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Summer Fun, Part 1

By gladlytyler

submitted January 16, 2006

Categories: Friends, Holiday Cheer, Masturbation, Parties To Remember, Summer Adventures

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"When's your cousin coming again?" I asked from the porch steps, getting restless by the minute.

"He'll be here soon," Alex replied. He checked his watch for the time. "Dude, it’s only half past ten. What's the rush? And where's Greg?"

"Inside, helping himself to your fridge, anyway I wanna try to get as much sun as possible." I started to get up. "Did you see how freakin’ pale this skin is?" I lifted my shirt and flashed him my white body.

"I know. I licked those last night," he teased. I felt myself blushing and went inside to find Greg. "Hey, what you eating?"

"A lot," Greg laughed. "I just opened this. Want some?" He proffered me the box of fruity loops and I went red all over again as I remembered the encounter I had with Alex and fruity loops.

"Thanks." Just then I heard the sound of horns being honked outside. "That must be them. You've got everything?" Greg opened the fridge and grabbed some bottled water as we made our way outside.

Alex was hauling his bags and ours onto the back of the mini-truck and when he saw me and Greg he said, "Hurry up, come and meet my cousin and his friends." We picked up the remaining of our stuffs and walked around to the driver's seat. "Ty, Greg, meet my cousin Kyan and his friends, Josh and Matt. They're..." The rest of Alex's sentences were lost on me as I almost did a double take when I laid eyes on Kyan, Alex's cousin.

Wearing a snug-fitting white t-shirt, faded jeans also fairly snug, dark tousled hair and pouty lips looking deliciously suckable, smiling at us, it looked like Matt Dillon himself have stepped out of the movie "Wild things". Damn! I thought this was going to be a fun and lust-free summer but if I’ve to live and sleep under the same roof as this guy for the next one week, it looks like I really need a lot of cold showers. "Ty...Ty!" Alex nudged me out of my reverie. For the third time that day, i blushed like a schoolgirl.

We all got along like a house on fire despite them being 4 years our senior or maybe because of that. Kyan was a little quiet, but when he spoke everyone listens to him. Matt was a little obnoxious and curse like a sailor. And Josh, poor dude, he said he misses his girlfriend already and if not for owing Kyan a favor, he wouldn't have come along for the trip. I told him he could use my cell phone anytime he wanted. ************************************************

"Oh check out this place man!" Matt bellowed. "Fucking awesome!" It was indeed an awesome place though a little small for 6 guys. We had the view of the sea and the pool was already calling my name. Josh and I went out to the poolside and he asked me for my cell phone. I just laughed as I handed it over to him. Thoughts of Kyan in his trunks, doing his laps, hit me like a brick and I was presented with an instant hard-on. Damn, already?! I closed my eyes and thought of dead puppies. I went back inside the house, Josh following behind. Alex, Greg, Kyan and Matt looked up at us from the couch, beers in hand, looks of serious concern on their faces.

"What?" I asked.

"We have a problem," Alex said. He passed me and Josh a beer. Moment of silent.

"Well?" I probed after it became awkward.

"Seems like there's only one bedroom and one twin bed."

Josh and I laughed so hard that I almost spit out my beer. "Dude that's a no-brainer," I said. "Kyan should have it since he bloody well paid and got us this place. Seriously, I thought you guys found a dead body or something."

"Okay smartass but it's a twin bed so there's room for one more and it'll get too cramped in here," Greg replied.

"Well then Josh or Matt could bunk in with him."

"No fucking way man! I'm not fucking hopping into the bed with another dude!" Matt said, a little too loud. Okay, I thought. I turned to face Josh.

"Oh no, he kicks in his sleep," Kyan interrupted. "I don't wanna wake up on the floor every morning." Josh just shrugged while still talking to his girlfriend. "Alright look, who doesn't have a sleeping bag here?" I looked away, guilty. Damn Alex for not reminding me!

"That'll be Ty!" Alex said a little too eagerly I noticed. I think I know where he's going. He cleared his throat. "I mean, he'd forgotten his." I looked at Kyan and nodded my head.

"Everyone, meet my new roommate, The Incredible Ty!" We all broke into peals of laughter and drank our beer. "Let’s get our bags guys."

The first 3 days went by really fast. We went surfing, swimming, did some hiking, running and getting drunk. On the fourth day the activities was taking its toll on all of us so we stayed in and was having post-dinner drink in front of the telly when Matt started rumbling through his bag. We looked on curiously and a moment later he shouted in victory, "Aha! Found it! Now who's ready for some summer porn?" We cheered him on as he went over to the player and slid the disc in. The scenes were really intense.

I was sitting in the middle of Kyan and Greg on the couch and as I secretly glanced down, i noticed Kyan was already pitching a tent and Greg was trying to hide his with the throw cushion. I looked over at the recliner where Matt was lying and I swear he was masturbating under the blanket. I caught Josh's eyes and pointed him towards Matt.

"Dude!" Josh called out. "Are you jerking off under there?"

Matt went a little red but the movements don’t stop. "Yeah, so?"

"Shy are you?" Greg teased. Pot calling the kettle black, I thought, as he still had the cushion on his lap.

Matt tossed the blanket away and he had his right hand around his erection. "Fuck you. Care to join?"

"Don't mind if I do," Alex chimed in. He began unzipping his jeans and took his erection out. Then, Josh pulled his shorts to one side and his hard penis popped out. Next to me, Kyan lifted his butt up and slid his boxers down. I tried not to stare. Greg threw the cushion aside and unbuttoned his fly. Heaven! I'm in heaven! I took my erection out of my boxers and we all began to stroke our hard stick. The porn was coming to an end but none of us was ready to 'pop the champagne' yet.

"You know, I could really use a nice comfy bed. I'm aching all over from the surfing. Whadya say guys? Whoever cums first gets the bed." Greg announced.

"Fuck yeah! I'm so drunk and in pain that I couldn't give a fuck if I’ve to sleep with a dude in the same bed," Matt said.

Everyone agreed. We got into a circle on the floor. So there was me, Kyan to my left, then Josh, Alex, Matt then Greg to my right. Matt replayed the porn from the start. I noticed that Greg and Josh was a loud masturbator, they moaned and groaned a lot. I was just pleased to be able to hear Kyan bated breathing next to me, his eyes shut with intense pleasure and stroking his cock earnestly; a short while later, Alex came. He grabbed for the Kleenex and wiped himself clean. "ARGHH!" All heads turned to Greg. He had cum. Wow, he was loud alright. "Dude, you ok?" I asked.

He nodded, "Sorry I really.. Want that.. bed.." he mumbled. We burst out laughing. ************************************************

I was woken up at around 4 in the morning by what sounded like muffling, groaning and squeaking of the bedspring. Kyan, Matt and Josh were sleeping peacefully. The groaning sounds awfully familiar. Then it dawned on me. No it couldn't be. Alex and Greg? Fucking? I decided to ask Alex myself tomorrow.

I overslept the next day. I woke up to find the guys down by the beach. The beach was crowded with fellow summer folks. I was making myself a sandwich when Alex barged in through the front door. "Good, you're awake," he said as he locked the door. I stared at him. His board shorts were dirty with dried mud and his t-shirt was sticking to him. Can you say, what a hottie?! I pretended to wrinkle my nose in disgust but was hiding my hard-on behind the counter. He just stood there and flashed me his wicked grin.

"Wipe the dirty thoughts of your mind. And where were you? You're filthy."

"We went swimming then played some catch. That's when I sorta fell in the mud," he shrugged.

He walked over behind the counter and put his arms around me. His t-shirt was really wet and felt cool against my bareback. "Alex, the guys could come..."

He spun me around and kissed me on the lips, silencing my protests. "The crowd's too great. They won't be back anytime soon."

"But you're all sweaty."

He actually laughed. "Like that has even bothered you?" He stood back and pulled his t-shirt off. "Better?"

"You're nasty."

"I know. That's why you want me." His hands went for my hard cock, rubbing it through my boxers.

"Come here you nasty freak!" I pulled him into the room, locking the door behind me. I pushed him onto the bed and pulled his board shorts. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. I looked at him questioningly. He just smiled at me. I leaned forward and took his erection in my mouth, sucking it greedily. I could feel his hands wrapping tightly into my hair, his hips bucking up and down. His cock tasted salty of sweat and seawater from his previous activity. He grabbed me and rolled me over so that he was on top of me and sunk his tongue into my mouth.

His hands was pushing my boxers down and as he explored me, he hit a particular spot with his tongue that I didn't know I had; just about one finger spacing to the left of my penis and one finger down. I told him this and he was only happy to oblige. Good lord! His tongue went round and round the spot and i almost suffocated him by pressing his head down towards it. I cum soon after and spunk went all over his face and dribbled down his body.

Alex was getting stickier and he looked hot sticky. I pushed him hard against the headboard, and began licking his sweaty face mixed with my own cum. He smelt really good despite his sweatiness and I buried my face under his armpits, kissing it and inhaling the scent. I bit him gently on the way down, his chest, nipples, abs and finally licking the trail that led to the 'prize'. I put his cock back into my mouth. After a while he still wasn't cumming and as we heard from the far distance, the sounds of the guys returning, I went for his weak spot.

Alex knew that when I did that, I was rushing him to cum. I ran my fingers along his butt crack and as expected, he shot his warm load into my throat.

Just then we heard the guys returning outside. We dashed for the pool and all dived in, all evidence of us together being washed away.

Continued in Part 2.

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