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My younger step son

By asslover

submitted November 24, 2011

Categories: Family Fun, Caught In the Act, Older/younger, Underwear Action, Masturbation

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This is a story about my boyfriend's youngest son. I've been in a relationship with Tim for the last 4 years, Tim has 2 sons, his oldest is now 21 & youngest is 18 years old. This story is about my young step son, Mark.

Growing up, Mark has always been a chubby kid. Not morbidly obese, but not necessarily in shape either. If you took a look at him, the first thing you would have noticed was his big ass, Mark had a humongous round bubble butt for his frame. Mark lived with his mother, but would come & visit us once in a while. As Mark grew older, his body changed and he grew taller and slimmed down, the one thing that remained the same was his big booty. Mark is shaping up to be a stud, at 15 he measured 6' 0" and weight 215 pounds. Got into football and developed an athletic body. Today at 18, Mark is 6' 2" and weighs 240 pounds, every bit a football jock with a cute face and a hot bubble butt that commands attention. Seeing him play football on the field with his yellow skin tight pants, only showcases that bubbleliscious ass of his.

One day, while on a weekend visit in the summertime, Mark came back from his morning jog and sweaty as hell. Before sitting down for breakfast, Mark stripped down to his underwear which he had on skin tight boxer briefs, that presented his package so damn fine. His shorts cling to him from the sweat and there it was, on display, his flaccid penis that went along the right side of his leg it must have been 6" long and 2" thick, a nice mushroom head with a thick contour. When he turned around, his underwear cling to his butts like a second skin and material dissipated up his ass, his perfectly rounded derriere was a work of art.

Mark is a big tease, he paraded around the house in his underwear a lot and would wear jeans 2 times larger than his actual size, and would walk around with his ass hanging out of his pants and the seat of his underwear would ride up his bulbous ass, or we'd be treated to plumber's crack. Needless to say I get lots of hard ons when he's around and he knows it.

One night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and found Mark sitting at the desktop computer watching gay porn and jacking off. At the beginning all I could see was his back towards me and the computer screen which had a guy fucking another guys doggy style and Mark's right hand going up & down like a jack rabbit. I didn't dare go further in fear he would hear me creeping up, so I stood there for a good 5 minutes watching him jerk off to gay porn, which I always suspected he had a penchant for, I know he had a slue of girlfriends but something told me he was at least Bi. After a couple more minutes, Mark leaned backwards on the computer chair and closed his eyes, his hand going even faster and harder on his enormous dick which I could now clearly see. There it was, standing tall, my step son's 8" cut dick in all its glory! By then I had already slipped my cock out and was jerking off to this beautiful sight. Then Mark let out a big sigh followed by heavy breathing, I knew he was about to shoot his load,the anticipation of it drove me wild and I shot my load, 3 streams of cum flew about 2 feet in front of me... When I recomposed, Mark was looking at me still stroking his big dick.

He then looked back at the computer screen, the porn had cut to a couple by the pool having a blow job session. At that point, I walked over to him and he still continued jerking his monster cock, on a dare I said "Mind if I take over?" while reaching to grab a hold of his beautiful young cock. He didn't say a word, but rolled the chair back about a foot and spread his legs. I knelt down in front of him and licked the slit of his head and twirled my tongue around the entire head of his 8" dick, then licked his entire shaft up & down, licked his big semi hairy balls, then licked his shaft all the way back and swallowed his entire cock to the base, and deep throat him for a few minutes, until without warning he grabbed my head and pressed it down on his cock and said "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" I swallowed his load which must have been a bucket full.

The next morning after his morning jog, he paraded around in his underwear again and didn't say a word about last night, we were alone, his father had already left for work, he was standing at the opened door fridge and had his left hand down the inside seat of his underwear so I could see half his crack, teasing me and it was working! I stepped behind & slipped my right hand in an removed his, then went back in and fondled his big bubble ass then slipped my finger in his crack & played with his hole a bit. I brought my hand to my face & smelled my finger, then inserted it in mouth to taste it, it was heavenly, the musk & sweat sent my cock oozing pre cum. I closed the fridge door and bent him over the counter, pressed my hard cock against his voluptuous ass, and whispered in his ear " I want your ass boy!"... To which he replied "its all yours". Without wasting a beat, I slipped his underwear to his ankles and knelt down slowly while I licked the long of his back down to his butt crack. I squeezed his mammoth buns with each hand together with my face planted right in his ass. Then separated them so to access his pink man hole then darted my tongue in & out of his tight musky hole, while he moaned in pleasure from my tongue fucking. "Eat my ass!"he says while bending further on the counter and arching his back so to give me more access to his oversize melon derriere. I took it in stride and went to town, tonging his hole more furiously and squeezing his big jelly bubble butts, then slapping them hard. He yelled with pleasure, "More, fuckin gimme more", "You like my ass?" he asked, "Fuck yeah!" I said, taking a breath of air "I fuckin love your big ass boy!" , after several more minutes of devouring this overstuffed boy's seat cushions, I felt a rush of cum heading up my shaft, to which I stood up and shot my load all over his big ass.

To be continued... Let me know if you like my stories: ketinetire@gmail.com

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