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Idiot Brother, Parts 1 and 2

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Idiot Brother by Johnny Manipulator


Andy knew he was going to show himself up again that weekend. It was always the same when he went to visit his brother, his gay brother, and his boyfriend.

‘Oh god,’ he said to himself as he rang their doorbell and stood on their step. ‘Don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up…’ Andy had a history of humiliating himself in front of his brother and his boyfriend. It seemed like every time he saw them he acted inappropriately. The thing was, Andy was actually the nicest guy you could wish to meet – kind, considerate, polite, funny, clever. But for some reason, whenever he saw his brother he acted like a moron and an insensitive, clumsy prick. But something always happened – some string of unlikely circumstances would occur, and his brother would stumble in catching him at the most unfortunate moment, doing something Andy couldn’t even begin to explain. He blushed. Through the frosted glass he saw a figure come to the door, and then it was open and his younger brother, Tim, was standing there all smiles, arms outstretched for a hug. They embraced. Andy was always amazed how quickly his brother seemed to forgive and forget these outrages he perpetrated.

‘Hey! Come in! How are you? Let me take your bag…’ Tim shepherded his older brother into his kitchen, where his partner Pedro was there, compact and quick, making some outrageously healthy-looking smoothie. Pedro winked at Andy, Andy nodded back, embarrassed. Last time he had seen these two fit young guys they’d had to extricate his engorged penis from a vacuum pump that it had accidentally become trapped inside. It had taken Pedro and Tim ages to prise his swollen dick from the clear plastic tube, the three of them staring at Andy’s hugely expanded member as they tried to ease it free. And it had been such a random series of events that had led to Andy’s cock being stuck in there, he hadn’t even bothered to explain.

For some reason, every time he visited Tim and Pedro his cock would get massively hard and stay like that the entire stay. For a shy heterosexual man this was hugely embarrassing and inexplicable. And his last visit had been no different. A whole weekend of hanging around with the fit young gay couple with his hardon obscenely tenting his jeans, even when they went out together to bars or parks. The bloody thing wouldn’t go down. Tim and Pedro were good enough not to say anything, but he knew they’d noticed. And on his last night, he’d been alone in their spare room, naked and drying himself after a shower. His cock still had this raging hardon. He tapped it and it bounced around. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t so well hung, but Andy had a famously massive cock. Not that it was his choice it was famous – somehow pictures had got onto the internet of his hardon, he had no idea how, and before he knew it his mates in his footie team, his workmates and his neighbours had all somehow received jpegs of Andy’s formidable member at full throb. Andy had no idea any of this had occurred until month later – he was rather naìve and missed all of the references to donkeys made by his boss, elephants made by his team and unplanned erections made by his neighbours.

So there he was, trying to make his cock go down before he got dressed. He could hear the unmistakable sound of playful sex from the next room, as the two handsome young men went at it in an uninhibited manner. Andy didn’t really know what they got up to in there. He couldn’t imagine his little brother having gay sex, mainly because they were so similar; same pale, freckled skin, big, tall, muscular hairy bodies, red hair and green eyes. He liked to think of his brother as the dominant one in the relationship. It was incomprehensible otherwise. But when he looked at Pedro, who was considerably smaller, but had a steely competitive thing going on behind his dazzling smile, he wondered how his essentially soft brother could fend off his smaller but much more forceful boyfriend. Somehow Andy’s masculinity was a little affronted by his brother’s submission to this smaller, wilier guy.

He looked down at his inexplicable hardon, and the drop of precum oozing from the tip. He panicked. The last thing he needed was to drip all over the bedroom carpet. So he ran out into the hallway, stark bollock naked, pretty confident Tim and Pedro were happily fucking. He wanted some tissue from the bathroom, but before he could get there the other bedroom door opened and he froze, and then darted sideways into what turned out to be a walk-in cupboard. He heard Tim and Pedro joking and the shower turn on. Shit, he was struck in this cupboard now – why hadn’t he just let them see him? But he was so embarrassed by his big hard cock. He wished it was smaller. It was no end of humiliation having such a big one. And now, fuck, it was going to drip all over this cupboard… It was pitch dark, and he reached out behind him to feel what was in there. Shelves of fuzzy terry towelling – oh shit, it was the airing cupboard. And his cock was still dripping. He felt around and found what felt like a long plastic vase.

He picked it up and slipped it over his cock to catch the oozing precum. He’d have to wash it out later… Through the door he heard Tim ask Pedro for a clean towel. Andy panicked, ducked down and squeezed under the bottom shelf. It was hot, dark and stuffy. He had no idea if he was hidden or not. His cock was still safely contained in the plastic tube. The door opened, and he closed his eyes, hoping he couldn’t be seen. He heard someone rummaging for a towel, and then the door closed. Andy sighed with relief and opened his eyes. He’d got away with it! And then he became aware of the buzzing and tightness at his cock. A small motor was whirring somewhere in the cupboard, and his cock was, if anything, getting even stiffer. He reached down to rub his frustrated hardon, forgetting it was in the tube. He tried to pull the tube off of his cock, but it seemed to be trapped on it. Andy yanked it harder but still no luck, it seemed to be suctioned onto his dick, and his dick seemed to be getting ever bigger. He struggled to his feet, gasping and sweating. The tube wouldn’t come off of his cock, and the pump seemed to be making his dick expand all the time. He could feel the sides of the tube pressing against his now mighty erection. He kept yanking at the tube, but all this seemed to do was gently wank his ever expanding dick within the tube. He gave is one almighty tug, overbalanced, fell backwards against the door, which popped open and he fell flat on his back, naked in the hallway, grabbing at the huge tube stuck on his penis. He looked up and Tim and Pedro were standing over him drying themselves and looking down with looks of shock and bafflement.

‘I’m really sorry,’ said Andy, ‘but I seem to have something of yours trapped on my cock.’ Tim looked at Andy in a rather embarrassed ‘what are you doing?’ kind of way, while Pedro tut-tutted and shook his head. ‘The thing is,’ said Andy, ‘I can’t get it off. I know it’s a bit of an ask, but there’s no way you could help me free my cock is there?’ The two gay men looked down at the big blushing naked straight man laid out on their floor with his massive cock vacuum pumped to obscene size.

‘Dear oh dear,’ said Pedro. ‘What a state.’

‘Aaaaandy!’ said Tim, with dismay. Andy shrugged helplessly. His dick waggled. ‘What happened?’

‘I’m sorry,’ was all Andy could say. ‘My cock really hurts now.’

Both naked gay men crouched down to examine his pumped cock. He felt Pedro’s soothing fingers on his nipples. Gentle tickling. He squirmed.

‘Your cock looks very big and swollen,’ said Pedro. ‘Unlike your brother, who has a small one.’

‘Pedro!’ whined Tim.

‘Shh, baby, we need to look after your brother’s big one.’ Pedro gently circled and stroked Andy’s large plump nipples. Pedro had this thing about Andy being uptight, and he and Tim would always spend a lot of time trying to relax him. Pedro had told Andy that in his reflexology course they had told him the nipples were a really good vent for tension. Consequently Pedro was always slipping his hands up into Andy’s shirts and gently fingering his nipples. They’d always been pretty small and insensitive, but Andy had noticed that they’d grown and become much more sensitive in the last year. Sometimes he’s wake up when staying over at his brother’s to find his nipples extremely swollen, erect and sore. He couldn’t imagine what had been happening to them while he was asleep.

‘You’ll need to get some lubricant for his cock,’ said Pedro to Tim, who jumped up and ran to their bedroom. He returned with a huge tube of lube. By now Andy’s head was in Pedro’s lap, his nipples still being gently circled. He looked up into Pedro’s eyes, who winked and grinned down at him, and told him it was all going to be alright. Andy smiled back. His brother’s boyfriend was so considerate. And he had to admit, there were definite waves of – something - radiating from his nipples.

He yelped when a cool, wet sensation tickled his big hot bollocks. He looked down and his brother was gently teasing the clear lube into his big balls. Andy sighed and spread his legs a bit. He looked up at Pedro again, who was smiling down and nodding, like he knew just how it felt to have Tim massaging his balls. And then his head was laid on the floor and Pedro was kneeling over him, facing his hugely swollen cock. Andy could see Pedro’s cock swinging above him, and his big balls hanging there. He’d never been this near to another man’s genitals. It disturbed him a little. Pedro had grabbed Andy’s cock at the base to try to ease the cylinder off of it.

‘No, it’s not moving,’ said Pedro, and he pushed it down again. And then he pulled again. Andy moaned. ‘No, it is not coming, sorry Andy,’ said Pedro, who pushed it down again. He repeated this for a good ten minutes. All this did was make Andy feel like his massively swollen cock was being wanked. He also felt something else. The lube was oozing off of his balls and he could feel the slow inexorable trickle in a straight line down to his arse. He clenched his hole. The lube oozed down his most sensitive spot, and trickled into the mouth of his clenched hole. He closed his eyes. Despite himself Andy moaned and squirmed and panted a little. And then something soft tickled his open mouth. He looked up, and to his surprise Pedro’s low-hanging balls were brushing his lips. He closed his mouth. And then another drop of lube collected on his arse lips, and he couldn’t help but oooo and close his eyes again, spreading his thighs a little too allowing his brother closer to his cock. Pedro’s balls fell into his open mouth.

Andy opened his eyes and tried to protest, but all that happened was his tongue licked and tickled the big plump bollocks stuffing his cheeks. Pedro moaned and lowered himself a little more, so that his arse was almost sitting on Andy’s face. Meanwhile he and Tim managed to slip some of the lube into the cylinder and were twisting it slowly, making Andy buck and writhe.

‘Your cock is really stuck in here,’ said Pedro. ‘I think it’s going to take a while to get it out…’ Tim went to switch off the pump to make his brother feel more comfortable and to make his cock deflate, but Pedro stopped him. Instead he clicked it up a level, and the pump started working harder. Andy would have yelped, but the balls were preventing him. And then Pedro’s soothing fingertips returned to his mysteriously swollen and sensitive nipples. Hit tits, as Pedro called them. Oh god, thought Andy, it was too much. His nipples – his tits – felt amazing in Pedro’s hands. It was so kind of him and his own brother to help him out like this, to release his member from this contraption and try to soothe and calm him. More cool lube settled at his hole. His tits were super sensitive. His cock was incredibly hard and big. And his mouth was full of his gay brother’s boyfriend’s balls. Andy was so embarrassed.

It took a good half an hour to release his cock, by which time it was swollen to enormous size. When Pedro stood up his balls plopped from Andy’s gasping mouth. He was blushing furiously, saliva dripping on his face from the big wet balls, his hands grasping his huge hardon and trying to cover it up. Just the feel of cool air and his own hands on his cock sent him over the edge and a spectacular fountain of cum jetted straight up in the air and then splattered back all over his body. His brother and his brother’s boyfriend watched the eruption and there was nothing Andy could do to stop it. He wanted to cry he was so ashamed. How could they ever forgive him?

‘Oh god,’ he gasped. ‘Sorry, sorry.’

‘Not at all,’ said Pedro. ‘I was just glad we were on hand to help.’


Andy had so far managed not to disgrace himself, and he’d been at his brother’s for hours now. It was some kind of record. They were preparing to head out for a meal. His gay brother Tim and his wiry, wily boyfriend Pedro were selecting stylish clothes together in their room, and probably canoodling, though Andy didn’t want to think about that too much. As a shy straight man he found the idea of sex between anyone he knew slightly embarrassing. Knowing that his almost identical brother took it up the bum from his boyfriend made him blush to even think about it.

They’d leant him some clippers so he could shave. He stood at the bathroom mirror, naked, carefully shaving his auburn stubble from his handsome square jaw. He was determined not to show himself up in front of his brother again. He glanced down and saw his big fat hardon bumping against the sink. Why on earth he always spent the weekend at his brother’s with a stiffy was beyond him. In itself it was embarrassing, even more so if they noticed or commented on it. His brother never really did, but Pedro was always there to exploit his humiliation. There was a knock at the bathroom door.

‘Hurry up Andy!’ called his brother. Andy turned sharply towards the noise and in doing so he smacked his hardon really hard against the sink, making him yelp in pain. As he jumped back and felt his cock throb in pain the clippers slipped from his hands. As if in slow motion he watched in horror as they ran down his chest like a runaway lawnmower, buzzing a wide, smooth train through his auburn chest hair, right down over his tummy and through his pubic hair, before banging on his hard cock, falling sideways, trimming a smooth diagonal band of hair from his hairy thigh and then falling onto the floor where it buzzed angrily like a wasp.

‘Holy shit!’ said Andy, looking at the damage. His big manly body was covered in sexy red hair, and now it had a thick ‘go-faster’ stripe right down the middle, like a road from his chest to his cock, and then an odd patch of pale smooth skin on his thigh where the clippers had bounced. He looked ridiculous.

‘Are you alright?’ his brother called through the door.

‘Er…’ said Andy, not sure how he was. His brother barged into the room, a worried expression on his face.

‘Andy…’ he said, and then stopped in his tracks. His big, beautiful straight brother was standing there naked, a fat stripe of white smooth flesh running down his body. ‘What the fuck?!’ Tim said, and started laughing.

‘I dropped the clippers,’ said Andy, sheepishly.

‘Well, duh,’ said Tim. ‘Pedro!’ he called.

‘No, no, Tim, no…’ said Andy nervously. Things always went wrong when Pedro got involved. ‘It’s fine, please, leave me…’ But Pedro was already at the door, peering around Tim’s broad shoulder, his dark eyes ogling him slowly up and down so blatantly it felt like a hand crawling over his body. Pedro laughed loudly.

‘What the fuck?’ he said. ‘What have you done to your body hair, Andy?’ Andy was too embarrassed to answer. Why was his big dick throbbing so much too? That just made it worse. Damn Pedro’s smoothies. They always got his cock hard. Still, they were really tasty and good for him, so he happily guzzled them down. But when he was caught with his trousers down it always showed him up.

‘My idiot brother dropped the clippers,’ said Tim.

‘I can see that. But he can’t stay like that, he looks ridiculous.’

‘I guess you’re right,’ said Tim.

‘He needs to even it up,’ said Pedro. For a moment Andy thought he meant he needed another stripe to balance. ‘We should take it all off of him. Just to help out.’

‘What? Er, no…’ said Andy.

‘You can’t go round looking like that. And really, it would be no trouble. I shave Tim’s body completely smooth every week.’

‘Really, I’m fine,’ said Andy feebly. But Pedro was in the room circling his big naked body and there was no escape. He was a guest after all.

‘It’s the least we could do, Andy,’ said Pedro. ‘Don’t worry. It’s no problem. Tim, the clippers please.’ Tim picked them up off of the floor and handed them to his boyfriend. His straight brother looked on with a worried expression.

‘Couldn’t I just let it all grow back?’ asked Andy.

‘Don’t be dumb,’ said Pedro. ‘You’ll look a mess and will be too embarrassed to undress in front of everyone like this.’

‘But I don’t undress in front of everyone,’ said Andy. ‘I’m not a stripper.’

‘Shh, now,’ said Pedro. He turned on the clippers again. Andy’s eyes were wide as Pedro advanced towards his big, hairy naked body. He backed away until he bumped into Tim who was stood behind him. He gently held his brother’s waist as his boyfriend approached. Andy looked nervously over his shoulder, making eye contact with his brother, willing him to call off Pedro. Tim winked cheerfully back at him, giving his waist a friendly squeeze. Andy turned back and Pedro was right before him, clippers buzzing in hand. ‘Here goes!’ said Pedro. Andy looked down and Pedro guided the clippers to his hairy, muscular chest. He began to clip. Clumps of hair fell from his chest as Pedro expertly teased the clippers around his defined chest muscles. He whimpered as the buzzing gadget nuzzled his protruding nipples, thinking how odd it was that his nipples always felt bigger and more sensitive when he stayed over at his brother’s.

Then with his pecs smooth and shorn the clippers made their way over his flat belly, and his treasure trail was removed. Andy was very tense, and Tim was gently rubbing his waist to soothe him, and whispering ‘it’s alright, it’s okay’ into his ears. The clippers reached his pubic bush. Andy whimpered a little as the clippers removed all of the hair around his big hardon, and fidgeted as his brother eased his thighs apart and allowed Pedro access to clip the hair from his balls. Then his legs were shaven, and he was turned around and Pedro teased the clippers up his muscular thighs and arse, even denuding the hair from between his cheeks. His poor little hole vibrated as the clippers nuzzled in between his cheeks and shaved him. Then his back was shaved, and Tim held his muscular arms up so that Pedro could remove his armpit hair.

When Andy turned back around he was shaved smooth all over his big, muscular body. ‘There, that’s better!’ said Pedro. ‘No-one’s going to laugh about you now. You’re covered in shavings though, hop in the shower.’ Andy was getting more malleable by the second, so he did as he was told, stepping into the shower, big hardon waggling. Pedro switched on the water and Andy let it wash all of the hair away. ‘I’m not sure it’s got it all, Tim could you pop in and wash him clean for me?’

Tim stripped naked and jumped into the small cubicle. The two big brothers were squeezed in, the gay one’s hands all over the straight one’s body, washing him clean. Andy felt so helpless as his brother’s hands slipped over his hardon, his pecs, his thighs, his arse. He wanted to get away but there was nowhere to go, so he ended up with his face pushed against the door, his brother behind him touching him all over. Through the steamy door he could see Pedro standing there watching him, a smirk on his face. Pedro’s eyes seemed fixed on Andy’s waist, and he suddenly realised his big hard cock was pressed against the glass. He tried to loose it, but his brother was too close behind and all his struggling did was to make it stiffer as it wriggled against the door. Oh well, he thought, they were just trying to help him. So he submitted to it, and let himself be washed.

Once out of the shower and vigorously towelled down by Pedro, Andy stood sheepishly before them, naked, hard and smooth.

‘This will itch unless we do something about it,’ said Pedro. Andy looked down at his big body. He didn’t want it to be itchy.

‘What do you suggest?’ he asked.

‘Tim, go get the oil,’ said Pedro. ‘We’ll make sure you’ll be okay.’

‘Cool, I don’t want to be itchy,’ said Andy. ‘I hate that. Anything you can do to help is fine by me.’

‘Great,’ said Pedro. ‘We have just the thing. We’ll make sure you don’t itch anywhere.’

‘Oh man, that’s great,’ said Andy. He wanted to hide his hardon behind his hands but every time he touched it, it felt too good, so he thought it best to just try to forget it was there. Pedro looked at it and smiled.

‘Your brother would love to be as big as you,’ he said. Andy wasn’t sure how to respond to this. At that moment Tim, naked and smiling, bounced into the room with a large bottle of baby oil. Andy noticed that Tim’s body was almost as big as his own, and his dick didn’t look much smaller, either, but if Pedro insisted he was substantially bigger then who was he to argue?

‘Excellent!’ said Pedro. ‘We’ll work it in for you,’ he said, as Tim squirted some onto Andy’s smooth body. Andy flinched as the cold oil oozed down his body, and then two pairs of hands began smoothing it in. Tim stood behind Andy and Pedro in front. They started at his shoulders. In no time Pedro had begun to oil up his nipples. His tits they called them. Andy couldn’t understand why they were so much bigger and more sensitive. He’d just woken up with them like that. Pedro kept circling them, it was hypnotic. Never touching them, just circling, circling. Andy stifled a moan. God, it felt good. And his brother was slicking up his smooth back, it was rather overwhelming having both of them at work on his naked body like this. Still Pedro kept circling his tits, and Andy was losing focus, just concentrating on those fingers on his tits, so near, so near. He and Pedro made eye contact. Pedro had the smallest smirk on his lips as he circled Andy’s nipples, deliberately crawling his fingertips around the juicy nubs and never touching them. Andy wanted to ask him to touch them, to massage them, but he couldn’t put it into words. Pedro just kept teasing, teasing. Andy couldn’t help it, he stared into Pedro’s eyes and moaned.

‘Yeah, let it out,’ mouthed Pedro. ‘Let it out for me.’

He was suddenly being laid on his back on the bathroom mat, his brother at his head reaching down to circle those tits, Pedro between his legs, oily hands on his tummy, around his cock. Andy moaned again, looking up at his brother’s fat cock swaying above his face. And then his legs were being lifted and spread either side of his head, long strokes with oily hands making the meaty thighs shiny and slippery. Pedro worked his knees under Andy’s back, and before he’d worked out what was happening he was almost on his head, body curled over above him. A cold squirt of oil pooled in his upturned arse cleft. Pedro’s fingers tickled the sensitive skin between Andy’s cheeks.

‘This bit can get especially itchy,’ explained Pedro.

‘Okay,’ said Andy, looking up into Pedro’s eyes. ‘You should oil it up then.’

Pedro dipped his finger into Andy’s arse cleft and prodded the little fleshy hole. Oil oozed into the dip he created. He did it again, very lightly, and then traced an oily finger round the smooth hole, much as he had round Andy’s tits. Andy gasped. His hole felt so exposed like this, upturned and tickled by Pedro’s oily fingers. Pedro probed again and more oil trickled into the tight little sphincter.

Just at that moment a phone rang. ‘I’ll get it,’ said Tim, who stood up, leaving Pedro spreading Andy’s big thighs and teasing his tiny hole. Pedro was flicking his finger lightly over the fleshy lips. Andy couldn’t help it, he wriggled his big butt and the hole gripped the tip of Pedro’s finger. Tim returned talking into a mobile phone. Andy suddenly realised it was his.

‘…Yeah, he’s here, no worries mate!’ said Tim. ‘Andy, it’s Banksy.’ Before Andy could protest Tim had given him the phone.

‘Hey! Alright mate?’ Andy laughed into the phone. ‘Yeah, I’m at my brother’s. Yeah, for the weekend…’ He was finding concentration difficult because Pedro was wriggling his fingertip in his butt. ‘Yeah, you’ve caught me out mate. Yeah, well, I’ve had a bit of bad luck. Had an argument with a pair of clippers…’ Pedro eased an inch of wriggling finger inside his bum. Tim returned to the room with his digital camera. It was all going out of Andy’s control. ‘You’ll never guess, I dropped them when I was using them – shaved half my body hair off…’ He laughed, then moaned and wriggled his bum as Pedro twisted his finger in his butt, then pulled it out. He’d closed his eyes while he’d been talking, but opened them when he suddenly felt something against his lips. He was relieved to see it was just his own big hard cock, hanging down from his upturned groin and rubbing against his lips as he chatted on the phone. Pedro slipped an inch of finger back in his hole. His cock twitched against his lips and precum spurted into his mouth. The camera flash went.

‘Oh yeah, mate, but my brother and his boyfriend have been great, they’ve sorted me out. Evened it up by shaving the rest off.’ Pedro eased another inch inside him. That wriggling finger was irresistible, it just went in and Andy couldn’t do a thing to stop it. More precum oozed over his face. ‘Yeah, nothing’s too much trouble… Yeah, sorry, I’m a bit tied up here… they’re putting this stuff on me, stops you itching after shaving.’ Pedro twisted that finger deep in his bum. Andy moaned and the flash went again as his cock bounced against his lips. Tim left the room and Andy tried to regain his composure. ‘Yeah, it’s pretty intensive… Mmm… But they know what they’re doing, mate.’ Pedro began to tease a second finger round Andy’s tight little hole, with the effect that Andy’s big cockhead slipped for a second into Andy’s open mouth as he was speaking so that he just spoke incoherently into the phone. ‘Sorry mate, I’m just having trouble focussing here…’

Pedro began the slow process of penetrating Andy’s tight straight hole with a second finger. Andy’s cock was now slipping into his mouth almost every time he opened it to speak, but although he tried to finish the conversation Banksy just kept him talking. It was frustrating for Andy, but he tried to keep it all together. I can do this, he thought to himself. ‘What’s that mate, you just got an email from my brother? … I didn’t know you guys knew each other… Yeah? Jpegs of what… Me? Oh. On my back, yeah, legs in the air. Yeah, that’s right. … what’s he doing with my arse? He’s oiling me up, yeah… You’re emailing it to the team? You sure that’s a goo – ’ but his voice was cut off by his cock stuffing his mouth. Pedro eased the second finger all the way into Andy’s tight hole and left them there while he lightly tickled his balls. Andy wriggled and his cock just slid further into his mouth, and the fingers inched deeper in his bum. It was intensely frustrating as Banksy took his silence as approval.

‘What’s what noise?’ asked Andy when his penis had popped free from his open mouth. ‘What tapping?’ And then he realised that Banksy was referring to the sound his now freed cock was making as it bashed against the phone. ‘Oh, it’s nothing… okay, yeah, it is my cock, Banksy…’ Pedro twisted his fingers in Andy’s arse. He moaned. Precum oozed on his face. The flash went again. Tim was back. It’s okay, I can do this, thought Andy. He could explain this to his team-mates. It was just a post-shave oiling of his arse by his brother’s gay boyfriend. Simple. ‘Yeah, they’re really helpful, mate. I’m lucky, yeah… What, you reckon you and the guys want to give it a go? I dunno if I need oiling up again…’ Pedro nodded to Andy. ‘Okay, yeah, that would be good, Banksy, ta…’ And then the fingers twisted in his arse again and his cock found his mouth and stuffed it. He was panting and sweating by now, and all Banksy could hear was him moaning and gasping, and a noisy slurping as he tried to cope with all the precum, but the more he tried to take it all the more he produced. Even though he could no longer speak back to him, Banksy would not hang up, and kept asking him questions while all he got was hungry slurping and sucking noises in response.

Pedro began to pump with his fingers. Andy’s hips were rotating, and his cock would have slipped free from his mouth had he not been sucking quite so intently on it. With a shock Andy realised what was about to happen and tried to stop it – thinking about boring lessons at school – but the surge was building deep from within where his bum was being opened and pumped, and his cock was growing even more. He was beyond turning off the phone, so Banksy was left hanging listening to the moaning and slurping. And Andy looked up at Pedro, who was reaching out with his free hand, reaching out to his tits, and just before he made contact with the fat left nipple he mouthed ‘let it go’ to Andy. The touch was electric; exactly what he’d needed, and combined with the eager fingers in his little hole it blew his mind. Banksy heard the stifled yell, and Tim caught the ejaculation in a series of photos, which ended with spunk splattered all over his straight brother’s shocked face. Banksy enjoyed them when he received the email, as did their rugby team-mates who agreed to help Andy remain itch-free in future.

As Andy showered afterwards he had to admit he’d let himself down at his brother’s again.

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Peter’s Clueless Seduction 8: New tricks Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick’s psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability about their sexual needs. When Nick’s rugby friends come to visit he finds his straight arse relentlessly fucked, and Peter’s intentions of rescuing his... read more

Peter’s Clueless Seduction 5: Nick’s Rugby Mates Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick’s psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability about their sexual needs. *** The following evening Nick had invited some mates over. When Peter had got in from work, Nick asked him if he’d like... read more

Peter’s Clueless Seduction 6: Rugby Mates Help Out by Johnny Manipulator Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick’s psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability about their sexual needs. When Nick’s rugby friends come to visit the flatmates they are keen to get them to explore... read more

Peter’s Clueless Seduction 7: Brother to the Rescue Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick’s psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability about their sexual needs. When Nick’s rugby friends come to visit he finds his straight arse relentlessly fucked by his mate, and Peter’s... read more

Peter’s Clueless Seduction 9: Battle of the Alpha Males Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick’s psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability about their sexual needs. When Nick’s rugby friends come to visit he finds his straight arse relentlessly fucked. Peter’s brother James comes to... read more

The Diary

Jan 01, 2007

The Diary – A Porno Ghost Story By Johnny Manipulator Danny loved wanking his fat nine inch cock. Almost as much as he loved shagging girls (when he managed to pull, which wasn’t anywhere near as often as he’d like). He’d always been obsessed with his body, and years of sport and gym had created a fine, big, muscular build that repayed his hours of work. And having such a fine... read more

Peter's Clueless Seduction 10: Finale Recap: Peter and his flatmate Nick have been slowly influenced by Nick's psychologist mate Martino and his hypnotism tapes until they are sexually in a constant state of innocence and vulnerability. When Nick's rugby friends come to visit he finds his straight arse relentlessly fucked. Peter's brother James comes to rescue him, but his plans are... read more

The Training Course, Part 3 Dominic went to find Smithie and Jamie. He found them in what looked like a treatment room. Jamie had already hopped eagerly up onto the examination table. ‘What the fuck’s this going to be about?’ asked Dominic. ‘This isn’t the next exercise,’ explained Smithie. ‘But it is essential preparation for it.’ ‘Oh, right. What’s the score then?’ asked... read more

Arse Whisperer, Part 1

Jan 02, 2009

The Arse Whisperer by Johnny Manipulator PART 1 After the pub on Friday night I popped back with Scott to his to carry on drinking. He’s a fairly recent mate, we met at the rugby and he’s only just joined our Sunday league team. We’re the two fittest players – I’ve spent a lot of time down the gym building up my body and I’m very proud of it. I’m bigger than Scott, but he’s quicker. ... read more

Arse Whisperer, Part 2

Jan 03, 2009

Meanwhile… I didn’t know anyone was looking when I split my shorts. It happened in my back garden while I was putting away the mower – I bent down and my white rugby shorts just gave at the seam of the arse, a rapid bursting and the whole seam disintegrated. I knew I should have worn some underwear. I felt the breeze on my crack and jumped up, trying to pull the fabric together. It wouldn’t go... read more