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My third visit with the Priest.

By ilikeit

submitted September 9, 2012

Categories: Men Of The Cloth

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After my 2nd visit to the priest living quarters ,he really took a liking to me,every time I came out from mass he would shake my hand and say how happy he was to see me. About 3 weeks after I had went to see him at his home he ask me if I could come by and see him on Sat.morning and I said OK . Well I got there about 9:00 am and he greeted me at the door and said please come in and have a seat. He ask me if I had chance to think about what happen the last time I came to visit him ,and did I enjoy myself,and I said yes . I said I never had a complete body massage like that ,and that he was right I felt very refresh afterwards. He then ask me if I would Iike to could go away with him to a religious retreat camp for a couple of days. I said I am 18 now but I will still ask my parents ,I know that they wouldn't mind seeing as it would be with a priest. I ask him what do you do at a retreat camp.He said that ever so often priest get to go to one of these retreat like a vacation just to get away and relax . He said they have a religious hour eveyday ,and then they are free to go swimming at their lake,or go relax in their hot tub,or go for a hike into the woods or just sit in their cabin and relax. Well I let my parents know that I was going ,so we left the following week ,and he drove me up to the place which was about a 4 hr. drive. It was in a very secluded area away from everything. When we got their and he check in we went to a cabin which was away from the main area but it was very nice inside with the usually things that cabins have. He said why don't we change into shorts and a t-shirts and he would show me around. After we change he took me around the whole place like the main building where we would eat all our meals,to the chapel,the lake,and some of the other cabins.Some of the cabins had and open bedding arrangement with four queen size beds in each corner . The hot tub they had was more like a shallow pool with a ledge built in so you could sit down in it,it was pretty big it could hold about 12 people. he said it was a popular place at night ,and it also had a great view of the lake thru the trees. He then met some other priest he new and introduce me to them. I notice that all the other priest were kinda of old between about 55 to 65 and had brought someone with them also,but only about 4 of them were as young as me. I ask him if they always get to bring someone with them and he said . Well we had dinner and he said why don't we go back to the cabin and rest and then later go down to the hot tub. I got back and I told him I was going to go take a shower and he said he would join me.Well i started to soap up and the next thing I new he was behind me washing my back and I got excited and this time he just turn me around and started to stoke my hard cock and he said I had a very nice cock not to big but not to small it was about 5" hard. He then started to suck on my nipples and all the time he kept feeling me ,by this time we had no more soap on us and the he was on his knees sucking my dick man it sure felt good and he kept it up until I came in his mouth and he suck every last drop out of it. After that I thought I was drain and done for the night but he said why don'T I come in and lay down and he would give me another body massage. I didn't care after that great blow job and didn't even think I would be able to get it up again but how wrong I was. He had me lay down naked on the bed on my stomach and he put some oil on me and started massaging me and it felt just great ,even after he starter to rub the oil into the crack of my ass. Ever time his hand would come across my but hole it got me excited and the next thing I knew my cock was hard again. He ask me turn over so he could do my front and he could see I was hard as a rock,he said he would take care of that after the massage.after he massage my nipples and they where hard again he went right down to my cock and started to massage it but i said if he kept that up I was going to cum so he stop. I was so relax from that session that I just went to sleep. Will continue what happen when we went down to the hot pool in my next story.

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