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Chris' Story

By Chris123

submitted September 24, 2008

Categories: Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Hypnosis, Leather HOT Action

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Chris was an average 18 year old. He liked to hang out with his friends, play video games, and surf the net. Like I said--average.

He was on his way to his local shopping centre. He had received an anonymous email telling him to meet there. Normally, he wouldn't have gone, but something told him he should go.

He stood outside, waiting for this anonymous person to show up. After what seemed like hours, he was approached by a tall man. He had long dark hair, and wore sunglasses, so Chris couldn't see his eyes.

"Are you the guy who emailed me?" Chris asked.

The man remained silent.

"Hey, who are you?" Chris said.

"Your new master" the man replied. The man's gloved hand revealed a syringe, which he stabbed Chris with. Everything went black.

Chris woke up. He was chained to a chair, and was hooked up to a machine. He couldn't move. He looked around, and noticed that his clothes had changed. He was now topless, revealing a hairy chest. He was also wearing tight black leather gloves. His attacker came into the dark room.

"Don't worry about the drug; it will wear off soon enough." He walked over to the machine, and started to type on the keyboard. Chris tried to scream, but nothing came out.

"This won't hurt. You're a perfect cub, and we can't let you go to waste. I'm Jared, and soon, I'll be your master."

Jared activated the machine. A sharp pain went through Chris' head. It was burning his memories, making him change.

"Don't resist it. Soon you'll be one of us."

Chris struggled, but the drugs kept him from moving. He then realised there was no hope. He let the machine do its work.

The machine stopped, and Chris was freed.

"How do you feel?" Jared asked, Stroking Chris' hairy chest with his gloved hand.

"I feel like a new man" Chris said. He took Jared's hand, and put it over his mouth. He could taste the leather.

"Good. I am your master. Do you understand? You live to serve me now." Jared forced his hand away from Chris' mouth.

"Yes master." Chris replied.

"Very good. Now I want you to lie on the table, and take you clothes off. Leave nothing but the gloves!" Chris did as he was told. He lay naked on the table.

Jared noticed Chris' flaccid penis.

"You are to be sexually around by me, and other men like us. You are to be aroused by gloves" Jared said.

"Yes master." Chris said, as his penis went hard. Jared had now taken his clothes off too. He lay on top of Chris', Covering his mouth with one hand, and holding his penis in the other. He moved up Chris' bear like chest, and kissed it as he moved up to his face. He moved his hands, and kissed his face.

Chris came over Jared's gloves.

"That’s how we like our cubs. Now eat it." Jared said, thrusting the gloved hand into Chris' mouth. Chris licked it slowly, the taste of cum and leather filling his mouth.

"Now, on your knees cub!" Jared said, and Chris came off the table, and kneeled on the floor. Jared stood in front of him. "You know what you must do."

Chris wrapped his mouth around Jared's cock, moving backwards and forwards, as Jared came in his mouth. Jared cried in pleasure, as he held Chris' mouth on his penis.

After pleasuring his master, Chris and Jared both put their clothes back on. Chris now wore a black coat and dark jeans, a very different attire to his old bright clothes. His gloves still covered his hands, a sign of his new master.

"You're going to go and find another person to bring back here--another person who I can make like us. Do you understand?"

"Yes master." Chris replied.

Chris was an average 18 year old. His master controls every action he makes. He lives to serve his master, and is looking for more people to be like him. Like I said--average.

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