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First time. Uncle Joe

By toeyboy

submitted February 3, 2012

Categories: Family Fun, Gym Workouts, Hairy, Older/younger

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First time with Uncle Joe.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I am 18, blond hair blue guy guys, 5'10 and 72kgs. Keep pretty fit. So far i am naturally smooth on my chest, but have a good set of hairy legs on me.

I have always known that i like men, and i like them hairy. Good hairy chest and and a beard always gets me hard, and i would spend plenty of time wanking my cock thinking about hairy men and how i want a hairy chest too when i get older. Thoughts of my dad, his friends, anyway i could remember would be my wank material.

To keep fit, i enjoy swimming, and i found that a good way to peeve on men. Seeing lots of naked men in the showers after swimming was always a turn on for me.

One of my dads mates (Joe) is also a avid swimmer and i would see him at the pool after school. He is a great mate of my dads, so growing up my brothers and i would all call him "Uncle Joe" even though he was not related.

Uncle joe is 42 and my type of bloke. Hairy chest and a trimmed beard. Loosing a bit of hair on top, good solid legs and a great body. He also like to push weights, so had a fantastic chest. Taller then me, but not by too much.

I got into a bit of a swim routine after school where i could go and change, do a few laps and time it that i could shower at the same time as uncle joe. That would help me save up images to "wank over" later. He lived around the corner from the pool, so he would just walk home.

We would sometimes talk in the change rooms but not always. One day, we were alone and having a shower, i had to be careful not to crack a fat like usual, but he always seemed to have a bit of a semi in the shower once he washed himself. It drove me wild.

One day he commented how my chest had filled out and i was putting on some muscle and that i should work on it more. I loved that he was looking at my body. He said i was looking good and should come back to his place for a weight session and he could show me how to bulk up.

I jumped at the opportunity and said "sure!" He told me to get dressed and we walked to his home together, chatting about shit.

We got to his place, and went out to his back room where he had the gym set up. He lived alone, and had a pretty big house. He stripped off, and put on a jockstrap that was hanging over the weights. He told me he preferred to train in a jock strap.

I mentioned i have never tried one on before. He quickly offered me a pair of his, but said they are in his bedroom so i had to follow him.

We got to his bedroom and he opened his dirty close basket. He pulled out a few pairs and started sniffing them, he found two of them, and threw them to me. He insisted i should sniff them to see which ones i thought smelt less. I picked the white pair with a blue trim because they smelt really pungent. They looked straggly familiar.

I stripped off and started to put on the jock strap. By this stage, i had a semi and could not hide it. Uncle Joe commented that it wasn't just my chest that had filled out, but my cock was coming along nicely too. I didn't say anything but kept getting changed.

He walked back to the gym out the back and i followed his nice tight arse.

He suggested i start with bench presses and that he would spot me. He put on a small amount of weight and got me to lay down on the bench. As he stood over me, his balls in the jock strap were so close to my face. I could smell his cock, just like the smell on the jockstrap that i was wearing. A stale musty smell.

After a few sets and increased weight my arms were stuffed. He got me to do a few quick push ups and my chest was pumping. I stood in front of the mirror and he commented how hot i was looking in my jock strap. He gave me a wink and rubbed his own semi briefly.

After a pause he got me to do work on my legs, saying that i needed to give him some deadlifts. I have pretty stong legs, so was confident i could push out a few good solid reps for him.

He was pretty pleased with the weight that i could handle. It was a good hours session of training and he wanted to stretch together. He got me to lay down and put a leg in the air while the other was flat. He bent over me to stretch my legs.

While doing this he said "hey i just realised that that jock strap your wearing has a huge amount of dry cum on it. Oops. He laughed"

I didn't know what to say, but my cock instantly got harder. Thinking of his dry cum on my cock and balls turned me on so much.

Uncle Joe got a dirty grin on his face and said, " I see that you enjoy wearing dirty dry cum filled jock strap' with that comment he got his finger and ran it between my arse cheeks.

I gave him a little moan as i watched him intensely in the eyes. He found my arse hole quickly and played with it gently.

As i continued to squirm and moan he leant down and kissed me. It was my first ever kiss, his beard felt so funny on my face and his tongue was so wet but warm at the same time. He paused and asked if i was okay and wanted to continue.

He hadn't even finished his sentence and i was begging for more!

He took my hand and led em to the bedroom, we kissed. He tried to play with my cock a few times, but i pushed his hand away. I knew if he kept touching me i would blow! I could tell he knew that given the shit eating grin he had on his face.

With a quick motion, he lifted me legs in tot he air and exposed my arse hole. He burried his face into my arse and licked my arse out. He knew he didn't have long given my moaning until i needed to blow.

He lent over to his bedside tabble and got out two bottes. One was lube, i had seen that before and knew i needed it if i was going to take his cock in my arse. The other was a small brown bottle.

He opened the small brown bottle, it smelt funny from a distance. He put it under my noes, blocked one nostril and had me inhale deeply. I did as i was told. As he put the bottle down, i started to feel funny, He lubed his cock and my arse. As the next 10 seconds passed, i felt even funnier. I really wanted to get fucked, my head was spinning.

I felt his uncut think 8 inch cock at my arse pushing, he told me to relax and breath slowly. He took his time and slowly entered me raw. It felt uncomfortable so i grabbed the little bottle again and had another sniff. That helped a lot.

Uncle joe was good to me, he was holding me as he entered me, i could feel his cock enter me. Once was all the way in he waited. It was a least a minute while he stayed still and i relaxed. He was staring into my eyes and giving me a kind smile. Once he could tell i was relaxed, he started to move again, he quickly got up a motion that wasn't hurting me at all. I loved it.

He lent down and started to kiss me as he continued to fuck me. Once he started to kiss me. It was only a matter of minutes when he started to move differently, i knew what was next. I was going to get filled with his cum. I didnt want him to pull out.

I grabbed his sides, and held him tight so he knew to stay inside me. Then he grunted. and grunted again. Gave a rough three motions and i knew he was unloading inside me. I was so excited, i felt funny, something odd had happened. As he pulled away from kissing me he looked down and saw exactly what had happened.

I had blown a load of cum in the jock strap that i was wearing. I wasn't even touching my cock but the motion and warmth of him set me off. It was a pretty big watery load. I could tell my the smile on his face that he was happy with my efforts.

Uncle joe was still inside me. He asked me how i was and said he would exit me slowly. 5 minutes of chatting and uncle joe was finally out of me.

He used his finger to feel my wet hole. I could tell he was happy. Then he said something that shocked me. "LIke father like son". That cheeky dirty grin was back and he walked off to the shower.

I was in shock, not from getting fucked my uncle joe. I had fantasised about that so many times. It was his comment about my father. It was then when i realised why the jockstrap i was wearing was so familiar. It was my dads! I had seen him in them at home before. I remember waking to the thought of dad in them about a month ago.

I reached down and touch my wet hole. It felt sore, but satisfied. I got out of bed and headed to the shower with Uncle Joe.

To be continued….