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Outsexxed! Part 1

By neoklawow

submitted March 1, 2004

Categories: Friends, Interracial, Man Meets His Man, Wrestling

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OUT-SEXXED: An Interracial Cockfight by neoklawow

"You will be suckin' my dick when I get thru wit' you, faggot!" Lee shouted across the room. "Yeah whatever, hard-on!" I shot back. How had our friendship come to this I thought to myself? All over a bitch, a woman had come between us was my obvious answer. But let me fill you in on the set up of this fight between buddies, this war between brothers, or at least a friend who I was close enough with to call a brother at one time.

We are both 22 years old and in the prime of our lives. I am white, 6'2", 185 lb., brown curly hair, and brown eyes, trimmed chest hair sitting on a body that could be starring in an infomercial. I also sport an impressive 7.5" cut piece of man-meat that is shaved super smooth (the ladies love it), and nice tight walnut sized balls (also shaved) that make up quite an impressive package. My former best friend (soon to be cock/sex fight opponent) Lee, is half African- American, you know that butterscotch complexion that women drool over! He is built like a brick house and knows it! He should be, we work out together all the time, or DID work out all the time. Anyway, Lee is 6'0" tall, about 190 lb. of muscle. From showering together I can tell you that he sports a 8.5" black boa between his strong thighs, it is like mine, completely shaved smooth from the base of his cock to the crack of his... anyway, I wasn't looking that close!

We were a good match up on paper, very close physically, and we also knew a few of each other’s sexual turn-ons from talking about women so much. Which brings me to the style of match, a cockfight, sexfight, 1st-to-cum-loses match, with probably our virgin asses as a prize too! Lee and I were/are seeing the same girl. Alicia is a Latin beauty, and I fell for her the minute I first saw her. We hit it off and were constant companions for 2 or 3 months. Then I noticed the heat begin to die a little in our relationship. We weren’t spending as much time together as before, and she began to come up with excuses why we couldn’t get together for dates. Then I found out the reason.

I was cruising the college strip, not really out looking for Alicia, just killing time on a Friday night. When I glanced over at the local strip club and who should be walking out the front door but my Latin love with my best bud Lee! I was pissed, but kept my cool and circled the block. I followed as they pulled out of the club and sped off in the direction of Alicia's apartment. This is going to be interesting, I thought to myself. Lee pulled up to the pad, and he and Alicia practically sprinted inside. I waited a sec, parked and walked up and knocked. I had a key and when no one answered after a couple more tries, I used it. I walked through the empty living room straight to the bedroom. Where I found my best bud with his jeans down around his ankles and his hard black cock slippery with a coat of saliva just applied by MY girl’s full super sexy lips! The look of shock on their faces told me all I needed to know and without saying a word, I ripped off my t-shirt in rage and tackled Lee to the floor. Landing on top of his half-naked rock hard black body as he fought to hold me off and to remove his pants, which were still around his ankles prohibiting his ability to fight back. I think Lee was too shocked to say anything, as he finally kicked off his pants and briefs. His legs now free, he began to buck wildly, trying to unseat me from atop his six-pack stomach as I fought like hell to control his arms and stay seated atop the black muscle boy. Unconsciously I grabbed the collar of Lee's too-tight T-Shirt and ripped it off his struggling chest. Which I then realized left the girl stealing black fucker totally nude. "COOOOLL! OHHH YEEAAHH, Come On, Get it, GET IT." Alicia softly cooed. Alicia was watching from the bed and was looking really turned on, her eyes were glassy and transfixed on Lee and I as the heat of the room and adrenaline began to make us both hot and sweaty and slippery.

The bucking and squirming my desperate rival was doing underneath me began to arouse strange erotic feelings in me! I couldn’t believe it! As I looked down at this straining African god squirming between my thighs, I was beginning to feel sexually excited by either the fight itself or the friction against my cock and shaved balls from his six-pack stomach. The short thin fabric of my running shorts offered little protection against the rubbing, grinding, bucking friction being dealt to me from below. "Get the Fuck Off Me, You Fag!" Lee grunted. As I struggled to maintain control, he began ripping and tearing at my thin running shorts!

"What the Fuck are you Doing?!?" I screamed.

"Showing Alicia why she is wit me!" Lee said through gritted teeth. I tried to get his hands away, but he got a good grip on the waistband, pulling them up my tanned cheeks with his right arm, and tearing them away from my hips with his left arm.

"RIP EM OFF HIS ASS BABY!!!" Alicia cheered.

That seemed to inspire the ebony warrior and I felt the material begin to rip under the pressure. "FUCK!!" I shouted, as my favorite shorts were ripped from my body. I had not planned on getting out of my car and so, no briefs underneath. My semi-erect 7.5" cock was exposed and growing harder by the second. This fight was taking a turn I hadn’t expected. Lee's black monster dick was almost fully erect! This was quickly turning into a hard-on vs. hard-on sexfight! Alicia was totally in heat at the idea of two hot studs competing for her attention and could not have been happier or more turned on!

"COCKFIGHT! COCKFIGHT!" Alicia shouted. "Make him suck your dick, baby!"

WOW! I had no idea this was a turn-on for my Mexican Goddess. I had to admit; this kind of shit had always been a big turn-on for me. I have always gotten hot watching or reading about two hot guys in erotic battle, hard-ons raging, nude bodies slippery with oil or sweat struggling to force the other into shooting their load first, then to the victor goes the spoils! Now was my chance to live out my fantasy, and against my rock solid black buddy whom I had wrestled in my jack-off dreams lots of times!

I looked down at Lee and our eyes locked, his rock hard 8.5" cock was pinned to his six pack stomach by my sweaty ass. With just a look we both knew this fight had turned into an erotic test of strength and endurance. "May the best man win,." I said as I began to rise to my feet, offering my hand to help my sweaty black opponent up.

"Whoever cums first loses!" Lee said. Our eyes still locked in a lusty stare, each trying to psych or turn the other on. "Sounds cool to me." I calmly said. And with that, Alicia began to clear the living room and make room for the fantasy match of the century. She agreed that she would only date the winner of the match and that this would go no further than the apartment walls.

We moved into the living room to continue the battle. Alicia had moved the furniture against the walls to give us plenty of room to wrestle. My hard body opponent and I stood about 5 feet apart facing each other. I couldn’t help but stare at his perfectly sculpted black body. Every muscle of his smooth, hairless body was highlighted by a sheen of sweat, and Lee's chest heaved up and down from heavy breathing worked up during our earlier struggle. He returned the stare, my now naked body was also slick with sweat. We both sported half hard-ons that clearly showed this battle had developed into something more than just a jealous fist fight over a girl. It had turned into what Lee and I had both secretly wanted for years.

A fight for sexual domination, an interracial battle of willpower. Alicia was just the excuse we needed to get this cockfight started, and her witnessing the battle made the sexual tension even higher. Both our cocks jumped simultaneously, as we both must have been thinking the same thing. The floor was a thick, plush shag type carpet, very soft and perfect for wrestling.

Alicia yelled, "GO! MAY THE BEST COCK WIN!!"

Lee and I locked arms together trying for a takedown. As we struggled around the room, it must have looked like we were dancing, Alicia then surprised us both when she began to squirt our struggling bodies with baby oil!. Lee and I felt our grip on each other loosen as the oil took effect. We were both looking down at our feet, with our right arms locked behind one another’s necks and our left arms grappling for advantage. The feel of the oil running down my back, over my dimpled ass, and down my straining thighs felt incredible. I could tell by looking at Lee, he felt the same way. We both were waiting to see who would make the first sexual attack in this naked wrestle-war.

Alicia squirted my chest, stomach, and semi-hard cock with a heavy dose of baby oil. Before she could deliver the same to my opponent, he went on the offensive. Lee quickly shot his left hand to my right pec, first rubbing it with his palm, and then playing with my erect nipple with his oily fingers. The sensation shot thru me like an electric jolt, weakening my knees, and giving Lee a sign that I was vulnerable. The ebony warrior took advantage by instantly releasing the back of my head and thrusting his now free right hand between my legs, his palm pushing my rapidly swelling dick against my abs, while his fingers got a firm grip on my smooth, slippery balls!

"HOLY SHit!!!" I moaned. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and every pulsating nerve in my body seemed to flood directly to the point where Lee's strong hand ground into my suddenly rock hard 7.5" schlong. "What's wrong pussy white boy?" Lee said through gritted teeth. "You ‘bout to decide you don't like girls?" he taunted. I

had to regroup, and fast, but as my head was still swimming with sexual arousal and my fight to control it, Lee hooked his left leg behind me and lunged forward, forcing my back to the shag carpet with Lee on top of my chest, his right hand still locked on my slippery shaved cock and balls, his left now pinning my left arm straight out to the side of my body. The black stud's thick thighs are tightly clamped around my right arm while his chiseled abs rest across my chest in a cross body pin. As I try to regain my will to fight, all I can see is Lee's oily muscled back; I am pinned, almost completely immobile, except for my legs. I can kick and squirm and bridge, I try to trap his black skull between my thighs. My Black rival ignores my struggles and slowly, sensuously, just like he would like it if he was doing himself, begins to work my cock up and down. He slides his hand to my oil-soaked balls on the down stroke, gently kneading them and pulling them just a little, then back up to the hard 7.5" throbbing blue veined cock, that grows harder and more excited with every stroke of his strong black hand. "Yeah Baby! Work that Cock! Make him cum all over himself!" Alicia cheers. "Show him who the real man is!"

Lee began to increase the tempo of the expert hand-job I was getting.

"Fuuuck Meeee!" I shouted, and then began to struggle with everything I had. I had to get away or the black SOB was gonna finish me real soon! I kicked and squirmed and bridged until finally Lee lost control of my right arm, I then used it to push Lee off my chest. I scrambled away from my rival quickly, to get a break from the attack my throbbing hard 7.5" dick had barely survived. I stood about 6' away, breathing very heavily and in a defensive stance should my oiled up opponent want to attack again to try and finish me off.

"GOT TO YA, HUH!?" Lee said as he slowly got to his feet. He was very much in control of the match and he damn well knew it! "WHASS WRONG MY MAN!? DON'T CHA WANNA RASSLE ME NO MO'!?" he taunted. "YOUR LIL' WHITE DICK WANTS SOME MO'!!!" he said as he pointed at my crotch smiling.

I hadn’t even noticed but my cock was pulsating and bouncing up and down with my heart beat! I was also leaking a ton of pre-cum from the engorged purple head of my cock that drooled half way to the carpet! I had not been this totally turned-on in a very long time. Lee knew it, I knew it, and Alicia knew it. If that black fuck pinned me again, I was gonna lose this cockfight.

I had to go on the offensive and hit Lee in his soft spot; I knew if I could work it, he might lose the will to fight. The hard part would be keeping the oiled up ebony muscle god off my dick long enough for me to work on his hairless cock and balls a while.

"COME ON, WHITEBOY! LET'S PARTY!!!" Lee taunted as he motioned to meet in the center of the room. "YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT UP! YOUR FAG ASS WANTS TO CUM! AND I'M GONNA MAKE YOU YA DO IT ALL OVER YO'SELF!!"

"I AIN'T DONE YET, YOU BLACK MUTHER FUCKER!!1!" I grunted, as I rushed my black stud rival and locked up in a desperate sexual battle of wills.

We again met in the center of the room. Oil and sweat mixed, to make trying to gain a hold next to impossible. We both must have had the same idea at the same time. Almost simultaneously, we released the upper body holds we had on each other and wrapped our straining arms around our rivals waist to force a mutual bear hug. Lee wanted to use the hold to rub, hump and grind himself against my still throbbing erection.

I wanted to use the hold to hopefully catch the slippery stud off-guard and trip him to the carpet. Instead, I almost shot my load all over both of us the instant our cocks came into contact! "Oohhhh! FFFuuucckkk!!" I exclaimed when the sensitive underside of my dick slithered and rubbed versus Lee's oiled slick shaved 8.5" semi-erect black python.


"Grind him baby! Grind your thick juicy cock into him hard! Make him shoot! Then I'm all yours," Alicia yelled as she sat on the sofa, panties pulled to the side as she fingered herself hard and fast.

I cannot lose this easy! I thought to myself, I then shoved the ripped black-boy away from me. Trying desperately to regain control of the urge I felt to give up and let Lee work me over. I was weakening against the sex attack thrown at me by my former best friend. While circling each other looking for an opening, I finally realized just how super-hard my dick had become! My 7.5" cock is pointed straight up at the ceiling and drooling a steady stream of pre-cum almost to the floor!

It was now or never I decided, I had to attack the Black Cock Sucker and hope for the best. My throbbing dick was almost past the point of control, my head was dizzy, my vision fuzzy, legs wobbly, every part of my body was totally turned on and ready to explode! I could not believe I had let myself be so completely sexually dominated by my old friend turned rival.

Up to this point of the cockfight, he has me under control by using his awesome Black body as a weapon. The Ebony Muscle Boy knows I love the way he is built, and is using it to his advantage! Anytime our bodies touch during the struggle, Lee grinds and slides us together, working me harder to control the sensations my body is experiencing in this slippery sexfight. He is also using smack-talk to humiliate, embarrass, and mentally defeat my efforts to resist his sex-attacks and surrender to his efforts at forcing me to cum against my will.

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