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my step brother takes my virginity

By commander cheif

submitted August 4, 2012

Categories: Family Fun, First Time

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The day started off like any other friday. I woke up at around 930 am and got in the shower got dressed and went to work. When i got home at around 4:00 i was tired and went into the living room to see my (step)brother watching tv when he saw me and the look complete surprise on my face he said i texted u I took my Phone out of my pocket and turned it on (surprised to see that it was still off). there was a text from him saying: Anthony mom and dad are arguing again so im going to go to ur house. i said ohhh ok sorry my phone was still off. Hey im going to go take a nap do mom and dad know u r here? Yes they do go sleep ill hold the fort down Ok but im going to have a party at around 10:30 just a few friends ok i will wake u up at around 9:00 ok i said and went to my room and lay down and immediately fell asleep.

when Justin came in to wake me up i was already getting up and about to shower he just said oh so i got into the shower thinking about what all i would need and got out and asked Justin if he wanted to come to the store with me that i just had to pick up a few things he said yeah and turned the tv off we went to Lowes and got a few snacks and then we were done i said one last stop and took him to Cattle Gaurd to get some drinks of course i wouldnt be driking and i wasnt gonna let a Minor drink so on the way home i told Justin the rules No drinking is the main rule that i want u to follow he tried to protest but wen he saw the look in my eyes he stopped My parties get crashed alot so if a cop comes in and sees u drunk im going to jail and i dont want that he said ok so wen we got bak we quickly prepped for the party and then my freinds came over all in one SUV i quickly introduced Justin to all of them and asked who the DD was ( i dont let people drive drunk) Elder was going to be the designated driver tonight i said u can sit with us "Again Anthony y dont u ever drink with us there has to be a reason" My aunt died from Liver Failure i said and every one was quiet the party ended at around 12:30 wen the cops came in and said that it was getting late so i hearded everyone out and made sure Elder was driving and the police wrote my tickett for $160 thats cheaper than usual i said thats to cover the alcohol u gave us last time Officer Morgan said Ok well thanx! i said as soon as i closed the door Justin was right behind me and i said rnt glad u didnt drink? yes i am! i grabbed two beers out of the fridge and gave one to him and he smiled and said thanx and then he asked y r u drinking? I said i only drink a few everynow and then not at parties oh he said he knew how bad i was wen i was drunk i made one exception to my rule for my graduation party right after high school and i got arrested for fighting among other things So..... Justin said so what? Do u want to suck my dick? in answer i knelt in front of him and pulled down his pants letting out a limp dick as i took him in my mouth he started getting hard and soon i had all 13 inches down my throat and he was moaning and holding on to the couch cushions and then without warning he came and blasted 6 shots of his cum into my mouth when i came back up to sit beside him he had finished his beer and he asked me Anthony r a virgin and even as i was formulating the lie i started blushing i said No Liar! he said i said ok i am but im saving myself for my lover Justin then leaned in and gave me a very passionate kiss I love u Anthony know its hard to believe but ive loved u since i first met u i looked at him in shock here is my brother (he doesnt feel like a step brother to me) straighter than straight saying he loved me i said its just the beer talking but even as i said it i knew he was still sober No its not he said Anthony Jackson i love u so much i said Justin Coburn i love u too! and kissed him deeply and passionately Can i take ur virginity from u? please!!!!! i didnt answer right away instead looking into his eyes wen i finally answered him the answer was Yes

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