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dale earnhardt jr kidnaps a man bride part 1

By kidnappedboy

submitted July 29, 2013

Categories: Bondage, Celebrity Fantasy, Free Form, Very Short Stories

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One day tim was walkin down outside charlotte speedway when he fells someones arm close around me he turn and sees it dale earnhardt jr he say yoa you will do you'r coming with me junior pulls out a pair of handcuffs and ties tim hand behin his back and put him in the car while on the way to dale;s house he tell tim that he is gay and hes been looking a guy to make his wife now i found you now you have choice you can be loving wife or i can kill yo grear right now tim say i love dale i be you wife great now here how it i am the boos you cook clean and fuck me for the resr of are lives when i am at the shop you will be ther two i have bedroom there to so i take when ever i want we enter he stop the car pulls out his cock and tim start to sucks it in and out of his moutc takig all the way down his toght oh aw says dale take all my cum lick the he house he says that he s taking a shower he leed me too big king size bed he unlocks the handcuffs take off your cloths and lay on the bed tim dose what he told junior blindfolds him and tied him to the bed with a chain but dale i'm you wife he replied this is to train you after my showheer we start the weding night

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