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Pussy Boy

By orangebinder

submitted December 20, 2005

Categories: Tales From The Locker Room

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In 1975, while I was in college, my parents moved from the town I had grown up in to a small city along the Gulf Coast of Texas. When I came home for the summer I didn’t know anyone and missed my friends. More importantly, I didn’t have any fuck buddies to keep my hyperactive libido satisfied. I had stayed at school for the first session of summer school so I didn’t come home until late June. By then most of the summer jobs were taken but I finally managed to get a grunt job at a city swimming pool running the locker room. It was my responsibility to check out locker keys to people, keep an eye out for vandalism, make sure everyone was gone by the time I locked up for the evening, and generally make sure things ran smoothly. It was an okay job. If nothing else, it allowed me free rein of the men’s locker room and I got to see my fill of bare butts and cocks. The only problem was that I couldn’t touch and I soon came to realize that there was little chance I would run into any willing sex partners.

One of the life guards was a guy named Bobby who had just graduated from high school. He had this pumped up body that made me drool. He had been a star football player in high school and that city, like most small cities in Texas, lived and breathed football. He was sort of a local city hero. Everybody knew his name and he was nearly worshiped.

Being the football hero that he was, he had this huge ego and cocky attitude that would put Leona Helmsley to shame. If you didn’t fall on your knees and worship him as a football saint, he wouldn’t give you the time of day. I didn’t give a shit about his football “career” so he didn’t acknowledge my existence. That is, until one afternoon in the shower when everything changed, or began to change. It was the first week of July.

It had been a long day and I was dog tired. All the screaming brats were finally gone and I was finished cleaning up the locker room. I locked the front door and went to take a shower. I got under the warm water and let it run over my tired muscles. My thoughts turned to giving myself some relief from the celibacy imposed by my circumstances when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw Bobby headed into the shower room. I thought I was alone. I turned my back so he wouldn’t see my cock which was slightly bloated but not hard.

Of course he didn’t say a word when he saw me. He stripped and turned on a shower in the large shower room. He wasn’t that tall, maybe 5'10" but he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He was solid muscle from head to foot and had a deep tan from sitting on the life guard stand all day everyday. He walked with the supreme self-confidence of a person who has been told he’s perfect so many times he comes to believe it. He was such a football freak that he always wore a jock with a cup. I saw him strut around in the locker room on many occasions in his jock. I drooled over his butt. With each stride his perfectly round cheeks flexed making deep indentations in the sides. His cheeks were so hard from training that they didn’t jiggle or bounce when he walked. There was a deep cleft between them that begged to be explored often and in depth.

He was completely hairless except for his pits and a pubic patch. Just broad expanses of smooth tan muscled flesh. His massive chest was crowned by two brown nipples the size of saucers that protruded in fleshy points. His thighs were so heavily muscled he almost walked bow legged and his arms were so thick they to the side hung away from his body. His stomach tapered down in a perfect V to narrow hips.

He stood in the shower facing me and let the water run down his back and over his shoulders down his front. He never deigned to acknowledge my existence. After soaping up and rinsing off he yanked his cock to hardness and then began to jack off. I couldn’t believe it. He stood right there and pumped away. I couldn’t help but stare. Finally, he looked up at me and with a snide tone said, “Sheila’s on the rag, I gotta get off.” I guess he expected me to know who Sheila was. He continued jacking off and I couldn’t help staring; I was transfixed. Finally, he looked over at me again, “What are you some kind of fag? If you are, why don’t you blow me?” He thrust his hips forward and pointed his hard dick at me with a snicker.

I was so desperate for something other than another hand job I walked over to him without a moment’s hesitation, knelt down and swallowed his cock to the base. He was so shocked I don’t think he knew what to do but I did all that needed to be done. I sucked for all I was worth. My lips formed a tight circle and pumped up and down his dick from his piss slit down to the base. I deep throated him in long strokes. In no time he had his hands on my head fucking my face for all he was worth. I sucked him hard for several minutes. He threw back his head and let out several low groans. He was grinding his hips like some two dollar hooker.

With one hand I reached under me and fingered my hole until it was loose and open. When I got him really hot to trot, I stood up, turned around, bent over and spread my cheeks. Bobby just stood there like a child whose candy has been taken away. He didn’t know what to do. Finally I said, “Come on, stick it in and fuck me.” It didn’t take a second word of encouragement. I’m really glad I loosened up a bit before because he plunged in and fucked with a fury. Once he was in he let out a low moan, “Damn, you’re tighter than Sheila.” He put his hands on my waist and then let them slide down to my hips for better leverage but he made sure his body never touched mine. I had to brace myself with my hands on the wall in front of me. My dick just dangled without any attention. All Bobby cared about was getting his rocks off. He moaned and groaned something fierce. I squeezed my butt muscles as hard as I could to grip his dick as it slid in and out of me. He shot off in no time. He tensed and stopped breathing for a second and then let out what I can only describe as a roar. I felt his dick unload in my ass filling me with his cum. His body spasmed and he grunted loudly trying to catch his breath as his balls spilled their load into me.

When he was through he didn’t pull out but pushed me away as if he was through with me. He turned and walked away. His only word was a contemptuous, “So you are a fag, I thought so.” His chest was still heaving trying to get his breath as he walked out of the shower room. I had to finish off with a hand job after all.

The next morning he didn’t say a word to me or even look in my direction. But, that was nothing new. Around lunch time, he walked by me and in a half whisper sneered, “How’s the cocksucker, or should I say pussy-boy?” I didn’t respond. I watched his butt cheeks as he walked away and vowed that before the summer was over I would have his cherry ass and fuck it until he screamed. Not only that, I would have him begging me to fuck him. Not five minutes after the pool was closed that afternoon and everyone was out, Bobby was in the shower pumping his meat. I was still cleaning up the locker room when he saw me. “Come on pussy-boy, get over here; Sheila’s still on the rag.” Although I was more than willing to get close to his body, I wasn’t too thrilled about him. I took my time undressing. “I don’t have all day, now move it!”

By the time I laid all my clothes on the bench I was starting to get hard watching him stroke himself. I entered the shower area with my dick at full mast swaying back and forth in front of me. I knelt down between his legs and took his cock in my hands stroking its length and feeling his balls.

He stood there with his hips thrust forward, “Come on, suck me, pussy-boy. Lick my cock and drink my cum.” He put his hands on my head and pushed me towards his crotch. I took just the head of his cut dick into my mouth and sucked for all I was forth running my tongue into his piss slit. “Goddamn, you know how to suck don’t you; feels good, pussy-boy.”

Then without warning I swallowed him to the base in one gulp and ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock. “Goddamn, holy shit!” Now that I had his mind focused on his cock I could do some exploring. I slowly moved my hands from his hips around to his firm ripe butt cheeks. When I started sucking in long even strokes his hips started rocking back and forth in a fucking motion and I let my hands slide around feeling more of his cheeks; so far no resistance to my explorations. But when my fingers strayed into his crack he brusquely pushed them away making clear I wasn’t to go any farther. I moved back to his cheeks and massaged his hard muscles as I sucked his dick.

When I thought he was really getting hot I stood up and braced me hands against the wall. This time he entered me without waiting for an invitation. When he was in he let out a sigh and said, “God you’re tight. I can’t believe how tight it is. If you only had tits you’d be a better fuck than Sheila.” To get deeper he pressed his thighs hard against mine and pushed his crotch right up against my spread cheeks. I squeezed my butt muscles gripping his dick as hard as I could. He responded with a sharp intake of breath and then started pounding in and out as hard as he could.

After ten or twelve strokes, with no indication of slowing down, I reached around and grabbed his right hand off my hip and pulled it around in front of me. When his hand touched my dick he recoiled as if bitten by a snake but he kept right on fucking. I refused to take “no” for an answer. I grabbed his hand again and yanked it down to my hard cock. He tentatively wrapped his fingers around my dick and I held his hand there until I knew he wouldn’t remove it. I put my hand back on the wall to brace myself better. Then with his dick up my butt and his right hand wrapped around my cock I really got into the fucking motion with my hips. He didn’t really jack me off but having his fingers around my dick was better than just humping air. He soon shot off and pushed me away again. I still had to finish jacking myself off but it was better than the last time.

He ignored me for the next month. Evidently he was getting enough from Sheila. I still drooled over him whenever I saw him strutting around the locker room in his jock, but I made sure not to let him know that. My only relief was my hand and I was getting real tired of that. Finally, the day came, in early August, when Sheila was “on the rag” again. He was in the shower waiting for me with his dick hard and ready. “Come on pussy-boy, I need to get off.” I took my time undressing and getting in the shower. If he needed me so badly, I was going to make him wait and let the anticipation build.

I knelt in front of him but instead of swallowing him and sucking him like a vacuum as I had done before, I decided to go slow. I lifted his balls with one hand and lightly ran my tongue around the head of his dick. I tongued his piss slit and lightly sucked on the ridge of his mushroom head. He didn’t want this; he wanted to fuck my mouth like a pile driver. I refused and continued my slow advance. I ran my tongue down the sides of his shaft and then down the sensitive underside. I was driving him crazy I could tell. His dick was about to burst it was so hard. I continued slowly massaging his balls and inner thighs with both hands. As I pressed against his inner thighs with the back of my hands he spread his legs farther apart. Little did he know that he was playing right into my plans to assault his asshole.

I worked one hand down behind his balls so I could stroke and massage the area between his balls and asshole. I was sucking his dick in long slow strokes up and down the entire length so his attention was not on what my hands were doing. He leaned back against the shower wall with his hands on his hips and made no further effort to take charge. He gave in to my slow strokes with lots of moaning and groaning. His butt squirmed from side to side and we got into a slow rhythm of sucking and mouth fucking. I continued massaging the area between his balls and asshole but moved my other hand around to feel his cheeks. He offered no resistance. I got him to spread his legs a bit farther apart. I slowly increased the speed and force of my sucking. Instead of merely letting his cock slide in and out of my mouth, as I had been doing, I started really sucking. I could tell he was really getting hot. His breathing became heavier and his chest rose and fell with each inhale and exhale. His head was thrown back and his eyes were shut. I could tell he was on his way to shooting. I increased the speed and force of my sucking. He started groaning louder and more frequently. My hand on his butt roamed farther over his cheeks and I massaged with more force taking handfuls of his ass muscles and squeezing. His hips swayed more erratically from side to side. He was really getting into it.

I had made sure a bar of soap was on the floor in front of me. I reached down with the hand that had been on his balls and soaped up my fingers. I put both hands on his cheeks and started sucking for all I was worth, pumping his dick in and out of my face as fast and hard I as could. With each stroke I did my best to suck the juices out of his dick. He wasn’t just breathing loudly now, he was gasping for air. I could tell he was just on the edge of cumming and he would go over the edge with only a couple more strokes. I dove into his dick with even more fury and at the same time slipped one soapy finger through the tight ring of his asshole, up his shit chute, and straight into his inflamed prostate. Before he had time to react or realize what I had done, I dug into his gland and deep throated his dick. At the same moment I grabbed his balls and pulled down hard on his sack with my free hand. One more stroke and he let out a roar that the entire neighborhood heard. His entire body convulsed and his balls erupted; cum shot out in a pulsating stream. I swallowed as fast as I could but it kept coming and ran down my chin. He tried to pull out of my mouth but I wouldn’t let him. I held tight and kept sucking as hard as I could until I knew his balls were totally drained. I let my finger slowly slide out of his butt as the flow of his cum subsided.

His chest was heaving and I could see the sweat on his forehead. His body trembled and he was weak in the knees. Between breaths, all he could say was, “Goddamn fucking shit,” over and over. Rather than pushing me away as he had done before, he fell back against the shower wall trying to recover. His dick was bright red and still bloated but no longer rock hard. His arms hung limply to his sides.

I hadn’t cum yet and desperately needed to so I stood facing him, not more than a foot or two in front of him, and jacked off with one hand. I pulled on my nipples with the other hand and in only a two or three strokes I shot off between his legs. The only thing he said was to keep repeating his mantra: “Goddamn fucking shit.” He kept his eyes glued to my dick as I jacked myself and he made no effort to move away from my squirting jism when I came. After I shot, I turned and left him exhausted and drained, leaning heavily against the shower wall.

I knew the next day would be my last chance at his ass. The summer was almost over and I would be gone by the time Sheila’s monthly visitor came again. Throughout the day Bobby came into the locker room more often than usual and several times I caught him looking at me with a strange look in his eye but he avoided saying anything to me. He was still as cocky as ever. At the end of the day I was waiting for him. When he came into the locker room I was already naked and pulling on my meat. He stripped off his swimming suit and then turned his back to pull off his stupid jock with the cup. As he bent over to step out of his jock, his cheeks spread for an instant giving me a clear view of his tight little hairless cherry hole, a hole that I was determined to fuck.

He headed toward the shower but I had other plans. I spread out a couple of towels on a bench and told him to lie down on his back. Surprisingly, he followed my instructions without a word. His arms and legs hung down on either side of the narrow bench and his feet rested on the floor. His dick was almost at full mast and it stuck straight up from his crotch. I straddled the bench between his beefy thighs and took his cock in my mouth. He moaned and raised his butt up and down as I started my ministrations. I lightly ran my fingers up and down either side of his ball sac from the root of his dick down to the area between the balls and ass. As I did this, my fingers got closer and closer to his asshole. I ran my fingers along his inner thighs and over his balls. Straight guys have such a fixation on their dicks that it never enters their little minds that other parts of the body can provide enjoyment as well.

When his dick became nice and hard, which didn’t take long, I stretched out on the bench facing him and deep throated him. I sucked in long strokes going from just the tip of his dick head down to the base. Then I moved down to his balls. I held onto his dick with one hand, not really jacking him but more massaging it. I wanted him to stay hard but I didn’t want him to cum yet. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. He moaned loudly. I’m sure that was something Sheila had never done before. I moved to the other ball and after giving it a complete tongue bath took them both into my mouth. I closed my lips tightly around them and lightly tugged. In order for me to get better access to his balls, he raised his legs up in the air without any prompting. It also exposed his beautiful asshole, my ultimate goal.

I released his balls from my mouth and licked them some more and then moved to the area beside and underneath his balls. He was really moaning by now and his ass was squirming from side to side. He put a hand over mine and together we jacked his dick as I licked. Once or twice I ran my tongue over his asshole and he didn’t try to stop me so I took that as permission to go farther. I licked back and forth across his puckered hole and his only response was to moan loudly, arch his back, and pump harder on his dick. I now knew it was full steam ahead. I let go of his dick and he took over with both hands. I pushed his thighs toward his chest and spread his cheeks farther apart to give me better access. I formed a tight ring with my lips and placed them directly on his hole and sucked in. With my tongue I tickled his sphincter. He gasped and inhaled loudly. “Goddamn, that feels good. Do it again pussy-boy!” Needless to say, I did.

By now he was mine to do with as I pleased. His tight ring of muscle began to loosen and I ventured slowly in with my tongue. I darted in and out further stimulating that sensitive flesh at the opening. He was breathing heavily by now; his chest was beginning to heave up and down with each breath. I started tongue fucking him, slow at first and then built up speed until my face pounded against his. Every once in a while I’d stop the tongue fucking and run my tongue across his asshole. His butt was squirming and he was jacking his dick for all he was worth.

I lifted his hips and rolled him up onto his shoulders to get even better access to his butt hole. Then I proceeded in earnest to eat out his ass. I went at it like a man who hadn’t eaten in months. In my case, it was true. I hadn’t eaten ass since I left school and I was famished. When I stuck a finger up his hole, it was so wet and sloppy it slid right in. I tickled his joy button sending shivers up his spine.

“Oh shit, that feels fucking good. I don’t know what you’re doing but do it some more!” He knew damn well what I was doing. I added another finger and twirled them around. “Fuck, fuck, that feels good,” was all he could say. His ass was dancing around like it had a life of its own he was so turned on.

I was so hot that my dick was rock hard and leaking and I hadn’t even touched myself. The sight of two fingers ramming in and out of his wiggling ass was a sight to behold. I was about to mount him and shove my cock up his shitter when he blurted out, “Fuck me pussy-boy like, stick it in and fuck my ass!”

Before the words were out his mouth, my dick was at his backdoor. As I withdrew my two fingers, my cock slipped in to replace them. I slowly pushed in until I was buried to my pubes. “Goddamn, fucking goddamn!” He gasped for air and his chest was covered in sweat but he never stopped jacking his dick. His eyes were closed and he rolled his head from side to side and he kept repeating, “Fuck, oh fuck.” I couldn’t tell if his expression was pain or ecstasy -- probably a bit of both. I let him get adjusted to my dick and then started slow short strokes. In and out, in and out. Slow and steady. His cherry ass lips were stretched wide to accommodate me. My strokes became longer until eventually only the tip of my dickhead was in his butt and then plunge back in until I was buried to the base. My strokes gradually became faster as well. I knew that any pain had passed when his butt started to match my rhythm. As I pushed in he met me and when I pulled out he backed off. My speed built up until I was slamming in and out and he was moaning and cussing like a cheap hooker.

His legs were pressed tight against his heaving chest as I pounded his butt. His cock was bloated more than I had ever seen before. I knew we were both very close to coming. I was deep-dicking him trying my best to push through to his stomach. My balls ached from slapping so hard against the muscles of his butt cheeks.

“Fuck me, bitch, fuck me hard, harder!”

I was doing my best to do exactly that. My cock savagely raked across his abused and swollen prostate. I felt my balls tighten up and the cum began to rise. It was too late to try to hold off. I slammed into him with all my power straining to get even deeper. Bobby bellowed as I shot deep inside him. I filled his gut with blast after blast of hot juice. With my last shot I reached down and grabbed both of his nipples and twisted them hard. It sent him over the edge and his dick exploded in his hands. The cum shot up and what didn’t hit me fell back all over his chest. I fell forward onto him spent and exhausted. Both of us were covered in sweat and slimy with cum. I slowly rose up and looked down at his chest covered in slimy goo. I raked up a big glob of it and ate it licking my lips like it was honey. I raked up another glob and when I put in front of Bobby’s mouth he opened his lips and sucked my fingers clean. I’m sure it was the first time he had ever tasted cum.

Bobby wasn’t around the pool the next few days and I didn’t see him again before I left for school a couple of weeks later. I don’t know where he went. I didn’t come home again until Thanksgiving. Although I certainly had no attraction to Bobby, his body was a great big turn on and I hoped to run into him again. If I did, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would he be the same? Would he be friendlier and more open, or would he deck me as a fucking queer?

I thought about all this as I drove home from school for Thanksgiving. There was a rest stop about twenty miles before I got to town and I decided to pull off. I needed to piss something fierce but also I hoped I might find some action, otherwise I knew I wouldn’t find any until I got back to school. The parking lot had semi-trailer truck and a bright shiny black pickup with more chrome than a ‘56 Chevy. I stepped into the john and drained my bladder but no one else was in sight.

When I came out of the john I noticed a trail leading off into the woods. It was a warm fall day so I decided to check it out. I walked down the path quite a ways until I noticed a small clearing just ahead. Before I got to the clearing I heard some noises and then saw what was going on. There were two guys with their backs to me. One looked to be a middle-aged trucker with his jeans around his ankles fucking somebody in front of him bent over at the waist. I couldn’t see the guy in front at all. I desperately wanted to join them, but I knew if I just walked in on them they’d stop and try to cover. Instead, I pulled my dick and balls out my fly and walked into the clearing jacking on my hard dick. I figured that would let them know instantly that I had the same thing on my mind.

The trucker turned his head in my direction as soon as he heard me, but I gave him a thumbs-up sign while jacking my dick with my other hand. He nodded and smiled and then turned his attention back to fucking the shit out of the guy bent over in front of him. As I came up beside them I noticed the guy being fucked was very muscular and he was wearing a jock. He was wiggling his butt and moaning something fierce. He was obviously enjoying the fucking very much. His hands were on his knees bracing himself and his head was down almost between his knees.

I couldn’t see his face, but I instantly knew it was Bobby. I walked around in front of him and he didn’t look up. I grabbed him by the ears and lifted his head just enough to shove my dick in his mouth. As he opened his mouth and engulfed my hard dick, he looked up to see who it was.

When our eyes met I said, “Suck my dick, pussy-boy!”


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