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Remember my online friend Paul, from my "FARM SEX" blog? He has this m2m oral sex story that he wants me to share with you: ========================================= I am at a farm trade show in Minneapolis. My wife and I are staying at this hotel that is connected to the Mall of America. I am wandering around the mall and I am glancing covertly at all the guy's crotches. Wearing jeans is a sure-fire way to advertise what you have for equipment, lol. One particular pair of jeans with a promising crotch attached to it is cumming my way. It looks very very inviting. He is a good looking, clean shaven guy about my age. He is wearing a white stetson, cowboy shirt and boots. He's about 6' tall & 200 pounds. As we meet each other, we make eye contact briefly, nod & go on our separate ways. I walk a few paces and stop and look in a store window. Casually, I look back to see where the guy is heading. He is now going around a corner. So of course I follow. I stay behind him at a fair distance so he doesn't see me. He is walking towards a food court and he goes directly to the washroom. So I follow. There is a line of six urinals and thankfully, no bloody dividers. He is alone standing at the 3rd urinal. Not an end urinal like most guys would choose, but #3! So, wtf, I stand beside him at urinal #4. I look straight ahead as I am unzipping, but once I have my cock out, I look over at him and down at his cock. His cock is uncut, like mine, only his is longer and thicker. It's actually fatter in the middle of his shaft. He is pissing through his puckered foreskin and spraying this way and that into the urinal. I stretch the end of my foreskin out in front of me and then retract it fully, exposing my pink cockhead. I commence pissing. He is looking down at my cock and I am looking at his. I rub my shaft a bit as Im pissing and sort of aim up, then down and then over and back and forth. He grasps his dick at the end and slowly pulls back on his foreskin with his thumb and forefinger. His knob is exposed a fraction at a time until his entire cockhead is visible. It is pink and broad and glistening with natural lube. Our streams have faded and now we are both just stroking our cocks and watching each other's dicks get harder and bigger. I am excited and horny and getting more aroused by the second. Unfortunately, some other guy comes into the washroom and stands at urinal #1. I zip up and go to the sinks. The stetson guy joins me as I am finishing. I walk out of the washroom and wait outside for him. "Do you have some time to fool around" I ask. "Hmmm, I'm a little late meeting my wife, but what did you have in mind?" "I'd like to jerk you off if you're willing or suck your dick if that is ok with you?" "Oh gawd, yes. Haven't been blown in months." "Well there is a washroom on the 2nd floor of the parkade. How about we meet there in half an hour? We'll both go in a stall. I'll bring the shopping bags. You can stand in them while I blow you. Nobody will see your feet under the stall." "Ok, sounds terrific, see ya." I meet up with my wife and relieve her of 4 of her 6 shopping bags. Half an hour later I show up at the parkade's washroom. Luckily, it is empty. I empty 2 of the bags and cram their contents into the other 2. I wait a minute and the stetson guy enters. "I've been thinking about this. Can I go first. As much as I want a blow job, I'd really like to suck your cock first. Is that ok?" "Sure, no problem". "I'm Tom btw". "Hi, I'm Paul". There are 2 urinals, 2 sinks and 2 stalls. He enters the last stall, drops his pants and sits down. I squeeze in, close the door and place the 2 full bags on the floor by the door. The empty bags go on the sides and Tom's feet are beside them and and I step into the bags. Nobody outside can see that there are 2 pair of feet in the stall. I open my pants, unzip and pull out my penis and nutsack. Tom grabs the base of my cock and starts licking my cock up and down it's length. His tongue teases my piss slit and his lips suck on my overhanging hood. His lips tug on my hood and stretch it out as far as possible. Then he retracts my hood and his tongue starts licking my cockhead. The feeling is awesome to my sensitive glans. His lips part and he sucks my dick into his mouth. I am now fully erect and his head bobs up and down as he sucks on my dick. His fingers fondle my nutsack and he licks my nuts and then my cock and then my nuts and then my dick. He alternates the licking and the sucking and the fondling. I am liking this a whole lot. His other hand is busy with his own cock and I can see it sticking straight up as his fist slowly pumps it up and down. He grasps my cock's shaft and squeezes forward until drops of pre-cum ooze from my piss slit. He laps this up with his tongue and says "mmmmmmmmm good, I luv your taste." "Thanks" I murmur. "You have a fine, fine cock, Paul". "Thanks Tom". May I say that you are doing an incredible blow job. I think you've done this before" and I chuckle. He scoffs and says "a time or two". He resumes bobbing his head up and down on my dick which reaches to the back of his mouth. His mouth is hot and wet and gives great head. Soon, I cannot wait any longer and my hips start a gentle thrusting into his mouth. He gets the hint and increases the sucking pressure even more as my cock goes in and out of his mouth. When I cum, he swallows rapidly and often so as not to miss a drop. He cleans up my cock with his lips and tongue & my penis goes limp. "My turn" he says. We make the switch in positions which is fairly difficult with the door closed and 2 adult guys moving around in there. Finally I am seated and his cock is staring at me with it's one eye. It is fully erect and his hood is pushed back behind it's glans. The feast is before me and I savour it a moment before enjoying it with my lips, my tongue, my mouth. He has a remarkable cock. I wrap my right hand around his cock and fondle his nutsack and their occupants with my left hand. Slowly I pump the shaft of his cock and my tongue reaches out to his cockhead and licks the tip. Then the underside. Then the top. Then the sides. I fist his hood over the tip of his cock. His foreskin is too short to tug on it with my lips but I manage to get my tongue between his hood and his glans and go around and around inside. Pre-cum oozes from his piss slit and I lap it up with my tongue. I lick all around his glans and hood and up and down his thick cock. "You taste dam fine to me Tom". "Thanks, that feels so good". "Your cock is just magnificent. It is long and fat and thick and hard as steel, I just luv it & your nuts are so big, like big marbles". "Again, my thanks bud". I wrap my left hand around his nuts and squeeze and pull gently. My right hand forms a fist around his cock's base and slowly moves up and down the shaft until it reaches my lips which are locked onto his cockhead. I can only take about half of his cock in my mouth as it is so long and fat. My tongues laps up the juices from his hood and the pre-cum from his piss slit and I drink and savor the musky scent and taste. He is moaning and humming his pleasure as I suck and jerk his dick. His hips have started to thrust his cock into my mouth and I feel his nuts contract. His breathing increases rapidly and suddenly a burst of hot jism squirts into my mouth. He catches me by surprise with his sudden release. I recover and suck and swallow earnestly until I get it all down. I continue milking his dick and keep his cockhead engulfed in my mouth to catch all his cum. When his erection subsides, it plops out of my mouth. It is still about 5 inches when it is soft. I rub it all over my lips and mouth, savoring its scent and feel once more. "Oh, that was awesome Paul, thanks I needed that. I'd say we both gave & got good head". "I fully agree" I say. We each get our clothes back in order and I repack the bags and we go to the sinks to wash our hands (and faces). It is remarkable that nobody came into the washroom while we were feasting on each other's cocks. All in all a pretty lucky chance encounter. One we hope to repeat next year. ========================== There it is Bob, hope you like it, have a great day.

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