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Cena get Orton

By JeJe

submitted February 13, 2007

Categories: Wrestling

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As another WWE Raw episode finished Randy walked to the backstage with the rest of Evolution and as they began to break off, he was joined by his only true friend in the WWE, John Cena. "Hey John, I thought I was gonna go catch up with you after your Smackdown! Taping tomorrow," Randy began. "Yeah well we both know that neither of us have any friends in the WWE other than each other. Just the thought of having to spend another lame ass night with the other queers on Smackdown! Just makes me sick to my stomach." John replied. "Their aren't much worse than the other wrestlers on Raw." "Well, yeah, I just finished my match, so I have to go take a shower to get some of this sweat off of me. Hopefully I can get sweaty again tonight when we pick up some fine ass pussy's" "I hear that man," replied John. The two stud's walked into Randy's dressing room and as Randy undressed John began to bring out his bottle of Kessler and started taking a couple shots. When Randy was finished undressing he went off into his private shower, closed the curtain, and began cleaning himself. A few minutes later Randy's cell phone began to ring and John didn't know whether he should answer it or not. "Yo Randy, your phones ringing." John screamed. "What?! I can't hear your. Come here and tell me again." Randy hollered back. As John walked into the bathroom in the locker-room and went to the shower he said the same thing, "Randy, your phone is ringing." Randy finally has had enough and opens the shower curtain all the way. "What were you saying man, this water is as loud as hell." "Your phone is ringing, well was." John told Randy. "Oh, it was probably Vince asking me if I'll do another stupid Legend killer match with some old loser to draw ratings." "Hahaha!," laughed John. As Randy continued showering with the curtain open John couldn't help but gaze down at Randy's enormous manhood. Randy kept talking about the Raw storylines and how bad they were when John cut him off when he noticed something he couldn't ignore. "Randy, man, your dic-" when he noticed he to had a boner. He quickly walked back out of the bathroom and took another shot of Kessler. Randy walked out of the bathroom with a towel on and asked John to give him a shot. John poured him a couple shots and they really began to loosen up. "Fuck man, I didn't bring extra clothes. All I have are my athletic shorts and my wrestling gear. My room is half way across town too!" Randy said. "Well my room is right across the street and we could take the skywalk." "Sounds great man, I have to share a room with Ric Flair and that old guy is disgusting anyway. Do you mind if I crash with you tonight?" "Not at all, I like the company" John replied. John and Randy left the hotel together. John in his street clothes and Randy in just athletic shorts. No short, no underwear, no shoes. John and Randy go into John's hotel room and keep taking shots of Kessler while watching old T.V. shows. "Man, I feel like, I feel like, like I've fucked enough pussy's already" a drunken Randy spat out. "I hear you man, I just wanna fuck someone that I really like" a also drunk John said. Randy and John both laughed as they finished off the whole bottle of Kessler. John and Randy are both sitting on the king size bed and Randy drops the bottle out of his hands into the crevasse between his legs. John grabs for it, but Randy moves it before John grasps it and gets full grab of Randy's manhood. Neither know what to say and they both know it was all an accident. A drunk John begins laughing when he begins to wobble and falls off the bed while still having a hold on Randy's shorts. John and Randy's shorts both fall to the ground leaving Randy exposed with a semi-hard dick. Randy gets up to see if John's okay when he leans over the bed and a giant flash sends his eyes into a room full of black. As Randy's eyes become realigned he gets off the bed and stands in the doorway and poses for a picture. John takes one and then throws his shorts at him. He holds them over his dick and takes another picture. John then goes over to randy to show him the pictures on his digital camera when Randy staggers over onto John. John's dick shoots up when he feels Randy's hard cock press against his leg. "MAN! You gots to let me take some picturesof you now!" Randy says. Randy gets up and used the bed for support as John hands him the camera. "Nuh-uh man. You gotta show your cock to. It's only,only fair" John stands up and Randy reaches down for John's pants and pulls them down. He then pulls down his boxers and takes off his shirt leaving John Cena totally nude with a hard-on. Randy takes a couple more pictures. "That's enough pictures of me Randy" John reaches for the camera when Randy plays keep away with it. John jumps for it as Randy pulls it back. The two's noses are grazing and their cocks rub against each other. "Fuck it!" screams John as he gives in to the urge and kisses Randy with full on tongue. As the kiss ends Randy turns away and touches his lips, not believing what happened. "I'm sorry man, but I can't help it. I am sick of just fucking for the sake of fucking. I wanna fuck you." John admitted. Randy doesn't say anything. He just puts his mouth over John's mouth and throws him onto the bed. The two frantically begin making out and they begin reaching down and rubbing each others hard cocks, both rising to full erection at 8 inches. Randy reaches over into John's bag, which is laying next to the bed and digs through it. He pulls out a bottle of lotion and squeezes it onto John. "You wanna fuck me? First, I get to fuck you." Randy tells John. Randy rubs the lotion all over John while still kissing and focuses on his ass were he makes sure to get in everywhere. He begins sticking a couple fingers up his warm ass when John wraps his legs around the front of Randy and holds open his ass as Randy sticks in his cock. John sits up and slams himself back down, over and over again stimulating Randy's dick further and further. Randy starts sucking John's nipples as he is about the deliver his load inside Cena. He doesn't want to end it so quickly so he slams Cena down onto the bed. He grabs John's right leg and throws it over his head. Randy slowly drives his cock in and out of Cena as they both begin to moan louder and louder. "FUCK YEAH MAN! FUCK YEAH! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!!!" Randy screamed. John begins to clench his ass tight and release it. "PUT IT DEEP INSIDE ME AND FUCK ME!!!!" John replies in ecstasy. Randy spits 8 wads of cum into John and continues to fuck his ass with a limb dick until his orgasm finally ends. He notices that this was the biggest orgasm he ever had. Women never were this good. John sits up as Randy throws himself down onto the bed exhausted. "My turn." John exclaims. John rolls Randy over onto his stomach and pushes his dick inside Randy with no lubrication. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Randy screams in agony. As sweat builds on Randy's ass the pain dwindles into pure pleasure. John keeps sticking his dick in and out of Randy faster and faster until he can't take it any more and he screams out "FUCK, FUCK, I'M GONNA FUCKIN CUM INSIDE YOUR BIG TIGHT ASS RANDY!!!!" John cums at least 10 times inside Randy and passes out from pure ecstasy and from all the liquor he drank. Randy also slowly drifts into a slumber with John still inside him.

~ ~ ~

The next morning, the two in the same position. John begins to wake up and feels the warmth coming from Randy's ass. He looks down and sees his dick inside Randy and remembers all the fun they head the previous night. John begins kissing Randy's neck as he wakes up. He feels John inside him and also remembers all the fun they had together the previous night. He looks at John and says "Fuck me hard..."

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