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my step brother takes my virginity part 2

By commander cheif

submitted August 6, 2012

Categories: Family Fun, First Time

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Hey there hope u like my stories feel free to email me at markjackson9053@yahoo.com to give helpful tips and more stories thanx :D

Justin says first there are some things i need to tell u... i said what is that? Well i dont know if im going to come out of the closet any time soon so we will have to keep this a secret. But what about Miranda? She already knows about how i feel about you and she is the one who told me to go after u! he said a big smile spreading across his face. Oh i said I just wanted to let u know the deal he said I understand i said and i still want u to take my virginity by the way i told him after seeing the look cross his face i knew what he was going to ask. Ok then lets do it he said. Where do u want to do it? he asked me i told him on my bed will be fine if u want too he just said cool lets go so we got up and started heading up the hall to my room Justin had no clothes on and me still fully clothed he told me that he was gonna undress me if it was ok with me i told him yeah its fine with me so when we got to my room he sat down on the bed and started to take off my shirt and was playing with my nipples as he started taking off my pants and fingered me he started with one finger and asked me if it hurt and i told him yes but only slightly and he said ok and then widened me and stuck a second finger up there and surprisingly it didnt hurt and when he asked me i told him no it doesnt then he started scissoring me widening my hole and then he asked me if i wanted it to hurt when he started making love to me and i said yes but just a little bit idk y but ive always liked a little bit of pain during sex ok he said then ur ready he laid me down on the bed and took some lube out of my night stand drawer and started fingering me with it and fisting himself with it and then he positioned himself and said im about to go in r u ready? i said yes and he slowly stuck the head of his dick in and it hurt i said stop and he immediately stopped and waited and then i said ok go on and as he started go in i found that the pain was starting to feel good and i started moaning and he was grunting and then he pushed all the way in and stayed there while he leaed down in and kissed me and then he said do u want it hard or soft? Hard i immediately said so then he started to fuck me hard core and had me moaning and he was grunting above me and i said yea fuck me with that long hard dick i love it omg this is good it was then that i screamed and Adam said im about to cum do u want it in u or on ur face? in me i said and he sped up and screamed IM CUMMING and shot jets of cum into my body and then he slumped over me and kissed me and said that was the best fuck ive ever had! but we arent finished yet... TO BE CONTINUED......

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