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My Time in the Navy

By Tony

submitted May 19, 2000

Categories: Military

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I joined the Navy at eighteen, and was still scared about that one day someone would find out my secret. So I suppressed it for awhile, until I couldn't contain it any longer. I was station at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., I finally saved enough money to buy a car and one night around 1:00 in the morning I decided to try to cruise the area of Jacksonville. I didn't have know any gay friends, so I had to find and search my way around town to find where the hot spots were around town. After many attempts to comb the area for a bookstore, a park, or even a cruising area, I was discussed with this military town.

This was during 1984, Internet wasn't happening yet, there were no bookstores or even peep shows...what type of town was this? Well, I finally found a park downtown call five points, its right on the river front and I didn't know it was a cruising area until I stopped to get gas one night. I started hanging out there a couple nights during the week trying to learn the ropes, and the routine. It was a pretty hopping place, between 8:00 p.m. until 1 a.m. and sometimes past 4 in the morning. Day Light savings time had started so it was getting darker, a plus for me. After a month or so, I had fallen into the routine, on how to cruise the area, and how to watch other cars cruising. I had a weakness for married men, they needed nothing more than a hot suck before going home to there wives.

One early morning I had awoke up with the erg to suck a cock. You know the feeling, dry mouth, stomach churning, and breathing heavy. I was excited to get to my little hiding place, where I could be myself. I was on a natural high, I felt like I needed a fix with my heart racing, my sweaty palms and breathing deeply awaiting to get to downtown. This place was about 30 miles away from the base and it was the prefect spot; not to close to be expose yet far enough. Well it was after 2 am. and I was hoping some horny married man, would be coming home from the girly bars and needed his cock drained. To my surprise the place was empty, not a car, or truck (there are a lot of trucks in Florida) in site. I stayed for awhile discussed when a car cruised through the parking lot, pulling up to me.

He slowed down with his window cracked, asking me how I was doing. After the small talk, he asked if he could come over and talk, sure I said. All the while I'm thinking that I know him from somewhere, but I don't know where. He was very cute, about 6'2", 180lbs, and a bulge that made my heart start to pound, as he sat down in my car, I notice a ring...a plus, a big plus. I know she's not doing something right at home for him to be out so late. To find out she was out of town and he couldn't sleep(poor thing). After more small talk, I took is hand, ( I love hands). He had the strongest hands and he had green eyes, a definite turn on. I knew what he was downtown for and without a word I placed my hand on his crotch, mmm, nice. I felt like I was rubbing a rock. I unzipped his pants with my teeth,(I was getting good at seducing).

I pulled his pants to his ankles and his bodily scent filled the car. I licked his cock through his underwear, as he gave out a moan of pleasure. The radio was playing Kenny G. as I let his set back to the incline position. I finally pulled his underwear down, exposing his ten inch cock, I knew I was going to give him the best blow job he ever had. I kissed the tip of his cock ever so slightly, as I watched it jump with excitement. Then I drag my tongue all-the-way-down to he hub as I gingerly caressed his balls, hearing him moan was all I needed to continue. After licking his balls one at a time I nibbled on the underside of his cock a he started to squirm. "Damn your good", he kept whispering to me.

My head was spinning, from the pleasure I was giving him. I started to suck the tip, just the tip of his cock. The taste of his cock was making me wanting more. I wrapped my arms around his waist as I started to suck his thick cock nice and slow. After a much needed slow suck I started to deep throat him, giving him all the more pleasure, but the pleasure was all mine. I was surprised that I could swallowed him whole. Deep down my throat, past the tonsils, his pubic hair was tickling my nose, as I continued to please him ever way possible.

As he started to cum I got my towel to catch his load, and to clean him up. With a hug and a "thanks, your were great", he drove off, heading back to his suburban home, and with me a big smile on my face. I took the long way home reminiscing about my encounter with a hunk of a man. Let me tell you, I slept good that night. About a month later I was in the medical transcriptions's office discussing a procedure I needed her to do, when I looked down and saw her husband picture, my hunk in shinny armor on her desk. Damn, small world.

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