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Getting fucked by a friend at Steamworks

By funbttmguy

submitted March 23, 2013

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, Friends, Voyeurism

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I usually go to Steamworks by myself but last time I went, I came across two of my friends - Rich and Kyle.

I was a bit shy as the two of them have never seen me in that kind of setting before but I got over it as one of them started cruising the guys around us.

So we all separated and agreed to meet at the front later. Well, just to give my description, I'm 5'2", 133 lbs, mixed Hispanic/Asian heritage, athletic build, ht/wt proportionate and considered cute by most guys. I also love to bottom for top guys - doesn't matter the age or race. As long as they like to plow ass, I'm game!

I went to hallways cruising rooms with doors open when I came across a guy with a stiff dick smiling at me. He motioned for me to come inside his room. I did and closed the door behind me.

He immediately grabbed my ass and guided my head to his crotch where I proceeded to suck (as best I could) his thick cock. It must been 7" long but as thick as a Red Bull can. After a few minutes of slobbery sucking, he grabbed my head and pulled me to his face and asked, "Are you ready to get your ass raped?"

I nodded and he gave his bottle of poppers. I took a hit at each nostril and my head started spinning - great stuff! He started rimming me, all the while urging me to take another hit of his strong poppers. As I did, he started playing with my asshole with his fingers. I told him to stop, that I wanted to feel every inch of his thick cock and I didn't want to get loosened before his dick fucked my ass.

I was getting high on his poppers when I felt his cockhead enter my hole. God, it felt great! He stopped for a second and told me to take one last hit of poppers as he was about to ram my ass and treat my hole like the bitch that I was.

I took one last hit and closed the cap when he slammed his thick cock all of a sudden up my ass! I grabbed a pillow and muffled a quiet scream in it.

He started talking dirty to me, asking me if I liked being used and abused by guys, calling me a faggot and sissy boy who loves cock up his ass!

After 20 minutes of fucking in different positions, he called for a break. I thanked him for the great fucking and he asked me to come back later.

I opened the door and found Kyle just outside the room. He smiled at me and told me he was listening to the fucking and moaning inside and was really turned on. We've never had sex before but he said he wanted to feel what the guy was feeling. Neither of us had a room; I told him we'll try it when we had a room.

In the meantime, we walked around together and found my other friend inside another room. Rich was lying on his stomach, getting his ass plowed by this older white guy with a long dick! My friend getting fucked didn't notice the two of us in the crowd watching him get fucked. My other friend and I looked at each other, grinning.

After a minute or so, we both decide to check out the rest of the place and left the crowd. We separated and walked around . After a few minutes, my friend reappeared and asked me to follow him. I followed him to a room where this Latino guy was stroking his thick dick. My friend said the Latino guy was interested in watching me get fucked by my friend.

I looked at Kyle and told him I was nervous having sex with him. He closed the door,let his towel fall to the ground and told me to shut up and suck his cock. The Latino guy stood up and said the same thing. So here I was, on my knees, taking turns sucking two cocks when someone knocked on the door. The Latino guy opened the door and had a friend come in.

So now I had three guys' cocks! While I was sucking the third guy, Kyle pulled me up and had me get on all four. He said he was ready to fuck me! The Latino guy gave me a hit of his pot while his friend stuffed his dick in my mouth. I was sucking his dick when I felt Kyle's cock enter me. All the Latino guy was doing was watching the two of them stuff me on both ends while he was stroking his dick.

Kyle started his fuck nice and slow. I kept on telling me how nice and tight my ass was while the third guys kept feeding me his cock. After a couple of minutes, he took his dick out of my mouth and left the room. In the meantime, Kyle kept his steady pace, plowing my ass while kissing my neck. Pretty soon, he pushed me to my stomach and started increasing the pace of his fucking!

Little did I know the door was left unopened and when I looked up, I saw a crowd forming, watching Kyle ramming his cock up my ass! I was a little shocked but Kyle started pounding me really hard so I didn't say anything. Finally, after a while, he said he was going to come! I told him to fuck me till he comes and sure enough, he pulls out his dick and exploded all over my back. The Latino guy just stood there watching, smiling the whole time.

After we both recovered, we thanked the guy for letting us use his room. We both smiled at each other and had a laugh while we showered up. We kissed and he told me fucking me was a lot of fun and that he wanted to do it again!

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