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Condom Eating

By donl01

submitted June 26, 2009

Categories: Masturbation

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Even though I am much older now I still enjoy the experience of (mine own or, as you will read, my college roommate’s or condom jerking-off, which for those who do not know what that is well when you take your used or friends condom, inserting your cock slowly into the condom, feeling all that sexual energy exploding on your cock. The thought you (or he) just exploded into this only a few hours before, mmmmm.

It started when a college roommate back in my college days put me under hypnosis, of course at the time I thought he would not be able to put me under but he did. Smoking some of his weed before we started sure as hell made it easier. When he put me deep under he entered into my mind, using Mind Control hypnosis, suggesting whenever I see his used condom or my own I would get really turned-on, wanting to play with it with my tongue, lick the outsides, tip etc. Finally slowly tasting the entrance to it, knowing his or my meat was in there; sliding my tongue deeper into the condom, the tip of my tongue getting the first taste of cum, mmmmm. Eventually I became very good of tongue fucking his or my condom. I always liked tasting it slowly, while my other hand was on my own cock enjoying that feeling. He always made sure I would see his used condom when he would leave, I would find it on his nightstand or on top of his sheet on his bed.

The other thought he implanted was condom fucking, again taking his or my used condom and putting it back on my cock, feeling the hot sensation when the head of my cock hits the tip of the cum filled condom, my cock swelling in respond to the feeling. Using the cum as I jerk-off again back into the condom, hearing the hot sounds of my hand wrapped around my used condom covered cock, the cum lubing me and blasting sexual energy into my cock and down to my balls until I explode again into the condom, adding even more cum to it even though a lot of it was used up when I was using it to jerk-off. But when I squeezed out the last drop out of my cock into it I could still feel the original load of cum mixing leaking back down the condom and joining my new seed.

Well that was then and this is now. I’m much older now, but I am still under his influence of his mind control even to this day. I have not seen him since those college days so it just shows you the power of mind control. I just enjoy the experience in my own time and space in my own privacy.

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Condom Eating

Jun 26, 2009

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