material, entrenched deep between his basketball size bubble butts, bouncing up & down with each step. I went over with a couple bottles of cold beer, and said "You need to take a break, kind of hot to be mowing the lawn", Michael accepted the beer with a smile and we started chit chatting about the weather. He invited me to sit on his patio at the back of his house which was totally enclosed. His wife was visiting family and he was home alone doing honey do list chores. Michael grabbed a towel from a chair & wiped the sweat & perspiration from his face, neck & chiseled torso, he then took off his shoes and wiped his feet and discarded the towel to the ground.

He sat back on the lounge chaise and proceeded to unbuttoned his shorts, "There he says, that's better, and thanks to you this beer hits the spot", "Glad to hear it" I said. We continued to talk about random things, then all of a sudden, as if by auto pilot, Michael sticks his left hand inside his shorts, and underneath the white elastic band of his underwear and starts to fondle his crotch. I pretended not to notice it, but my eyes must have given me away, as for all of a sudden, he took out his hand and stood up, says "Its hot out here for damn sure", then in a blink of an eye, he drops his sweat drenched tan shorts to the ground, and there he was standing in front of me in his white briefs, which by now have become transparent from sweat.

His flaccid penis hanging to the right must have been 5" long, with a coy smile, he then asked me to help him with another chore he had to do, which was to fix a shutter and he needed me to hold the ladder, since it was an old one and unstable. Without waiting for an answer, he turned around and went in the shed and came out with a ladder and luckily the shutter was at the back of the house, where it was enclosed, still in his sweat drenched transparent tight-whities, my eyes could not look away from them bobbing overstuffed cushions wrapped in a see through cotton riding up his crack, exposing a 1/4 of his lower gluts, not that the rest wasn't covered, no much left to the imagination and I was not complaining. He set up the ladder and stepped up to the fifth step with his tools.I stepped on the last step of the ladder looking up this magnificent view of my neighbor's voluminous ass, spread like a work of art just inches away from my face.

On a dare I stepped up the ladder closer, by now he stepped down a notch and my face was 4" inches from his paradise valley, I could smell the musk of his sweat and gigantic bubbles. He must have felt my breath on his ass cheeks, since he bent over, expanding the size of his already over inflated mammoth derriere. By then my dick was rock hard and peeking out of my shorts, fascinated with the sight of such a beefy posterior and the musk it produced, I pressed my nose in his crack very gently, sniffing the man scent which sent chills down my spine and my dick was oozing pre-cum. At that moment, I felt a pressure that enveloped my entire face, by then Michael had stepped further down and his basketball size cakes were pressed firmly on my face, my nose deep in his butt crack, his sent even more powerful than before. Without hesitation, I reached with both hands and pulled down his underwear below his massive basketball size buns, there they were in all its glory, then I squeezed my hands around his gigantic bulbous ass, which made it protrude even further, and licked his entire posterior, I then separated his mammoth ass cheeks and exposed his pink manhole. He quivered and moaned when I lapped his hole & extra long butt crack "Eat my ass motherfucker!", "That's what you wanted? Huh?", I muffled a "Yes", he then said, "You like my big fat ass, huh faggot? to which i shouted "Fuck Yeah!" then I pulled his firm bubble butts further apart then started to tongue fuck him, which drove him wild.

He arched his back even more then squirmed all the while perched on the ladder, , "Yeah, Yeaahhh! Eat my fuckin ass, lick it! lick it good Motherfucker, yeaaahhh!! Come on, eat my ass faggot!" "Ohhh, motherfucker! you gonna make me cum, Motherfucking Faggot! At that point my dick couldn't take much more, I said "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" grabbing at my dick and pumping it fast & furious while tonging my neighbor's manhole, "Yeah faggot! come on eat my ass!" Michael then reached around and pushed my head in his protruding mammoth butt-cheeks, so I squirted my load in between them ladder steps and sprayed out like a water hose. At that point I stepped down the ladder, as did Michael and he laid on the lounge chaise and said, "Suck my dick Faggot!", I was amazed at the 8" thick cut cock that stood in full mast in front of me. "Yes sir!" I said and quickly knelled down and swallowed his thick long shaft whole, Michael was moaning with pure pleasure, "Whoa! Fuck yeah, you're better than the wife faggot!" All I could muffle in response was "Humpfff", "Mmm".

"Take it bitch!" Michael cried out. "Take my motherfuckin cock!"

At that point my finger had started to massage his tight hole. Michael was squirming with ecstasy, and shouted "I'm gonna cum!, I'm cumin, I'm cumin!"

I sucked his cock faster & harder until he unleashed several cum shots in my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop.

To be continued...

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