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Married man's secret fun

By Biguyky77

submitted February 10, 2013

Categories: Bisexual, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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So I have had gay sex numerous times throughout my life. I will go more in detail in different stories about other encounters. This story will focus on a fun time when I was married to my first wife.

So, I am married right now, but I have been divorced. My wife had the type of relationship where I could tell her private sexual thoughts and she wouldn't freak out about it. Like, I told her that I have had gay sex before. It ranged from oral only to full on intercourse. We usually talked about such things after having sex. She asked me once if I still was attracted to men. I told her in a sexual way yes, but not scope out guys as I pass them. She asked me if I could fuck a guy who would it be. I told her my boss (at the time). I would've liked to but wasn't sure if he would go for it and wasn't going to put my job in jeopardy to find out. (Found out much later that he was indeed into me and would have hooked up with me if I asked.)

So, we hung out with another couple on the weekends. We would play cards and drink. Nothing happened for like 8 months. Well, they would go upstairs and we would sleep on the pull out couch and fuck. We would all get drunk and me and Dan were constantly trying to get the girls to mess around. One time I asked them to kiss. Andy(dan's wife) said, "we will kiss if you suck dan's dick." She was only half serious. I looked over at Dan expecting him to give me that "no way" look. Instead he pulled his boxers (the only thing he had on) off. I got up. He pulled out his chair. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I was really enjoying it as it had been a long time since I had cock in my mouth. I guess the girls expected me to do it just a little bit and be done. Well, 15 minutes into it and Dan was really enjoying it. He was moaning and thrusting. Then he said he was going to cum so I kept going. His cock started to throb and he emptied his load into my mouth. I gulped it down.

Afterwards I got back into my chair. Dan said, "damn that was nice. Ok girls, your turn." They French kissed for a couple minutes and that was it. I said, "I think Dan got more than what we saw, but that's ok. I didn't mind."

Shortly after, Dan and Andy went upstairs and Kathy and I started messing around. We fucked furiously. Afterwards she asked me if I liked it. I told her that I did very much so.

The next week, we did out routine of drinking and cards. I wasn't sure how to go about getting dan's dick again so I didn't ask. Kathy said, "ok, I'm horny. Jim, you need to fuck me soon." Andy said, "well, the couch is ready. You two go for it." So we got naked and got on the bed. We were making out and fondling each other. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw them undress and join us on the bed. I'm playing with Kathy's clit and making out and then I feel my cock getting sucked. I looked down and it was Andy sucking me while Dan ate her pussy! Kathy looked up and said, "nice!"

So then Kathy is on her back. I'm eating her pussy. Andy is laying right next to her and Dan is fucking her. I look up and see Andy and Kathy making out like a lesbian porno. After 2 orgasms, Kathy said, "enough eating me out. Get your dick in me and fuck me, baby." So I'm fucking Kathy while Dan fucks Andy. The girls are still making out. Kathy moans loud, her pussy locks down on my cock and she has a big orgasm. She then gets up and heads to the bathroom. I say, "want me to stop?" She says, "after you cum."

So Andy is laying on her back. Dan is laying on his side getting a blow job. I start fucking Andy. She has a massive orgasm. She then says, "ok, I'm gonna join Kathy in the shower. You boys have fun."

Dan reaches for some lube from the end table. He asks me to get on my hands and knees. I do so. He lubes up his cock and starts fuckin me. I'm horny as hell and so he had no problem pushing it all the way in. He fucks me good and hard. I'm jacking off while he fucks me. The girls walk past us both naked as Dan is emptying his cock into my pussy. He is moaning loud. Andy laughs and says, "maybe we won't have to fuck them as much anymore!"

After he is done we both collapse. I am close to orgasm. He pushes my legs apart and licks my asshole while I jack off which sends me over the edge and I shoot my load all over my chest. He licks most of it up and we both lay in bed naked and fall asleep naked and watching tv.

There is more to come but will write in a different story. This story is absolutely true. Feel free to email me with comments or questions.


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