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The Hunk Transformation

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Peter was the average kid at his high school, was in 12th grade, loved by the girls, and not like everyone else, was a tall, handsome, hunk. He would have girlfriends and leave them, he would try to skip class to see them in the hallway, and he was probably the most liked kid in the grade, matter the whole school. While half of him was enjoying this popularity, the other half was thinking about college. But what Peter didn't know was that Matt, an unpopular, shy, and smart kid loved him. He was straight, but just couldn't help himself glance over at Peter on the other side of the room. Matt already had his whole life planned out. He could look at Peter all he wanted and get bad grades, but he was going to college. Matt watched Peter do cool moves with his head to make him look like a robot and to impress the girls in the class, but it was impressing Matt too. Matt would always look forward to seeing Peter in his math class at the end of the day. He liked Peter secretly so much that he would look at pictures of hunks online without their shirt, a video of them naked, the list goes on.

During Matt's video search, he noticed an interesting video, "Turn your friends into robots". Matt was curious and clicked the link. The link showed 2 hunky college studs in front of test tubes, wires, what looked like a science lab from Frankenstein. They started to speak in what seemed to Matt as not a complete, natural tone, "Do you have a friend that you like and wish you could have to yourself? Do you not want anyone else to know about it except you?"

Then one of the hunks walks to a big closet. "It's easy! Just pay $10.00, and we'll create a robot to lure your friend to come to our building. Then, with you standing near by, you'll tell us what you want him to do! “Then, the other stud walked up to the other.”The whole process is just $10.00 from start to finish, but you need to come to our address to talk to you about it. Bring a picture of your friend!" The address quickly flashed on the screen. Matt wrote it down. The hunks then said, "Bye!" and then their whole bodies slumped forward like they turned off. The hunks were robots. Matt was trilled. He thought that if Peter could be like that, he'd have the best time of his life. He wasn't sure exactly what he would do with him, but he defiantly wanted to feel his muscles. As he closed the video, he started to wonder if he was gay, but then reassured himself he wasn't because Peter would then be a robot, not a living person.

A few days later, Matt walked to the special location while his parents were out to dinner. He stepped up to the door with the address on it. There was a sign that , "As Seen on YouTube". Matt smiled. He was in the right place. He rang the doorbell.

Within seconds, one of the 2 hunks he saw on the video answered the door. "Hello, there" he said. "My name is Frank. What's your's?" Matt answered, "Matt" immediately. "Come right in, Matt, "Frank said and he closed the door. There was one big room with couches and rooms on one side and what he saw online, the Frankenstein set on the other. The other hunk then walked over to where Frank and Matt were sitting.

"Howdy there," he said. "I'm Todd. Frank and I are brothers." Matt looked confused. "I thought you were robots." Matt replied. The two brothers laughed. "We are." they both said. They then took of their shirts revealing their bodies. Matt's eyes opened wide. They pressed their belly button and their whole chest opened up to reveal wires, diodes, lights, the whole works. Matt just looked in awe. "That's amazing!" he said. Frank had a little chuckle. "Well, what can we do for you? I don't think you came just to meet us and have us take off our shirts, let alone our chiseled chests!"

Matt explained what he wanted to do. Todd then responded, "So, you want us to get this Peter fellow in this photo to come here, and turn him into a robot like us. "Matt nodded his head. "I have the money for you guys right here." He placed it on the coffee table next to him. "So, how are you going to do it?" Matt asked. The brothers whispered into their ears. Frank asked, "Do you know where he lives?" Matt said he thought he did. "Would you rather us pick him up from his house or from the school?" Matt said the school because his Peter's dad was a former cop and he might find that suspicious. Todd then said, "Well, then we'll need a couple of days. Come here on Friday just as school ends. Tell your parents you don't need a ride and ride your bike to school so you can use that to get back here to us. Matt looked confused. It was Tuesday. Why would he have to wait until Friday? "Well, okay." he said. "I'll be here on Friday."

The rest of the week in math, Matt could not temp himself not to look at Peter. He just got so excited. Finally, Friday came. The moment the bell rang, Matt was out the door to the location. He finally arrived 10 minutes later, and but his bike outside their garage door. He rang the bell. Frank answered wearing a white lab coat.

"Hi again there Matt! Come on in." Matt stepped in and looked at a new TV they had set up. "OOO!" Matt said, "What channel is this? I just see a lady in a car....wait...is that my school?" "Yes, it is," Frank said. "We made an android that looks just like Peter's mom. She will bring him here for the transformation. "But wait!" Matt said. I don't want Peter to know that it was me! Even though he'll be a robot, he might not like that it was me that did it. Could you tranquilize him?" Todd stepped in without his shirt on and approached Matt. "Why...yes we could! We have a water bottle in the car that acts like a tranquilizer. I will quickly send a message to the android to make him drink the "water". Then, Matt turned to the TV.

"Oh, look! It's Peter!" Peter got into the car with who he thought was his mom. Frank and Todd then joined Matt around the TV and looked at Peter. "Oh, wow," Frank said. "He is hot." "Oh, no doubt about that." said Todd. "Good choice, man." Todd continued. While Peter and the robot were coming back, Todd and Frank were talking about what Matt wanted Peter to do. "So," Frank asked. "What do you want Peter to do, or allow you to do to Peter?" "Well, I've been thinking about it." Matt said. "Well, I'd like him to obey my every command. Todd pushed his right nipple and a mini computer showed up. "Okay, let me type that in. "Obey Master's all commands".”Okay, move on." Matt continued," I'd like him to let me feel his muscles," Todd wrote that down. "I'd like to...to..." he couldn't get it out.”I'd like to have sex with him."

Frank looked up at Matt. "Well, then....okay, we can DEFINATELY add that in! In fact, we can do that if you want later! Matt smiled. Todd started to get impatient. "Come on," he said. "What else?" Matt thought for a moment. "I'd like him to have some smarts...you know, know the news, some history, spelling, all that stuff. Todd typed it in. "Are you done?" "I think that's all for now," Matt said. "Could I bring him back if I want him to get more stuff programmed into him?" Frank had a worried face on him. "You could, but each time you come in, you would need to pay $100.00 for the time and parts." Matt looked sad. Frank then had a smirk. "But...when if you bring him in to get fixed, I can give fix him for free if we…you know, have some fun? Matt said okay and Frank was thrilled. "Oh, look." Todd said. Peter had drunk the water and was out cold on the passenger seat. While Todd was getting ready for Peter's arrival, Frank had brought Matt aside.

"Matt, I know this may be uncomfortable, but, you brought up that you want to have sex with him. Is that right?" Shyly, Matt said yes. "Well, have you had it before?" Matt said no. "Well, then you don't know what you want in Peter when we fix him up. So, why don't we do it know and then you tell me what you want me to do, what you feel comfortable with and then we'll put that in Peter. "Okay Matt said." As Frank was undoing his pants, Matt said to stop. "Are you completely a robot or are you a robot that was a human. Frank froze up. "I am not allowed to tell you." He then unzipped his jeans and pulled it down to show his underwear. Then he pulled that down. His privates were just like a normal humans and Matt's eyes got wide.

"OKAY!" he said and started the process. After about 5 minutes, Todd yelled to stop as Peter was arriving in the garage. Matt was tired and pulled up his pants but Frank still was naked on the ground. "Man, you are good. I have to watch you and Peter." Then, all of a sudden sparks started flying from his behind. Some blue liquid came pouring out of his penis. Frank's head started to spaz and turned his head one way, then another... his mouth moving, trying to talk. Frank's chest started bouncing up and down like a gay guy trying to make love to his friend. "System overload! OVERLOAD! Todd ran into the room. "Not again," he said. A wisp of white smoke started seeping from under Frank's crotch hole. Todd got really upset. 'I hate doing this.

He then took off his pants and underwear so now the two brother robots were naked. Todd looked almost identical to Frank but definitely not as outgoing. He stuffed his genitals in his hole. He then pressed his left nipple and then Frank's body started to jerk. Matt couldn't help getting hard. Then, out of nowhere, Frank stood up like nothing happened. "Okay, there. thanks bro!" Frank leaned over and kissed his muscles. "I believe Peter is here." The brothers and Matt opened the garage and the android stepped out. "Okay, my job is done. i am going to go charge. The robot walked inside the door and went into a room. The brothers then opened the passenger side door and carried Peter to the lab table. Matt closed the door, locked the car, and also went inside.

Matt was waiting as the two robot studs worked on Peter. An hour later, the security door opened. Frank stepped out first. "Matt, Peter is yours." Peter, the now robot, stepped out looking just the same as he did in class. "Wow." Matt said. "Can I touch him?" Todd stepped out, "Of course, he's yours. We can even hold him here if you want." Matt started rubbing Peter's chest as Peter just stared down at him as he rubbed him. Matt just said "Sure you can hold him." He then pulled down Peter's pants. His genitals looked just like Frank and Todd's. Matt just stared at Peter's urinal. Peter, in his Latino voice said, "You want some of that?" Matt then looked at Peter's face. They both were smiling. Instantly, Matt had Peter on the couch putting his genital into Peter's butt. Frank and Todd just stood by watching. Soon enough though, they couldn't help it and all of them got in the act. This and all the other days of Matt's life were the best ever.

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