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The School Hunks Freeze

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Jimmy was rich but he did not have everything he wanted. He was doing great in his special college, he was an A student, he was loved by all the teachers, but still, he was missing something. Jimmy was always interested in robots and androids but slowly started not obsessing over it because he would be in his 70s when a good human like android would be out. So, he began obsessing about the actual people that he wished were androids. He thought he wasn't gay, but deep down, he was having second thoughts. He would only think of hunky guys as robots, not girls.

One day though, he was browsing the internet and saw a really cool site. It was a link to a live webcam showing hunky guys taking requests from people and doing different things. They were jerking off, flexing their muscles, and even doing close-ups. Jimmy loved this so much at first sight. He wanted to do that with all of the hunky guys at his school but knew he couldn't...or could he?


Later on that day, he did some searching on the internet. He found that someone in China had invented a watch that can stop time. Jimmy looked at the price tag. $900,000 dollars. "Not bad," he said and bought it online. It arrived the next day and Jimmy marveled at it. He needed to have a plan to find the guy he wanted and jerk off. But then he stopped. "My dad works for the police as a detective so if someone was to find out...oh. I'd be doomed." So, jimmy thought again. "How about I watch somebody else do it?" That was a better idea.

Later on though before school that morning, Jimmy thought that more people than himself should see it. So, he went to the site with the webcams and made an account. He then brought secretly a fold-up hand truck, Crazy Glue, a camera, cable ties, and a Ziploc bag. He had his plan ready to go. So, he picked 3 rd period to see if it would work. His favorite hunk was in that class. Marco. He was the tallest in the school, he almost always wore T-shirts that showed off his body, and said bad words every minute. He decided to push STOP when the teacher wasn't looking. It worked. Nobody was moving and all was still. He thought he would do a test to make sure. He stood in front of Marco and started talking to him. No movement. Jimmy reached over and poked Marco. No movement. The last test, take of Marco's shirt. Man, that was nice. 6 pack and what a build. Still, nothing. Jimmy thought this was going to be great.

He went back to his backpack in his locker and took out the hand truck. He was starting part 1 of his plan. Get rid of teachers. Since his school had two different sections totally apart from each other, he would move the teachers. So, one by one, he put the teachers on the hand truck, walked across campus and put them all in a room. Going back and forth took a while and was tiring but Jimmy knew it would be worth it.

Next, he would move all of the students into the auditorium. When he saw someone that he thought was hunky, he would dump them on the stage. All the other students would be placed in a chair. He would then use his cable ties and tie them to the chair so they could not leave their seats. So, all the teachers were stuck in a room away from the auditorium and all of the students were in the auditorium. Jimmy's plan was almost done. Next, he went up to the hunks on stage. This was going to be fun. He took off all of their shirts revealing beautiful bodies. He then stripped some of them. He looked down at areas he had never seen before but only in his dreams. He chose the two hunkiest guys, Marco and Timothy to be his main act. He took moved Marco so he was standing up with his penis straight forward.

He then moved Timothy like he was bending over, looking at the floor. Then, Jimmy put Crazy Glue all over Marco's penis and then stuck it in Timothy. He would let that dry while he was doing the other hunks. He had three more hunks to go, James, Cory, and Ron. He took out his cable ties again. He made it so that James and Cory were naked. Both of them were so close to each other it looked like a hug. He then took out his massive cable ties and wrapped them together so they couldn't move. Ron, was then to lie on the floor in between them to see all the action. Jimmy cable tied his hands and arms to James and Cory's legs.

Jimmy stepped back and looked at his work. This was going to be awesome. He took out his Ziploc bag and placed all of hunks T-shirts, pants, underwear, socks, everything in it. He then went around to every single room and collected every knife, scissor, anything that can help something to be cut. That way, if someone were to get out, they couldn't free anyone else.

Lastly, Jimmy put the camera online. All that the viewer could see was the stage and the soon to be action.


Jimmy then ran away from campus and dumped all of the stuff, the shirts, underwear, everything in the sewer drain so that the police would not find it. Jimmy than ran off back to campus and went in the main office. He collected all of the teacher's room keys and locked every single door, including the auditorium. Then, he took the keys and also dumped them down the drain. His plan was just about done. He had the camera set up so he wouldn't miss any of the action. To make it look like it wasn't Jimmy who set everything up, he went into the rooms with all the teachers. He sat down with them in chairs and then when everything was ready, he pressed START.

The teachers after two seconds realized something was wrong. They were asking each other how they got there and asked Jimmy what happened. He played clueless. "I don't know! I was in my third period class and then BAM!" The teachers and Jimmy left the room and went to the main part of the campus. By the time they got in the main doors, 5 minutes had already gone by. Jimmy knew there would be a lot of action to watch later. The teachers went in the office to get their keys.

"Where are our keys?" they asked. Some teachers thought there was a robbery. All of the teachers went to their rooms to try and find the students. By the time they were done looking and came back to the area by the office. Thirty minutes had passed. Jimmy couldn't wait until later. Jimmy of course did not want to get caught with what he did. After an extra hour, the teachers found back-up keys in one of janitor's closets. They were looking for where all of the other kids were since they were not in class. Saying that he "had to see the nurse because of a bruise he got," he ran off, really to run home. Jimmy ran so fast, he got back in time to see the action unfold. Some students were screaming at what they were seeing. Others just closed their eyes, and a few some actually looked interested and laughing once in a while. The students on stage were in many different forms. Some were jerking off and cumming. Others were just scared looking and trying to tell the others not to cum. Some just realized teachers weren't there and started jerking off for the crowd. All of a sudden, you could hear the students stop making noise and turned their heads. The teachers were in for a surprise.

So, this is how the story went. And Jimmy, well...he had a good laugh at the video and made $1,000 that day selling it on the Internet. Nobody ever figured out it was him. Nobody knew why some people were on stage. But for Jimmy, that was the best day of his life.


...or is it...

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