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Son at the gloryhole

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My son called me to see if he could come and work for the summer he needed some extra money before he headed back to college. I told him yes that I could use the extra help it being summer my pool business would be booming.

He told me when he would be arriving so I knew when to expect him. The day came and I picked him at the airport I almost didn't recognize him. He had really bulked up.

I could see his muscular body stretching his clothes in all the right places, I know I shouldn't have been thinking it at the time but my kid was fucking hot! I tried to contain myself when he grabbed me hugging me tight "Hi Dad!"

I could smell his scent and could feel my cock starting to swell in my pants, I had to get my mind off this. Letting go of him trying to get my dick to obey I smiled "How was your flight?"

He smiled back "Uneventful, still not a member of the mile high club." All I could think to myself was fuck, did he have to say that, my mind went right back to where it was before. My cock started to swell again imagining him having sex on the plane.

Clearing my mind again "We're going to get something to eat, then get settled back at the house okay." He simply nodded his head and we were off. I couldn't help but notice his body when we were in the truck.

I knew that Brian worked out being in college sports but dam he had really filled out. When loading his bags in the truck at the airport I stole a glance at his ass........all bubble! We finally got home and settled in for the night. I couldn't sleep that night imagining his hot ass sleeping in the other room.

I finally got up and peeked in on him to see him, he was in his underwear, his beautiful ass on display. I walked over taking the blanket and covering him up, I felt my dick straining against my boxers, I whispered to myself "Down boy, you aren't tapping that."

The next day I got up, Brian walked into the kitchen in his underwear sleep still on his face "Hey Pop." I tried not to look at him, I swear if the kid had morning wood it would be all over!

Grabbing a cup of coffee I kept my distance, not making eye contact "Get dressed and come with me to work, I'll get you a company truck and a gas voucher." I left the room so he wouldn't see me ramming my hands down my pants to adjust my hardening cock.

I tried to keep the conversation general on the way to work, I went into the back pulling around a company truck, giving him the keys and the gas voucher I gave him his first job of the day. He was on his way allowing me to refocus on what I supposed to do.

Brian was a hard worker as hard working as the rest of my crew which made it easy on me I wouldn't have to chew his ass out.........not that I didn't want to, I mean dam!

At the end of the week Brian came into my office asking for his next gas voucher giving it to him he started to leave "I'm going out so don't wait up for me" I was buried up to my neck in paperwork not paying much attention to what he said.

The following work week was pretty much a repeat of the previous week Brian picking up his gas voucher at the end of the week. It wasn't until the fourth week when I noticed a pattern with Brian.

He would pick up his voucher tell me not to wait up and be on his way. Most people would not find this unusual except for one thing none of my crew, with the exception of Brian, used up all their gas vouchers. The crew always had extras at the end of the week.

I am not one to check up on my crew, but Brian was my son I felt like it was my job to keep tabs on him. I grabbed the extra key to his truck to check the gas gauge, sure enough it was on empty.

He would have to be driving all over the place to use that kind of gas, so I decided to take the next step, this was my business and that was my company truck he was driving.

I gave Brian his gas voucher and when he started to tell me not to wait up for him, I simply replied "Yeah, yeah." As soon as he was gone I went to the computer and got online.

All of my trucks have a GPS tracking device on them for safety reasons. Some people feel it's an invasion of privacy, my answer is if you don't have anything to hide there shouldn't be a problem, right. I had neglected to tell Brian about the GPS trackers.

Logging into the account I put in his truck number, I could watch it on it's path, I could also click on it's history and it it would tell me where it had been. I noticed the same address in the history kept popping up.

The address seemed vaguely familiar, I got in my truck punched in the address and started out. When I got to the address it dawned on me, it was an adult bookstore, I had been here a few times before.

Now I have banged just about every hot piece of pussy in my town but everyone gets a dry spell and when I do I go here. When my dick is hard I don't care who is sucking it, I just want some fucking head, I'm sure he is no different.

Pulling in the parking lot I could see his company truck, I pulled on the other side so I wouldn't be noticed. I entered the bookstore scanning it for Brian, he wasn't there, but I knew where he was.

I paid the entry fee and entered the booth area. There were only three booths lit up so I went into the first one it had a gloryhole in it, I bent over to catch a quick glimpse,it wasn't him.

I exited going to the next booths they were side by side if there was a gloryhole in it, which I was pretty sure it did, my kid was getting his dick sucked. It wasn't long before the booth door opened, I turned away so Brian wouldn't see me, but it wasn't Brian.

The stranger left leaving the video still playing, either he struck out or he was done. I entered the booth not knowing really what to expect. I stood for a minute close enough to the gloryhole that Brian would not see me, that is if it was Brian.

I was about to bend over to take a peek when a finger appeared rubbing the opening. "No way" I mouthed, if this was Brian I wasn't about to let him suck my dick....or was I.

I felt my cock start to stir with the anticipation of getting sucked, I unzipped and dropped my pants throwing all caution to the wind. I pushed my cock thru the hole, it was met by a wet tongue.

My cock jerked as he made his way down the shaft ending at my balls, giving them a good licking, he worked his way back up to the head. "Surely this isn't Brian, he wouldn't be in here giving strangers head.......or would he?" I said to myself.

There was no denying it though the company truck was in the parking lot. He wasn't somewhere else in the store when I looked, the booths were running, and he wasn't in the hallway.

It didn't seem to matter at this point because whoever it was on the other side was a pro. I have a good size dick eight and a half inches, he didn't have any problem getting down his throat! First licking the head, stroking my cock with his hand, then putting it in his mouth, shoving it all the way down. God dam but I wanted to blow my load down my cocksuckers throat be it my kid or not! I could feel my precum working it's way out, He slowed down making it last longer but I knew he was going to get it regardless.

Finally he stopped sucking lightly stroking my cock with his hand, I thought what the fuck is he doing, I'm ready to blow. I got my answer shortly, as I felt him go back to sucking my cock coating it well then pulling off it.

The next feeling was of something warm and tight. This couldn't be his mouth it was to tight I pulled back away from the gloryhole enough expecting to see his mouth. "Oh god" I whispered "It's his ass!" I felt the velvet feeling of his tight ass bearing down on my cock.

My knees buckled against the wall as he began to ride my dick. I couldn't help myself I knew I shouldn't be fucking my kid, if it really was my kid, but this guy had a death grip on my dick and I was not gonna let him go.

He rode my dick squeezing his ass tight with every upstroke, I tilted my head back moaning aloud thinking to myself this isn't gonna last long. He took this as encouragement and rode my dick harder.

It felt like he was sucking my dick with his ass and it felt fucking good! I let him ride my cock like there was no tomorrow. It wasn't long before I felt my nutts tighten up, I was about to cum.

I didn't want him to know it was me so instead of saying anything I just started breathing heavier, moaning, and groaning. As I got closer I started moaning and groaning louder letting him know I was about to cum.

I started to cum, growling as my nuts emptied in his ass, it definitely had it's effect on him as started to cum too. His ass pulsated tightening down on my dick as he started to cum. "Son of a bitch" he yelled as he started to cum, by the sound of his voice I knew for sure it was Brian.

He continued to ride my cock til we were both drained. Pulling off my cock I turned sideways so he wouldn't see me. I pulled up my pants and waited for him to exit the booth. After I heard the booth close with another occupant I thought it was safe.

As I stepped into the hallway I saw the back of Brian, he was reaching down rubbing his ass trying not to be noticed. "Yeah your ass is gonna be sore cause you just got a good assfucking!" I said to myself. Leaving the bookstore I saw him leaving towards the house.

I saw the truck in the driveway as I entered the house "Hey Brian what's up?" He was in his underwear "Nothing just gonna take a shower." I watched as went into the bathroom. I smiled "Guess I got to tap that ass after all."

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