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first time I had sex with a guy, my stepdad

By jdran992

submitted March 27, 2013

Categories: First Time, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Family Fun

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I'm currently 20, moved out of my moms house earlier this year. Around the time when I first moved in with my mom and her new found husband I was 15, had my own room, didnt like her boyfriend much. Pretty much kept our distance. He in the beginning tried to have many civil conversations but I just ignored him. So after a year of living with my mom and her boyfriend they began discussing married and all that good stuff. I hated the idea but what could I say? My mom around this time was all in love and wouod not listen to me just to say I didjt think it was a good idea I mean after all it wasn't a secret I hayed the guy. Eventually my mom came home one weekend after marrying my newly stepdad and decided a girls trip was in order so week after my stepdad semt his three sons to stay with their mom while mije was away in Vegas for a weekend. My stepdad happened to pick up on his drinking over these passed years and we eventually became neutral. We didn't hate each other nor talked much. I guess I learned to deal with it. So that friday night my mom took off and my stepdad was nearly wasted seeing how hes been drinking hours earlier. It was just me him my sister and brother alone in the house. I put my brother to bed around 9 and my sister usually passed out around 10 and didn't budge for nothing being a deep sleeper. So I decided to tale a shower around midnight, washed myself off started drying when I hear a large thump. I quickly put a towel on and rush up stairs to see my beyond wasted stepdad laying on the floor with a beer in one hand and his very soft dick in the other. Apparently he needed to pee but never got that far.He can bbarely open his eyes nor move so he then said "mann what the fulk happenne?!? Help me pleese? I got to goo bad!". I began walking him back to the bathroom in his room but before passing the doorway he turns around and closes it and then procedeeds to lock it with me holding him up. I still to this day dont kno whether or not he knew I was there holding him. As we stumble to the bathroom, he waddles back and forth trying to pee over the toilet. I'm holding him up tryin to balance him out when he stumbles over and I grab his waist with his dick in ky grasp. I played dumb not realizing he didn't notice. As he balanced out he said "hold it like that babe I cant I have my beer, ill fuck you good right now as your reward. Youll be crying for more". As I moved back still holding his soft penis he grabs me and wraps his dree arm around my neck puts his lips on mine and sticks his tongue in my mouth. Keep in mind I had to feelings or even saw my stepdad in the light. Initially my reaction was to pull away but with his drunken grip so tight I let it happen. He sucked on my tongue, on my lips all while his eyes closed. He did this for about a minute before goings down to my neck.around thwt time he squeezed the hell out of me I felt turned on by how powerful he was. His kissing felt so good. I didn't want it to stop. Finally after all that he asks me to suck his dick so he could give me what ive needed. And walking or should I say stumbling back to the bed in the dark he throws himself on the bed n then says "baby suck my dick babe, I want to break our record for fucking tonight. So in the heat of the moment I place my mouth over his jeans where the holes is and insert my tongue searching for his dick. In a matter of seconds I find it and begin sucking it out like a slug in a shell. Hes uncut by the way. He tells me in the middle of all his moans to pull the skin back n suck on the head for a while so I listen after all hes my stepdad. Five minutes go by and by now his 10' cock is well ready. Im having such a hard time sucking it I eventually start sucking on his balls but slowly going back up to his dick head. I always had a thing for construction workers and my stepdad had his own business and usually kept his jeans and a white tee with his work boots on. I wanted to spruce it up by grabbing his hat and vest and put it on him. By now hes wasted laying down on tbe bed in his blue jeans, tight white tee, orange vest, hard hat by him and work boots.on. his dick was so hard and thick popping out of his jeans. He was so still just listening to himself moaning as I sucked the precum fpr days off his uncut 10' meat. "Baby sit on it, I'm going to fuck that toght pussy so hard youll want more! Hurry babe!" I pulled my towel up just enough for his monster to go in my asshole. As I straddled him on the bed gently putting his thick dick in me I realized we he would be my first anal experience And we weren't using protection. At the time I was dating this female who I. occasionally fucked. Lowering myself more and more it felt as if I was being spilt open! I whispered"your tearing my apart baby" enough thwt he would not be able to tell it wasn't my mom. "Yes babe you need this, take it all this time." He said. It took about 6 minutes before getting all of it in. I was dead, the pain was the worst I've everfelt. He began tryin to thrust upwards and then out for a few seconds before I felt good enougbt to take over. I moaned very softly as his thick dick penetrated me over and over again as I bounced up n down on him. He began moaning louder and louder, we were now at a steady pace. His dick was amazing, I felt the swollen uncut cock get bigger woth every moan and thrust. As the bed began squeeking louder and louder my stepdads moans grew. After a while of riding him he asked to switch. Thinking back now I should'veseen the outcome of this, in the moment I turn over on my back with him over me still swaying back and forth being drunk in all grabs his very hwrd cock and laces in in my asshole while thrusting up into me I moan with him, not really touching me he still dodnt kno what was happening. With ebery thrust the louder I became. Driving him crazy horny he started kissing me I going with it. Our mouths open kissing each other while his 10"uncut dick slide in and out of me he stoped. The head board banging from all the movement it left a echo in me thwts how silent it became. He slowly pulled his tongue out from my mouth n stopped moving. All I felt was the once pulsating cock stuck inside me while he started at me through the darkness. He called my name, my heart dropped. I didn't say anything. He then drunkenly gn began saying cursing asking wtf was I doing. Keep in mind his dick was still inside me even tho he knew mpre or less who it was in. I got this fwr why not finish? I wrapped my arms and legs around him and saI'd I wouldn't tell anyone of he finished. "I kno we both beed this. Ill say it was my doing". I guess fearing I'd call my mom or perhaps the police he asked if he finished I cant tell anyone. He'll give me more to just keep it down. I happily accepted and so I tightef my grip and pulled him close kissing him. Obviously not as open as he was before but still worked for me. He slowly fucked me for the rest of the night.he busted inside me at least 8 times and I swallowed the rest. He was very open to it all. The whole thing was just me pleasing ky stepdad so how could he argue. We triedany positions,ive never wanted a man more in my life. That ewhole weekend my mom was away when my siblings left I would sit on ky stepdads lap riding him for hours while he watch tv drinking. Throughout the years he became accustomed to it. He once let me fuck him till I busted in him. We've become close. Middle of the night hedcome doedown to my room fuckin me just to be able to sleep that night. Theres not a single part of that man ive not licked sucked or fucked me. No one k knows minus a few friends. According.to my mom her n my stepdad rarely have sex anymore. The other day my stepdad came over n spent the night. He treats me like my lover would. Cuddles, fucks me, takes cwre of me, listens to me, tales me out randomly, loves to spemd time woth me. I didn't think but of it but I love him. He wants to move in woth me amd just leave my mom but I dont want thwt to happen. God why did I jave to love that man