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Medieval Tavern, Part 3

By Tony

submitted March 28, 1999

Categories: Medieval Romance

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Winter at the tavern is often fun, as people come to drink to warm their bodies and their souls. During the day it's always quiet at the tavern, with only the occasional drunkard or traveller dropping in. I sat by the draw, staring into the fire, lazily rubbing my balls through the coarse material of my hose; I was waiting for something to happen. Pilgrims often spent time at the tavern, and would often include a cross-section of society, from ploughmen to knights.

But the kind of knights who usually stopped here were often down-at-heel, or crusading: they didn't tend to be the likes of Sir Thomas de Audithley. Sir Thomas was a local baron who had made a fortune through clever politicking, brilliant crusading and an incredible marriage to a Flemish princess. His estate was vast, centred on his Castle, at Lockley; I had seen him once before, as a boy, when I had sneaked onto the Lockley estate and watched Sir Thomas and his men race through the fields, mounted, whilst hunting. It was thus a great surprise when a filthy page stumbled in through the tavern door and told me that Sir Thomas required a bed for the night.

It was only late afternoon, the sun was just starting to set, and Lockley was only an hour's ride away, so I was somewhat surprised. However, I told the page to tell his master that lodgings were ready. I quickly ran upstairs and arranged a room, beating the mattress to remove the dust. When I went downstairs, back into the empty tavern, Sir Thomas was standing, alone, in the doorway. He was massive - well over 6 foot, and he was clad in full armour, including a vizard which covered his face. I could just make out his dark brow beneath the armour. 'I trust my visit is no inconvenience?' he said, in his magnificent aristocratic baritone. I bowed, deeply, and pulled out a chair for him.

I busied myself fetching ale for the knight, whilst I heard him clanking behind me, removing his armour in front of the fire. First he removed his headgear, to reveal a face of such dark and handsome power I spilled ale onto the tavern floor. His skin was tanned, from his recent trip to Acre, whilst his hair was long, brown and matted. It fell about his shoulders in lovely cascades. His face was not shaven, yet he did not have a beard. His eyes were heavy and dark, looking out from under thick, manly brows. He then removed his leg-armour, under which he was wearing close-fitting linen.

At this point I realised that Sir Thomas must have recently been abroad, out of the county if not the country, as his clothes were so dirty. His leg wear had once been white, but was now grey, with blood stains on the knee. Sir Thomas reeked of sweat. I gave him his ale and removed the armour, and then helped him off with his breastplate. I stood in front of him, only inches from his face, and lifted the great piece of metal upwards. He was naked underneath. His chest was broad and covered in thick dark hair, his nipples buried in the fur. His arms bulged, and from his armpits a heavenly, potent musk made itself known to my nostrils. The thick hair ran down Sir Thomas' belly, and into his filthy hose

Sir Thomas' groin was damp with sweat, and the bulge in his hose was enormous. I had a raging erection, pushing against my tights, so I took Sir Thomas's armour to his lodgings, after which I ran into the back outhouse, pulled down my house, put my fist round my cock and energetically masturbated, imagining Sir Thomas' enormous sweaty cock in my mouth. As the evening came, the tavern became busy and my mind was taken off the beautiful knight. He retired to his room and I thought little of him, until the early hours of the morning, when the tavern was empty. Sir Thomas's bell rang, which I assumed was a call for ale: perhaps he had a whore up there, and was staying at the tavern for one last night of filthy sex before he returned to his princess wife?

I made my way upstairs and knocked on Sir Thomas' door. I entered, and bowed. Sir Thomas was standing before me, still wearing only his dirty old hose. I placed his ale on the table and asked if there was anything else I could fetch for him. He walked behind me and shut the door. He then came and stood in front of me and took my right hand. He put my hand onto his hot groin and moved it up and down over the lump. I soon took the initiative and started to rub with energy, feeling the soft lump became a hard rod.

Sir Thomas was breathing heavily. With my other hand I reached his nipple and, feeling through the damp sticky hair, found the hard nub, which I pinched between my fingers. Sir Thomas stepped backward and pushed me roughly onto the mattress. i too had an enormous hardon but he didn't seem to notice. He straddled my chest, his enormous weight crushing me. He then pulled at the drawstring around his waist and his hose fell open, to reveal a cock of the most incredible proportions. It was fairly long, but it was very fat.

His loose foreskin was pulled halfway down the plump glans. Almost all the way up the glans it was covered in thick dark hairs. his balls were massive. He rested his balls on my chin and pulled his foreskin back. The scent from him was heavenly, salty and sour - several months sweat and fucking gathered in one thick patch of hair. He pushed his cock against my mouth and , being an old hand at the kind of thing, I obliged, opening my lips as wide as possible to accommodate as much of his knightly meat as I could.

He groaned with pleasure as I flicked my hot tongue around the salty base of his glans. Then I swallowed the shaft, feeling his hand manhood push against the back of my throat. He started to move very slowly at first, rocking against me. Then he started to fuck my face, pushing himself deeper into my mouth, panting and grunting. I could taste precum flowing down my throat, and feel his huge pendulous balls slap against my chin. His thrusts became faster and more urgent, as sweat started to drip off his torso on to my face.

Then he came, showering thick stringy sperm over my face and down my throat, bellowing with pleasure. He put his hand round his cock, making the excess cum spurt onto my face. Then he climbed down from me and told me to leave. Now he may have been a knight, but nobody comes in my mouth and gives me a raging erection without seeing it through to the end. I wanted a fuck, and I wanted to fuck Sir Thomas.

And I was going to make sure I got that fuck...

To be continued...

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