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One little white boy

By smoothboitoy

submitted January 23, 2012

Categories: Interracial, Black and Beautiful, Threesomes

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This story involves acts of sex that were performed by adults; the names have been changed to protect Identities.

I was 22 at the time. I had been on my Adam4adam account for a few days straight, still no luck. Then finally a hit worth taking a look at. “Wow,” I thought to myself as I looked over the pictures. There were two of them, both of them African American, very well endowed one 8in the other 9in. Both of them over 6ft and manly. After a few messages we decided to meet up. Now about me, I am about 6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, one hundred and fifty pounds. I am thin but very well toned with a nice tight smooth white ass, which I love to keep clean and shaven for my boys. I am a total bottom boy. I might have an enthatuation for big cock as well. I might not seem like it on the outside. I come off as a shy guy, but get me in the bedroom and I turn into a little slut. It was a dark cold night, early winter. It made me even hornier knowing I was about to get a whole lot warmer. As I approached the apartment I knew there was no turning back. I knocked a few times quietly, no answer. I again knocked a little louder; this time I received an answer. “Hello. James,” I said nervously. He then reached out, his arm many times the size of mine and shook my hand. “Johnny,” he replied. Just then another man walked out from the back room. Before I could introduce myself I was interrupted “Shane, nice to meet you.” At that moment it struck me. “I might be a little over my head in this one.” Both of these men were no joke. Strong, thick and muscular. They breathed dominance, no matter what I was stuck for the ride. “Wanna hit this?” Johnny asked handing me a joint. “Sure, I'm game,” I replied. I took a nice long hit off the joint, it hit me pretty good as well, I started to relax. I took a set on the couch to my right. Shane sat next to me and immediately took off his boxers. I stared in amazement, not only was his cock long, but it was thick, probably 2 inches in diameter and 9 inches long. I reached for it with my hand. “My hands are cold, sorry,” I said. “Shit don’t use your hands, use your mouth, ha-ha,” He said as he grabbed my head and put it down to his growing meat. I got onto my knees and immediately stuck his cock into my mouth, his precum relaxing on the tip of my tongue. I was in heaven. I could barely take half his cock down my throat. He kept pushing my head down and thrusting his hips into me, making me choke and gag on his cock. “Take them clothes off boy, no need for them let’s see that little white ass,” Johnny ordered. I obeyed and stripped down to nothing, my smooth naked body in front of two bulls ready to ravage it. I got back onto my knees and started to suck on Shane’s cock again. Johnny then got behind me. I heard a pop and I knew he was opening up a bottle of lube. I then felt his fingered press against my little hole as he massage a generous amount of lube onto it. A few seconds I heard a wrapper being torn open. He was going to fuck me, “You like poppers white boy?” asked Shane. “Poppers, what’s that mean?” I had never heard of poppers till then. “You sniff them, they give you a rush. Here try some you’ll like it,” Johnny said reassuringly. Shane then pulled out a small brown bottle, opened it and held it up to my nose. I inhaled on one side, and then he switched to the other side and had me inhale again. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I felt Johnny start to mount me with his thick 8 in cock. I continued to suck on Shanes ever growing cock. Then it hit me. I felt overwhelmed with feeling, I wanted cock, and I wanted it now. I felt myself opening and letting Johnny into my tight little ass with no hesitation. I felt him slide his head in, then I felt his shaft going deeper and deeper into me. My back arched as I invited him to take my ass. I felt like such a slutty white boy, sucking on a cock while taking one in my ass at the same time. At last he was completely in. My ass was all his. He then started to pump slowely in and out. The sensation I felt made me want him to go faster, harder. I wanted them to make me their little slut. I was moaning, loving every second, every inch of that cock. “ohhhh, uuhhhhh. God it’s so big. It’s stretching my ass,” Shane then opened the poppers again and brought my head up from his cock. He forced them under my nose, I knew what to do. I took two more long hits of the stuff and continued to suck like a good little boy. The feeling hit me quicker this time, even more powerful too. I felt my ass opening up even more. At that moment Johnny must have felt it because he quickened his pace. I felt his cock reaching a whole new area of my hole. He was literally pounding me. I took the whole thing in me thrust after thrust. I could hear his hips slapping my ass. Shane then spread my cheeks to give Johnny better access. “Is he open now, I want to tag that hot little ass,” asked Shane. “Ya he’s open alright, he’s a tight little slut too.” Johnny then pulled out of me, which was relieving for the second. I then realized what was happening, I was about to get fucked by Shane. It would not have been so bad if he were just 9 inches. But dam this cock was the thickest monster I have ever seen. This time Johnny opened the poppers and told me to make this one count. I did and took the heaviest whiffs I could. I then got on my knees again with my ass in the air and my arms posted on the sofa seat. I could feel him lube me up again. The poppers had already taken effect. “Please fuck me, I want that big black cock in me!” At this point I was a complete cock slut, all I could think about was taking his huge cock in me. I got what I wished for. In one thrust he buried his cock into my lubed up hole. It was almost unbearable. He was so thick, long and hard all at once! He did not take any mercy on me. He kept up a hard ravaging pace; I had to take multiple hits poppers to keep up with the complete pounding I was receiving. There was nothing I could do, Shane had his hands on my hips and ass, spanking me and talking dirty, telling me how much of a slut I was. Johnny then moved in front of me on the couch and stuck his cock straight down my throat. I was being used by these two men and I was loving every second of it. Every time Shane pushed into me Johnny’s cock would go deeper into my throat and vice versa. I let them fuck me this way for about ten minutes. Johnny then gave me a final whiff of poppers. “Alright white boy no more mercy for you.” Said Shane. I didn’t know what he meant, the poppers had just hit me and I felt Shane start to pump his hips even faster. He was ravaging my ass, s hard as he could go; I was letting me, enjoying the hard cock in my mouth, and the other one pumping my ass. The rhythm of the slaps and the taste of cock in my mouth was too much. I was going to cum. “Oohhhh I’m… close…. To cumming.” I managed to pit out. They gave me one more hit of poppers and fucked me like a little slut should be fucked, back and forth until I felt that familiar rush of my balls being drained. “Ohhhhh, I’m cumming! Uhhhhhh…. Ohhhh, ohhh ho!” Shane then pulled out solely, I felt empty with his cock out of me, but completely satisfied. They want to meet again! ?