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Employee fucks boss's ass

By pindickloser

submitted June 7, 2012

Categories: Crush, First Time, Role Playing

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I was married with a successful business and had everything I ever wanted. So why did I feel so attracted to the guy who washed the dishes? I'd always fantasized about gay sex but never really acted on it. Steve was only 22, ten years younger than me but he was very confident, attractive and slighlty effeminate.

Every time I saw him in the restauarant kitchen I found my eyes wandering over to him and gazed at him just long enough for him to see me watching. He knew I fancied him and used to make a point of smiling at me and looking all coy when I was near. He was chatting to one of the chefs and said loudly, 'Mr C is sooo fit, I wonder if he'd let me show him what he's missing with a man?'. The chef was embarrassed but Steve looked over at me and looked different, stern and purposeful. I felt myself begin to melt. I was the boss, in charge but suddenly felt passive and under Steve's spell. He moved towards the door to my office and flicked his head towards it as if to say, get in there. I felt myself moving to the office in a trance, my cock firming in my pants. As I entered the office Steve gave me a little push in the back and followed me closing the door behind him.

'You dirty little queer' he whispered into my ear while standing behind me. I was much taller and stronger than him but it made no difference, he was in charge. I didn't turn around. He licked my neck, 'mmmm, tell me what you want Mr C...' I tried to speak but no words came out, I froze. He started to undress himself. 'Get your clothes off now..' I slowly undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor. Before I could do anything else Steve pushed me forward over my desk and ripped at my pants, yanking them down. My ass was high in the air and exposed. He reached onto the desk where there was a tub of margarine. I saw his hand scoop out the vegetable spread then I felt the cold, slippery feeling as he slid it between my butt cheeks and then pushed his fingers into my man cunt. It felt good. I pushed my butt up higher as a signal that it was what I wanted. As his dick entered me laughed quietly. 'Who's in charge now? You're my bitch. Tell me who you are!' I let out a little groan and whispered, 'I'm your bitch' With that he thrust his cock into my bowels and started pumping me. I felt fantastic. In that instant I realised that I was a whore to be used by men. I had to be fucked and boy, would I be....