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The Hairy Coach

By hornyjock

submitted June 21, 2000

Categories: Athletics

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During my high school years I was always referred to as the class stud. I was 6' 0" 180 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, and an eight-inch cut cock. I was always athletic and buff and what. No one knew was that I was also very bi-curious and was turned on by all of my buff athletic friends. My sophomore year I decided to quit the football team and join the cross country team. A close family friend of mine was fresh out of college and took over the coaching position at my high school, the same high school he graduated from.

I showed up the first day of practice, not really remembering, what Coach Killian looked like. The last time I saw him personally was when I was still in grade school and he was babysitting me. I walked up to him and he greeted me with a warm handshake and a quick hug hello.

We boarded the bus and as most teenage athletic guys do, we rough housed all the way to the trail. When we got out and began stretching, coach was sitting across from me in the circle we had formed. Since being a runner himself he decided to keep in shape and jog with us. As we all stretched, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy Coach Killian was. He was 5' 11" around 175 pounds and had a sexy dark complexion. He was also really hairy. I noticed how dark his legs were from all of the black hair that covered his tight muscles. His face was already covered with a dark outline even just a few hours after a morning shave. I was getting really turned on and I had to look away because I didn’t want to pop a boner in front of everyone.

We started our run and I stayed with the front pack of juniors and seniors. Along with them was the coach. About half way through our run I noticed that he had taken his shirt off and tied it around his waist. I almost stopped running when I notice the thick dark hair covering his tight abs and rock hard pecs. I think he caught me staring because he asked me if I was all right. "Yeah I’m fine" I said, "just saw something out of the corner of my eye."

When we got back to the bus, everyone was sweaty and hot, and we all proceeded to jump on one another during a bus brawl. The combination of sweat and hard bodies was really turning me on.

I got out of the bus and realized I still had to go to work later that day and thought I would just take a shower at the school. I asked the coach to turn on the water for me and he did. I went into the locker area and stripped down. A few seconds after I took off my briefs, coach was walking in and stripping himself down. "You don’t mind if I shower with you do you Brad?" "After all I was your babysitter . . . I’ve seen you naked in the bathtub before you know."

"Yeah I know" I said as I started to blush. I wrapped my towel around my waist and started to walk into the shower. As I walked, Coach Killian walked up behind me and pinched my butt. "Nice workout today Brad" he said. "You worked up a good sweat" he continued

We got into the shower and to my surprise he chose the showerhead right next to mine. I took off my towel and so did he. I couldn’t help but look . . . his cock was HUGE! Everything was so hairy and big . . . even his balls were dark and coated with hair. I was so turned on that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. We lathered up and didn’t really speak to much. I just kept looking at the coaches beautiful body. His butt was so tight and his muscular facial features made me want to pull him close for a kiss. "You sure have grown up a lot buddy." The coach said breaking my concentration. "Yeah, that is what happens." I replied smiling. "You seem to have developed nicely too." He said while staring right at my crotch. "Thanks I guess." I replied getting a little nervous.

The next thing I knew coach was lathering up his cock and he was stroking too! after I finished rinsing my hair I looked over and he was jacking his huge hairy cock off. He noticed me looking and told me it was okay if I wanted too also. "We’re both men." He said "its okay if we do it together. We’ll think of this as being a bonding moment." He said and smiled. "Okay" I answered while touching my own cock lightly. I started to rub my balls when the coach started moving closer to me. He got so close that I could feel his wet hairy legs against mine. I looked over at him to see him gazing into my eyes. That is when he bent his head over and kissed me deeply on the lips. I immediately grabbed for his cock while stroking his hairy chest.

He pulled my hand out into the locker room where he sat on a bench and pulled me close. That is when he wrapped his hot lips around my throbbing cock. I moaned in ecstasy and he asked me if he should stop. "NO!" I cried out . . . "suck my cock coach" after about ten minutes of him sucking me I pulled him up and our lips met again. This time I sat down and grabbed his manly meat. I sucked on his warm tip and slowly worked my way down his thick shaft. "Oh yeah Brad . . . that’s it bro." He kept moaning . . . "Suck my cock man, suck it good." I ran my hands through his hairy stomach and chest and pinched his tits. The coach started moaning even harder.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to bend over. I knew what was coming. I felt him stick his finger in my ass to stretch my asshole out. I moaned with pleasure as he slowly worked two, then three fingers in and out of my boy cunt. As he lubed his cock up with my precum I begged for his cock right then and there. Coach slowly shoved his cock in my hot ass. I cried with pain and joy as he worked his cock in and out, in and out. The coach started fucking my ass harder and harder and I could feel his hairy balls slapping against my butt and I was about to blow my load. I knew he was too because of his breathing.

I pulled my ass away from his cock and pushed him over on the bench and began to jack off. I tweaked at his nipples while he pulled on my balls. I moaned with pleasure as load after load of hot spunk hit his hairy chest. As soon as I came all over he did too. We rubbed our cum together in his hairy chest and kissed for another ten minutes. After that we went and got dressed and just smiled at each other.

Now I gladly stay with my young coach to do extra work on and off of the field . . . as long as I get to see that hot, hairy body.