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Convincing a straight man to let me suck him. #1

By Ripken

submitted December 20, 2011

Categories: Discreet Encounters, Bathroom Tales, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I am a gay man who only finds myself attracted to very masculine men so most of my best friends are straight and if they are not engaged or married they usually always have a steady girlfriend. I was out with friends at a local bar one night and saw a very sexy man that I had noticed in the bar many times before because he was very noticeably handsome sexy man. He was with the same girl he had always been with. I finally got up the nerve on this night to initiate a conversation with him at the bar. To my surprise he and his girlfriend ended up coming to our table and spending the rest of the evening with my friends and I. When the bar closed he invited me and one of my female to return to their house where they were having some friends over after hours to play cards. Ended up just being me and my friend and the new couple we had met. They were drunk by this time and wanted to play strip poker. I was a little nervous because they didn't even know I was gay so my friend and I acted like we were a couple. Before the end of the night he and his fiancé ended up completely naked and she gave him a blow job in front of us. Of course it was all I could do not to cum on myself just watching them. We exchanged numbers before leaving and the next day he called me and said he was very sorry if they made us uncomfortable. I admitted to him over the phone that my friend and I weren't a couple and that I was gay. I went on to say that I enjoyed watching them immensely because he was a beautiful with an incredibly nice cock. We remanded acquaintances for a little while after that but drifted apart without anything else happening. A couple of years later I ran into him at a bar and he was still with the same woman and still only engaged although they had a child together since our first encounter. I just politely said hello and went to the bathroom. He followed me into the bathroom which was just for one person and locked the door. He started telling me that there thing wasn't even really swinging they just like to have sex in front of other couples. He said they didn't switch with the other couples but a couple of months prior the male of the other couple came up to him and brushed his hip against his penis. I asked what his reaction was. He replied that he didn't do anything with the guy but it didn't repulse him or anything and it kind of turned him on to feel another man touch his penis. I told him I was very jealous that I wasn't the one who got to touch it even if for only an accidental brushing. He looked at me and smiled and said I will let u touch it. I reached down and felt his penis thru his jeans. I began to grope it harder and I felt it start to become a little bit rigid with just me rubbing it for less than a minute. I then ask could I see it once more because it had been over two yrs since I even saw it. He proceeded to pull it out of his pants and showed it to me. It still wasn't hard. I just reached down without asking and began fondling it and stroked it a couple of times. It became semi erect in just a few seconds. I looked at him and said Why don't you let me show you what it feels like to have your cock in a mans mouth? He said u can put ur mouth on it for just a second because we are going to get caught in this bathroom and she is going to wonder where we went. I bent over and ran my tongue around the head twice and then licked up and down the shaft. He immediately became hard as a rock. He started to pull his underwear back over it and said that is enough. I immediately pushed him back against the wall and pushed his underwear and pants quickly down enough to grab his naked butt. I then reached around and grabbed each cheek of his butt and pulled him forward thrusting his cock back deep into my mouth. I began sucking him hard and fast taking his cock as deep in my throat as it would go. After only about 5 minutes of me sucking him as hard and fast as I could he began to grunt loudly and his muscles began to clinch and he filled me full of one of the biggest hottest loads of cum I have ever had the privilege of tasting. I swallowed every last drop of it and licked his cock clean before putting it away. We then walked out of the bathroom one at a time and the group I was with was looking for me to leave so I never saw him again that night. At 8 am the next morning I received a text from him that said that is the hardest my cock has ever been and that is the longest orgasm I have ever had and I didn't even know I could cum that big of a load at once. He simply said That he definitely wanted it again and next time somewhere we could be completely naked and take the whole night to explore each other.