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Me and the high school hunk(pt4)

By Highschool guy97

submitted August 1, 2013

Categories: First Time, Romance, Tales From School, Bondage

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Hey guys:) so glad your bad for an other story. I am so sorry I haven't writen one in a while hope you guys are enjoying it. If your new to the hole story line you kinda have to read the other three parts for this to work:)

When I open my door my phone keeps buzzing with texts from Kate and Max. I finally turn my phone on silent and just lay in my bed. I am left along with thoughts of what happened in the last 24 hours. Max the great guy ever in the whole wide world is with me. This makes me so happy he's smart sexy funny and just everything I want in a man. So glad I took gym class I guess a gaze here and there in the locker room might bring you good luck.

Max caught me looking at his penis in the locker and everything went straight up from there,but as the weekend was nearing the end I knew school would bring Max and I back down to earth. He was a poplar highschool jock. I had alot of friends but Max had a image to maintain and I don't thing me beside him every day would keep it intact. I guess I'll just hope for the best that all you can do right I thought to myself.

After I was done thinking about Max and school I heard a knock on the door "Hey Chad your mom let me in"said Kate. Oh shit I forgot all about my phone.Laye walked in the room. "Is your phone dead or somthing I need to talk to you it's important"Kate said she seem not herself. "Sorry it's just i was so tired from Maxs and I needed some done time I am all ears now" I said ready to listen to what Kate had to say. "It's about Max I..I.."Kate said "What about him"I asked "I don't think he likes me" Kate said she was really bumped out. " I am sorry to hear that but how do you know" I asked knowing that Max loves me and he's gay so Kate had no shot. "He asked out Ashley on a date to the movies and she said yes" Kate said with tears in her eyes. Kate and Ashley were rivals ever since elemtry school. They were always competing over boys and how had more friends. I guess Ashley's my rival now to I was so mad I know Max needed to maintain an image but the school slut really? I thought to myself. "Hey ill tell you what you can stay for super or go home or ill get to the bottom of this"I said every determined to figure out Maxs motives. "I'll go home and we can talk at lunch tomarrow just see what his deal is ok"Kate said as she left my room. "Bye Kate dont worry everything will be fine"I said as Kate left try to be comforting.

I picked but my phone I had around 29 messages from Max. Chad. Hey babe. Chad. Cutie! Answer you phone I need to talk. I finally replied Your dateing Ashley now ?!..:,( In am 30 secs I got a face time request it was Maxs. I answered it plugged in my head phones and went out side. I went to the garage to so I could be discreet about Max and I having a conversation. We were both in the closet so if talk about us were to come up it would easy to talk about. I finally sat in a chair and took my phone out of my pocket and put the volume on. "Hey babe"Max said he looked really sad and was definitely not himself. "What's wrong"I said. "Ill just cut to the chase I forgot to wash the sheet that you and I sleep and came on..my mom found them"Max said he looked so sad. I sat there like I have just been hit with something I mange to figure out somthing to say. " there was alot of cum on those sheets she knows you couldn't have just done it yourself" "Stop Chad"Max cut me off with an anger in his voice. "My mom problay knows I am gay so the only shot I had was to make it look like I have a girl friend and she might think I was experimenting or something. I didn't know what to do Ashley's a slut and I know she wants me so I asked her out hopefully this works."Max said. I had tears in my eyes I was going to ruin are life together before it even started. "Well what does this mean for us? We stop talking and lay low for abit! I was not going to hang around you all day any way I am not stupid I know what you gotta live up to I don't wanna ruin it" I said with tears still in my eyes. " we can talk and stuff just not as much maybe not canoe trip buddies."Max said "Ok well have fun with Ashley I get it. Are you going to box me out of your life" I said with a shaky voice and a tear rolling down my face. "Chad I fucking love you way to much and you know that it's just"Max said

"What is it then"I said "It's nothing ill talk to you tomarrow after school just meet my by my car"Max said. He ended the call. I say there crying hopefully he would do anything with Ashley. I fell asleep in that chair. As I wake up I look at the time it's seven my moms gunna wonder what I have been doing. "I'll look in here"I heard a voice it sounded like Max. Then Max opened the door. "Max" I said walking into his arms "Chad"he said so happily. "Why aren't you with Ashely" I ask puzzled" "Me and your mom have been looking for you we thought you ran away" "Why were you looking for me what's going on?" I was so confused. "Well I have somthing to tell you"Max had a serious look on your face.

" I am going to be living with you now"max said with a smile a tears in his eyes. "What am I in a dream?" I said "Lets go inside Your mom and I will explain everything." We walked to the house with are arms around each other like we were seeing each other after years of being apart. "Oh Chad"my mom said "Hey mom I fell asleep in the garage it's ok I am back"I said She and Max were so happy to see me they sat me down and talked to me. Max was kicked out of his house and was left 20,000 dollars to live off of.His parents didnt want him around and didnt wanna hear from him anytime soon. Max came straight to my house and told me mom everything I was ok with my boyfriend telling my mom about me being gay. After all Max was already on a roll to telling people he was gay. "Chad I love you so much I always will no matter who you like" my mom said. She was ok with me being different. "You two boys are going to have to same a room I don't wanna be kepted up all night with your noises so be quite" my mom joked but was serious at the same time. "Thanks mom" "Yeah thanks this means alot to me"me and max said" We spent the rest of the night talking and going over what we would do about coming out or everyone already knowing we were gay.we decided we just go about are days like normal but stick close with everyone rejected us. After talking my mom and Max seemed to get along great. I was so happy but yet so worried what school would bring. No one would try to fight max he was huge ,but me on the other hand not so much. At least I am a school track star and can run like the wind. "Chad I have had a long day lets go to sleep"Max said I knew he wanted to talk not just have sex. We went upstairs and sat on my bed. " I can't believe I got kicked out. I am so happy I have you with out you I'd be nothing.not even my parents anymore."Max said as he fell into my arms. "Do you think anyone knows?"I asked "My parents are kinda hate for being Rich they are not afraid to show it,maybe no one will listen to them or they kept it quite to make sure there not an other reason to hate them"Max said he was so sad that his parents did that. "Well what ever happens happens. I promise you ill do everything I can to make you happy" I said "Thanks Chad I love you to" max said

"I love you to Max I always will"I said pulling him closer and kissing his head. " hey chad I wanna feel you inside me"max said "Are you sure boo I don't know if ill be any good"I said. I never thought we was the type to bottom but my coco was really happy you get in that perfectly formed hockey ass. "Well I love you so much the sex has to be good right,plus it's not like your the size of my hockey stick"max said with a grin. "You fucked yourself with your hockey stick" I asked we both kinda chuckled. "Yeah it already had a name and it was the closest thing I had to a dildo beside a vegetable"Max and I laughed. "Well I can bet you ill be able to fuck you harder then that stick" I said pushing Max onto his stomach. I was going to do all the work he was just going to take it. I pulled out a couple soccer socks and tied his hands together and then to the head board.I started sucking his monster cock I was use to it by now I could be throat it easyer. Max started to moan so I gave him my boxers to tight down. I didn't want my mom hearing us. I kepted sucking his cock and when I fell his cock swell up I removed my lips from his dick. I did this for five minutes he was begging me to let him cum,but my Max was all tied up and he could only just lay there. He got a nice glisten on my from the sweat. I was really working him. Every time he was about to I would back off and pinch his nipples harder and harder driving him crazy. I like watch the love of my life beg me for more. I loved his how is abs looked when he was breathing heavy he was getting me hard just looking at him. I turned Max on his side and I pulled my boxers out of his mouth.

"Fuck chad stop this I need it please babe let me cum all over that buetiful face"Max begged "No until I am done"I said, I kissed his lips and rubbed the boxers all over my cock a little bit of precum got on them and I put the wet spot into Maxs mouth. He was loving be being in totally control. I kissed my way your is muscular back and stop and his perfected virgin ass . I was giving him goose bumps all over. I spread his ass cheeks and tastes my first ass. Thinking licking and digesting his hole would be the best way to loosen Max up. Max seemed like he was in heaven I could hear his soft moans through my boxers and he moved his hips back and forth on my face. After I was able to stick two fingers in his hole I figured he was ready. I wanted his first time to be romantic to. So I undid his hands and he took the boxes out of his mouth. "Chad I love you"Max said "Max I love you to"I said and I stuck my dick in his tight virgin hole. He was so tight it was like nothing I am every felt before its like his hole was made for my cock. Max was laying on his back and had his knees tucked to his shoulders. I was all the way in Max he looked like he was in pain but not to bad. "Oh my god Chad"max softly wispered "Just relax if I can take your cock you will be able to take mine."I said into his ear. He knew what I went through and just took a breathe. We were making out as I slowly pumped his tight hole we had no lube or condoms we have only been with each other so it was ok. We made out then Max pushed me off his sweet lips. " I think I am ready fuck me babe"Max said "Are you sure I" max pulled me in for a deep kiss and I just started pumping faster.My bed let out little squeaks ,max was moaning, I was in totally bliss. This was the perfect moment. I started pumping his tight hole faster and faster he was moaning into my mouth and I was doing the same. I started jerking on Maxs edged cock it was only a matter of right before he was about to cum. Then I felt a huge explosion of Maxs cum all over are chests and my bed. His hole clenched down it felt so good. I fucked his as fast as I could go. "Holy fuck Chad"he said "I am gunna cum" I said and I did right into his once virgin hole. We were both breathing heavy like we just finished a marathon.I pulled my cock out of max and fell into his arms he hugged and made out while trying to catch are breath.Maxs load made are chests wet. After awhile Max slide down and snuggled up into my arms. "Wow chad I never felt anything like that before your amazing"Max said " Same you were so tight and you made me so hard" I said "Chad your an amazing person and your a sex god so glad your all mine now I will never think about any one other the you" max said then kissed my hairless chest. " Max your just a god in general just look at you" I said we both kinda laughed. Max came up for a kiss.

"Aslong as I have you nothing matters never feel me" max said " I'll never leave you I love you way to much" I said pulling Max in for a kiss. He was smiling so big and the moon light was coming through my blinds making this moment so magical .

"I love you Chad it's getting late and we got school tomorrow" Max said "Goodnight beautiful" I said putting my lips on his for the last time tonight. Max feel asleep right away it was cute how he looked snuggled up on my best. He looked like an angle when he slept. I was awake thinking about what would happen at school tomorrow I was about to find out and I wasn't sure how to take it.

I know I am not the best speller but I hoped you guys like this story. Hehe hope you had fun;)

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