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My first time sucking cock

By burnie4434

submitted February 2, 2012

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex, First Time, True Stories

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This is a true story that happened to me when I was 48 years old. It is also the story of me finding out that I was gay. I was in El Paso, TX on business. I had driven over from Phoenix on that Monday. On the way to dinner, I noticed a sports bar and made a mental note to stop there on my way back to the hotel and watch a little football. When I went into the bar, it was a little darker than most. I sat at the bar and was watching the game. About 10 minutes later, a guy sat next to me and introduced himself. His name was Phil. We made small talk for awhile then he asked if I was bi or gay. I was surprised at the question. I guess Phil could see my surprise because he said the reason he asked was that this was a gay bar. I told him I was straight. He asked if it bothered me it was a gay bar. I told him that it made no difference to me. We talked for awhile longer when he asked if I had ever had a guy suck my cock. I told him that I had not and had never thought about it. He then said that he would like to suck my cock so I could find out what is like.. For some reason, I felt my dick start to get hard. Phil must have noticed because he put his hand on my crouch and started rubbing me. I did nothing to stop him. I was getting more excited and told him I would like to experience a man sucking me. I followed him home. I almost chickened out, but by this time I was thinking with the head that does not have a brian. We went into his house which was very nice. He took me on a tour and we ended up in his bedroom. He told me to strip and he did too. Now I had seen mens cocks before, but never in this setting. We got into bed and he started kissing my neck. He worked his way down and then took me in his mouth. The things he did with his mouth and tongue. stirred feelings in me that I had never felt before. He fondles my balls while sucking my cock. I was so excited that it was not long before I came. I had never had an orgasim like this before in my life. He kept me in his mouth until I was completely limp. I told him that was the best BJ I had ever had. He said he was glad that I had liked it. We were laying there and he started to stroke his cock. This was something I had never seen and I remember thinking how beautiful it was. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I suddenly had the urge to see what it would be like to suck a cock and asked Phil if he would mind if I tried it. He laughed and said be my guest. I first put my hand on his cock. It was hard but soft at the same time. I moved my hand up and down his shaft. I was also moving my head down. I noticed some pre cum on the head of his cock and licked it off. It tasted good. I then thiought that it is now or never. I opened mu mouth and took his cock into it. It felt good. I started to go down further on him when my gag reflex kicked in. Phil pulled out a little and told me that was not umcommon and not to worry about it. He said to relax and enjoy. Once I did relax, I found that I could take more of his cock in and soon I had my face buried in his pubic hair. It felt wonderful I kept bobbing up and down on his cock then I played with his balls. He asked me to lick his balls which I did. I then took his cock back in my mouth. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and decided I wanted to taste his cum. He soon started spurting his cum into my mouth. The first shot went right down my throat so I backed off a little. The rest of his cum I held in my mouth. I found that I really liked the taste and texture. I kept it in my mouth for awhile then swallowed all of it. I licked his cock clean.. He said that I had given him a good BJ. He asked if I liked it. I had to admit that I had loved it. He asked if I had any regrets at all. I told him just one----that I had waited until this time in my life to find how wonder it is to suck a cock. He then took me in his arms and kissed me. I was so hot that I returned the kiss and was soon probing his mouth with my tongue. It felt like the natural thing to do. We made out for awhile and he asked if I would like to spend the night with him. He didn't have to ask again. I ended up staying with him for the entire week, but that is a story in itself. I kneww my life was going to change because I had found the pleasure of being a cocksucker.