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The Boy Servants, Part 1

By idiopathic

submitted June 11, 2004

Categories: Bondage, Fantasy, Medieval Romance, Tales Of A Houseboy

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The war was over. We had won. Men were tired and yearned to go home to their wives. The closest they got to the same satisfaction were the women of the enemy who wished that they had died with the rest of their people. Or they could use the servant boys which were young boys from home which were brought to the war to help in menial tasks and in satisfying the soldiers. The year was 1323 and the war was over. Finally peace could reign.

I was restless from the fighting. For the next few weeks I knew from prior experience I would have a hard time sleeping.

I was contemplating what to do next while I was waiting naked in my tent for my servant boy to bring me my hot water for my bath. Which country to take over next? Should I go home or continue while my men are in the spirit? My thoughts were interrupted by my servant boy who entered my tent with my water. I was filthy. Caked in mud and blood of the enemy, desired a proper bathing but this would have to do until I got back to the capital city. He poured what he had into the makeshift basin that was brought to me and I stepped in savoring the warmth of the water caressing my body. He stepped out of the tent and when he returned he had another pail of hot water. I mover forward in the tub and allowed him to start to wash my back while I watched him all that time. He was wearing a leather shirt with a pair of shorts and leather sandals. A little bit to bare for the current weather I thought. As I leaned back he proceeded to wash my front. Running warm water over my bare torso, I felt that under the water I was getting hard. Of course he knew this too as when he dipped his hand in the water he would brush past my lengthening cock.

All this time I was studying his face and watching his reaction to my dick. He started to sweat and look very nervous. He had nice contours and all of a sudden I wanted him. I told him to stand up and remove his clothes. Knowing my rank and his position he knew better then to refuse. He slowly pushed himself up off his knees and removed his clothes. He stood there, shivering in front of me all naked. This boy was just shy of adulthood yet his features were so delicate that he could have passed for younger. He had large nipples that were screaming out “SUCK ME” that were sticking out of his pecs. Still not developed enough to be a man’s however. His stomach flat yet not developed but was still attractive. However as I traveled lower I knew he was a man. Larger then most people he was blessed by the gods with a large penis. I wondered how large it got when erect. I vowed to find out tonight. He couldn’t be larger then me and if he was I’d make sure it wasn’t. I stepped up out of the bath and his eyes gapped as he saw my hard dick because he knew where it was going to end up for most of the night. I stepped out and started to wipe myself dry.

I told him to go and lie down on the bed as I bent over and wiped my legs dry. He moved over and laid down face first. I walked over and told him to flip over. I wanted more then that. He flipped over and I sat across his chest with my large head on his chin. He was so nervous it was palpable. I moved forward and my head brushed past the lower lip and settled on his closed mouth. I told him to open his mouth and he did. My mushroom head slipped into the warmth of his mouth and I was tempted to spear the whole thing in but I wanted him to pleasure me. I told him to suck the head and he hesitantly started to lick the head of my cock with his tongue. He swirled it around the head and into the slit. I moaned with pleasure and he started to gain confidence and reached up to hold my dick. I smacked away his hand as I wanted to make clear who had the upper hand in this. I raised myself up and his eyes widened as he knew what I was doing. I reached to the back of his head and at the same time I pulled his head onto my dick and I slammed down into his throat.

He gagged but that didn’t deter me. I kept on shoving my huge cock down his throat as he tried to feebly struggle against me. Slowly he grew accustom and it wasn’t as hard on him. He start to reciprocate and he would suck me in every time I dropped my whole body weight into his throat. It was a sight to remember--him, with his perfect facial features, innocent, and virgin-like with a massive piece of flesh between his lips and me, shoving it into his throat. He started to moan which increase my pleasure. The vibrations were doing wonders on my cock. He was hard and I turned around to check out how large he was. Fortunately for him he wasn’t as large as me. He was stroking himself while servicing my cock and I pushed his hands away and pulled them above his head. I didn’t want him getting himself off so soon. With my new found leverage, I began to fuck his face and I pounded my dick in there faster and faster. Honestly I didn’t know how he could survive, but he did. I could feel by balls drawing up close and I knew I was near the edge. I put my hands behind his head again and started to shove my dick into his face. With a mighty roar I stuffed it all the way in until his face was mashed against my stomach and I shot my load into his throat not allowing him to breathe.

I felt like I had fucked him off the bed and into the air with the powerful orgasm that I was experiencing and he was struggling unbeknownst to me. When my trip ended and I was brought back to earth I looked down at him beautiful face, he was going blue so I immediately pulled out and he gasped in large gulps of air and coughed out my cum all over my dick at the same time which caused him to choke. When he caught his breath back, I told him that he managed to bring back some of my cum and I told him to lick it all back up from my stomach and my still hard cock. With sweeps of his tongue he licked clean my stomach and cock and was nibbling on the end of my dick. He wanted more. The night was still young.