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Ride My Belly

By jjay01973

submitted August 27, 2006

Categories: Frottage

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I had just moved into a new apartment which had a membership to an on-site gym included as part of the rent. It wasn't the typical apartment complex gym. It had a complete weight room with free weights, machines, cardio equipment, mats and balls for stretching, and both dry and wet saunas inside the shower area of the locker room. Although I could have easily changed at home, I made sure I used the locker room to catch a glimpse of cock.

On one of my first trips to the gym I was changing into my workout clothes when an older man came out of the shower area. I was 32 at the time (though I still could pass for a guy in his late teens/early 20s) and it turned out that he was in his early 50s...but didn’t' look it. He had a very nice upper body. Nice pecs, big nipples and big, strong arms. and a good back and butt. He also had a big, firm looking rounded beer belly that stuck out quite a bit and a big, deep belly button. His body was lightly hairy, and the hair got thicker on his cock and belly.

He smiled and made eye contact...and I started making small talk. He dropped his towel as he talked to me, allowing me to see his penis...which was already semi-erect. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to arouse me...or if he was just very comfortable being naked around people. He told me to take advantage of the sauna because not many people even knew that it existed and not many people used it. As he talked to me, he touched his penis a few times, and at one point it looked like he masturbated it back and forth a bit all the while talking to me like it was no big deal. He also rubbed his big belly and at one point, stuck his finger into his navel and moved it in and out...like he was finger fucking it. I then started to think that perhaps this was more then just being comfortable being naked around other guys. But...I didn't stay around long enough to find out...and went to work out.

Although I visited the gym on a regular basis...I didn't seem him for several more months. I had started fantasizing about him when I masturbated and thought what if I hadn't left so soon...what may have happened? His big belly was the main turn on for some reason...and the image of his big belly and deep belly button would usually make me shoot as I stroked my cock thinking of him.

One Friday evening about eight PM, the gym seemed to be absolutely dead. I was the only one there working out. After my workout, I thought I would sit in the dry sauna for a while before heading home and then out to the bars to start my weekend. I had nearly forgotten about the hot, older big bellied man who I had met months before. I had met a very fit, very good looking guy my age and I was very much into him and was going to out with him that night.

I got in the sauna and sat on the bench...when low and behold...the hot older man was sitting on the bench across from me! We started exchanging small talk as he stretched out on the bench. I was wearing just my gym shorts and he wore only a towel. After a while, he lifted his towel exposing his cock. Again...he kept talking to me as if nothing was happening. I had an instant hard on and my heart starting beating really fast...I couldn't believe this was happening. He then started fondling his penis with his hand and said, "My cock doesn’t' get much action anymore since my wife left me". There he was...all sweaty...and practically masturbating in front of me. I began to rub my hard cock though my gym shorts as he continued to fondle himself.

"How does that look to you?” he asked. He was completely hard now and drenched with sweat from the heat of the sauna.

I said, "Looks great!”

He then started rubbing his big belly with his other hand and said, "You like my big belly too, don't you?" He then stuck one finger into his navel and moved it in and out and he masturbated his penis with the other hand.

Involuntarily, I pulled off my soaked gym shorts and climbed up on his big belly. I started rubbing myself into him. He kept saying, "Oh yeah...ride my big belly...ride my big belly...it feels SOOO good."

I rubbed and ground my cock on his belly and on his cock. He bucked upwards under me as I rubbed. I got so aroused feeling his gaping belly button as I rubbed my cock over it. The stimulation was so intense...and the imagine of his fingers in his belly button got me so hot that I stopped rubbing...re-adjusted myself...pointed my cock at his belly button...and stuck its head into it as far as it would go.

I started fucking it with everything I had. I was so aroused. He kept saying, "Oh, Oh Oh..." I couldn’t tell if he was in pain or if it felt good...but I was too aroused to stop. I began to lose control of myself and I was like a rabbit in heat with my cock deep in his belly button. (I'm not a little guy down there either...7' cut...medium thickness.) After only two minutes or so, I shot my load into his belly button with a few sharp involuntary jabs. It was one of the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

After I finished...he was still bucking upward and very horny. I slid my cock out of his belly button and moved down to his erection, which was red and throbbing. I reached down and touched the crown of his penis...and immediately his semen started spilling over my fingers as he continued to buck up and down.

Afterwards, he told me that he was in his early 50s and had been hot for me since the first day he saw me and that he likes younger guys with muscle. I asked if he had ever had a penis in his navel before and he said no, but he enjoyed the feeling of putting his fingers in there while masturbating...and said it felt like he was on the verge of orgasm the entire time. Then, without anything further...he put on his towel and walked out of the sauna and said, "See ya ‘round.”

Despite coming back numerous times on Friday evenings...I never saw him again. To date, that’s been my one and only "belly ride"...and I'd love to repeat that experience again!