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Jack Spat Demon of Instigaition

By biker.bear

submitted July 22, 2009

Categories: Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Fetish, Hairy, Hypnosis, Muscle, Sci-Fi Fantasy

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You know a good deed just keeps propagating itself those of us who travel the paths through the night we have to work at it traveling from one quite spot to another planting a seed here a seed there and always trying to break the chain of good deeds. This is harder and easier than it seems there are those whose job it is to undo the things that I do.

I’m Jack by the way you know Jack Spat the first to throw that punch that landed everyone in jail. That’s me and I’m good at my job a little hate a little ignorance and bang you’ve got yourself a first class brawl. Once I got so many people involved in one of theses little brawls that they had to choose sides and wear uniforms. The humans later called it WWII that was so much fun, those goodness and light busybodies were running around all over the place it took those bastards years to stop it. And at the end a quick hidey hide with the body of the losing leader and to this day no one knows for sure weather he’s still alive or not and some humans are still doing dark deeds in his name.

My favorite type of dark deed is of the sexual nature I just love what men will do for sex to get it to keep it or to keep it from someone else. When I work this kind of deed I always like to wear the same general type of body. One that’s heavily muscled with a general look of a biker thug you know heavy tan military style haircut with a thick close cut beard and mustache heavy tattoo’s on my arms and thick hair on my arms legs chest back and ass. I usually wear biker leather pants and boots with just a vest to cover my chest this seems to draw the most attention from my targets men. They seem to find me either intimidating and want to fight me to prove their manhood or even better they want to have me sexually so they do whatever I tell them in order to get that chance. Sex is the one thing guaranteed to start a fight the last time I used it I started one just by walking in and letting myself be grabbed and kissed by one guy while grabbing the crotch of another each thought I wanted them and each decided that they were going to have me. That night was good all the way around three broken arms five arrests and one poor soul got kidnapped into the sex slave trade. Couldn’t believe it when I found out about that one laughed my self silly for a week at the audacity of some people give them the opportunity and they do my work for me.

One of the things I like the most is finding some poor sap that doesn’t have the first clue and turning them into a first class sexual trouble magnet. The last time I did this his name was Alexander when I first met Alex he was just turning 21 and was the classic computer nerd skinny with glasses and trying to grow facial hair. So since he was of legal age and confused about his sexuality I did the expedient thing and just lured him to me and got him to leave his old life behind and start a new life with me so long story short I kidnapped the little sob and made him think it was his idea.

We moved out to one of these little farming towns where people could mistake us for father and son, and I bought several hundred acres of land and we set up to farm it that coupled with the work outs I taught Alexander to do soon caused the young man to build himself up into a world class body. Then I started to tamper with his memory causing him to slowly forget his old life and start to remember the life I wanted him to have I also fixed his eyesight and I gave the boy the ability to grow hair on his chest and face. Then I gave to him the final piece a dick that any man would want 12 inches soft beer can thick and supported by two nuts the size of goose eggs. Then when I was ready if instigated a little accident on the farm causing Alex to get knocked unconscious when he woke in his bed he had no memory of his past life as I intended he also had no memory of the 6 months he spent building up his body he was now a hard working down to earth farm hand who I had hired to help me run my new farm. This wiped out all memory of me as anything other than as boss and someone he fantasized about. When he woke I was sitting by his bed side with a washcloth and a basin of water the first words out of his mouth were what the hell happened sir? I told him well son if you’re going to stand at the upper barn door while throwing hay bails eventually you’re going to get hit by one.

Alex then tried to get up saying he had to get back out to the fields I put my had in the middle of all that new chest hair that had grown on his chest and gently pressed him back down saying whoa there your not going anywhere for right now the doc said that you could have a concussion and that you waking up tonight would be a good sign that you didn’t he also said you weren’t to get out of bed for at least a day or more because you probably bruised yourself pretty good from that fall. Alex looked around at the room for the first time and asked sir where am I this isn’t the bunk house I told him no it wasn’t it was my room in the main house I said when they asked where to put you I said my room so that it would be easier to keep a eye on you and that way I don’t have to go running all the way out to the bunk house when you try to do something foolish like going back to work tomorrow.

With that Alex sighed knowing that he wasn’t going out to the fields to work tomorrow. I went around to the other side of the bed and sat down on it and started to remove my clothes I got my boots and socks off and stood up to remove my overhauls by the simple expedient of unfastening the hooks and letting them drop to the floor I don’t wear shirts or underwear as a normal everyday thing so I was standing there exposed in all my glory when Alex turned his head and looked at me to see what I was doing I caught him with a look of open mouth wonder at my hirsuteness and musculature when he looked down at the meat hanging between my legs I saw his tongue dart out and lick his lips. I said to him well were else did you thing I was going to sleep there ain’t no other beds in this house and that couch downstairs is not made to be slept on.

I pulled back the cover on the bed which made Alex realize for the first time that he was nude as well not just shirtless. I got into bed and pulled the cover over us and turned off the light. As the night wore on I heard Alex fall back asleep as the novelty of sleeping in the same bed as another man wore off. He turned himself so that he draped his arm across my arm and chest and I did nothing to stop him as this is what I was hoping would happen I felt it as he slid himself closer to me and I could feel that hard ramrod of a cock as it pushed against the side of my leg. I moved the hand that was trapped between us and lightly brushed that hard cock causing it to drool pre-cum and it caused Alex to moan softly each time it was touched.

I turned on my side to face him causing his arm to go further around me and our cocks to touch I then leaned forward and slowly kissed him causing him to awaken what’s going on he whispered what I thought you wanted when you put your arm around me I said as I reached down and cupped his hard cock and balls knowing they would me extra sensitive right now. As I did it I heard soft baby moans from Alex as his body was taught new sensations it had never had before. I asked him you do want this don’t you? I encouraged his answer by stroking his cock and kissing the hollow where his neck and shoulder meet his answer was a soft “yes please, please don’t stop.”

And with that I began to teach Alex in earnest all the things that two men could do to each other we started simple just normal every day sex I would pleasure him by kissing his body from lips to toes and back and work on his nipples by sucking on them and teasing them with my teeth then work my way down through the sea of hair on his chest to his cock which I proceeded to give a good working over with my mouth sucking on it chewing on it and using sound to vibrate it while he pumped it in and out of my face. Then to have him prove he had learned his lessons well, I made him repeat everything I did to him to me and told him if he wanted to add things then he should go right ahead.

We did a couple of weeks of this as we were also still working the farm and even though there were no farm animals we still had a lot to do. As we progressed we started doing other things together besides the sex I would invite him to hang around the main house and have dinner and after dinner I would light up a cigar and I would catch Alex looking at me with a wistful look on his face like he was wondering what it was like to smoke one. I asked him one night if he wanted to try one and he said sure but he’d never smoked before I told him it’s easy and showed him how to clip and light a cigar as he puffed on it I could see another part of the programming I’d put in his head kick in he’d now be a life long smoker not just of cigars but of pipes too. Because in my world a real MANS man isn’t a man unless he smokes cigars and or pipes and Alex has the looks to do both and since he was in my world he would do both.

The next day we had to go into town to get some supplies for the farm some food stuffs we didn’t grow for ourselves and other things we were unable to make. As I was coming out of the feed store I noticed that Alex was coming from the general store with two boxes as I came over to meet him he handed me one and said thanks for letting him smoke my cigars these were to replace what he had smoked and the told me he had gotten his own box and had seen this pipe he thought he would look good smoking. I told Alex that I put a notice up for some more help and that he would be the farms foreman and would answer only to me and that anything he wanted to do was ok as long as the farm was maintained. I figured it was time to let the new Alexander out to play and the best way to do that was with people you had a monetary hold on like farm hands. I had Alex take and move his belongings up to the main house as he would be staying there. That opened three rooms in the bunk house to be used for the hands.

I ended up hiring three kids just out of their first year of college they were out on their own for the first time and didn’t want to go home so they could stay on their own. They said they didn’t know anything about farm life but they were big strong and willing to work.

I looked into the boys heads and saw they were telling the truth the really were completely ignorant about more than just farm life the boys were on football scholarships and had little in there heads except football they had been best friends all their lives and always played for the same teams the constant playing and weight training the coaches had put them through had left little room in their heads for anything other than following orders. Their various coaches had made sure they passed their school work just well enough to stay on the team but had never actually tried to educate them.

I hired them on the spot figuring it would be easy for Alexander to break them to his will. I told the kids they could move into the bunk house the next day and that they would report to the foreman by noon to start work. Later that night I was telling Alex about the boys and as I rammed my cock up his hole I told him about Craig Vince and Mike and how they were slow mostly because they were never expected to be different than the average football jocks. I kept pumping my cock in and out of his hole and grabbed both nipples with my fingers and started twisting and pulling on them this got him panting and groaning and moaning as I knew tit play while being fucked was his favorite.

I told him he could screw with Craig Vince and Mike to his hearts content as long as the work got done as I finished my instructions I buried my cock to the hilt in his ass and almost ripped off his nipples which caused his rock hard cock trapped between us to start shooting his man milk into the space between our chests. I pulled out of his ass and stood up at this signal he came over to me and started licking his cum off my body starting at the top of my chest and working his way through the dense chest hair down to my groin then he took and enveloped my soft cock in his warm mouth and proceeded to clean the cum and shit off of it after working me back to being half hard he pulled off my cock and proceeded to clean my rather large ball sack. I then told him to go and shower and clean himself up.

As I watched Alex walk into the master bath I thought that it odd the way Alexander had dealt with the training I had given to him Alex was everything a loving Master top could want he never failed in pleasing me and was always correct in actions and dress. But let him know you expected Alexander to be there and you got someone totally different Alexander was a Master Top a total he man someone you wouldn’t fuck with. I sometimes wondered what it would be like to sleep with Alexander not fuck Alex. When Alex came back into the room I made my decision it was time for Alex to leave and Alexander to stay I looked at Alex and said Alexander and as I said the name a complete change came over him gone was the subservient attitude and with it the head bent to not look at me his head came up and looked me square in the eye his posture straightened and his arms went to his hips as if just by placing them there he was saying what the fuck do you want. He said yeah I thought you were playing with Alex tonight as he said this he walked over to were Alex kept his cigars and took one clipped it and lit up. With what he said and what he had just done I realized that Alexander knew everything that Alex did but that Alex did not know about Alexander. I asked Alexander if he wanted to go on being both himself and Alex.

Alexander said no he had learned everything he needed to know as Alex and that it was time for Alex to do what good slaves do when they are done serving and with that Alexander closed his eyes took a deep drag on the cigar and slowly let it out and as he did I realized that I was watching the retirement of Alex and I would never see him again. Then Alexander slowly opened his eyes and gave me a evil half grin that made me a little afraid for what was going to happen next he walked over and got into bed and said so are you going to sleep in the bed or on that lumpy couch of yours? I went over and got into bed and laid down this person I had slept with in this same bed was not Alex and would not respond like Alex if I did something he didn’t like.

I knew I would have to make the first move as I had won by making him get into his own bed Jack wouldn’t do anything without me instigating it because he feared my reaction I wasn’t his little submissive Alex anymore I was Alexander and I was also a master top just as he was and two masters rarely if ever played together.

So I reached over and ran my hand through his chest hair and sucked on one nipple and played with the ring that ran through it. I heard him gasp I worked my hand down through the soft fur on his chest to the soft fur surrounding his groin he let out a little moan as I crossed over from his abs to his groin a soft no as I approached his cock and another moan as I moved around it to cup his balls and play with them. I slowly moved my lips from his nipple down his fur covered chest sucking and licking here and there and hovering over his cock I asked him in a quiet whisper of a voice do you give this to me his response was just as quiet a whispered yes and with that I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it knowing that he realized he had given me willing control and withholding it would now be harder.

After I sucked his cock and balls for about 10 minutes I moved my way down to his ass as my tongue approached his puckered hole I heard a please sir no I came up from preparing his hole with that evil half grin on my face and said but isn’t this what you wanted when you gave me complete control over this body and just to drive the point home I shoved one of my fingers in up to the third knuckle I continued to play with the pucker with my thumb while I talked to him wasn’t this running through your mind when you told me I could suck on that beer can sized horse meat hanging between your legs and with that I shoved another finger in all the way getting a gasp and a moan from him this time. You know your going to give in to me so why don’t you and save yourself the fight.

He replied that no one had ever fucked him and no one ever would as he said that I took my last two fingers and thrust them into his ever expanding hole causing a cry of pain to come from him as he both tried to stop me and kept himself from moving because he was my slave at least for tonight and saves didn’t move when put in position. I leaned down and licked his hole good and said, “For a virgin your ass sure is talented,” I then worked my thumb up into his ass causing a scream of pain that slowly subsided I “tsk, tsked” him and said, “You know very well a good slave boy doesn’t make any sounds without his master’s approval,” and just to punish him I forced my fist up into his ass and as I listened to him softly moan I said, “Good boy; you’re learning.”

I then started to fist fuck him because I wanted him to be loose for when I put my cock inside him I wasn’t little just like him. I was hung like a horse on enhancers and was a big around as a couple of beer cans, which was one of the reasons I wore baggy overalls all the time. Otherwise anything I wore would look indecent with my cock snaking down the leg of my pants. As I was doing this my cock started to fill out and starting to stand tall. I was nearing the point were I would not be able to hold back any longer and I pulled my fist out and rammed in my cock and started fucking his still tight ass. He screamed at me as I split his ass open wide with my dick because even though I wanted to loosen him up I didn’t have time to get him loose enough for my monster cock. I was glad that I didn’t get him all the way loose though because a muscled up bear screaming as your cock splits him open is a wonderful thing even better is after they get it all in and starts screaming for more. I kept pounding away at his ass and prostate and he just kept screaming for more and more and finally I sprayed is insides with my load and pulled out rolled over and went to sleep with a parting shot of, “If you beat yourself off, I will beat the living shit out of you; do you understand me boy?”

As Alexander rolled over and gave me his parting words for the night I was amazed at everything he had done to me and at how well he had turned out. I never expected him to become the hard core Master he had become while buried beneath the persona of Alex. He’s just about ready if things go good with the ranch hands I’ll have some new slaves for the farm and Alexander will be done with his training and ready to go out into the world.

At dawn the next morning me and Alexander awoke to bright light streaming in from the windows and a blearing alarm clock telling us it was 5 am and we needed to get up and moving. We went out into the barn and got all the cows milked and feed along with feeding and turning out the horses for the day. About 9 am the first of the new field hands arrived to move in and it turned out to be Craig he pulled into the drive in a new mustang convertible and asked were he should park it. Alexander told him that it was to be parked back behind the farm hands bunkhouse unless he was driving it.

As Craig moved his car over behind the bunkhouse, Alexander said to me “I think I’ll follow along and see if he needs any help.” As Alexander arrived over at the bunkhouse Craig was just getting out of his car and unlocking the trunk. “Need any help with that son?” I asked just as Craig lifted a couple of large duffels out of the trunk of his car. Craig replied that that would be great as I reached in and grabbed the last two. I led Craig into the main room of the bunkhouse, and told him that he and the others were luck in that Jack had just had the bunkhouse redone from the traditional all one room to the individual rooms.

He said that was cool and asked which was his I told him that since he was the first to arrive he got to choose. He said cool and choose the room with its back wall running the rear of the building with the large window that faces out to the pool and hot tub the boss had built on the property I told Craig that he was allowed to use the pool and tub just not to make too much of a mess when he did. After I helped him put away his things which was mostly clothing that was inappropriate to farm living and I commented about that he said that he had brought all the stuff he owned that way it didn’t have to go in to storage while he was here. I also said the was going to need a pair of boots instead of those tennis shoes he was wearing he said he had a pair in the back seat of the car and would go and get them. While he was out at his car I took the opportunity to go through the boys clothes draws as I did I found out two things: the boy sure liked his muscle shirts and the little shit didn’t wear underwear. With that in mind I kind a started to wonder if maybe one of his coaches had started work on him already what with him always answering yes sir to my questions and orders.

Craig came back into the room just after I closed the drawer I asked him if he wanted to go down to the pool and take a dip since it was so hot out. He said he would love to and I said I would meet him down at the pool unbeknownst to him while I was going through his drawers I took and pulled out the only pair of Speedos the boy owned as I walked down to the pool I passed the trash fire that was going from this morning and I just tossed them in. I figured that they would all profit from acting like real men and swimming in the nude just like I wanted them to. I would have to see how the others were going to have to be handled but as far as Craig was concerned I was pretty sure the boy had had some control work done on him before I wanted to see just how much and how far I could push it.

I was at the pool just sitting down in a chair when Craig came up and said he was going to have to take a rain check on that swim because he couldn’t find his suit. I decided to go with the hayseed routine I would try to use off and on while reprogramming them to follow my will. I tilted my head to the side and said to him, “You wear more clothing when you go swimming; I ain’t worn a thing when I go swimming--never could understand you city folk needing to change clothes all the time,” and with that I stripped off the boots and jeans I was wearing and dove into the pool I had let him get a look at me in full furry glory just before I dove in.

When I came up I looked back at him and saw him standing there with his mouth open. “Well boy,” I said “you going to get in here or are you going to be a fly catcher; either is fine with me.” I then said, “Or is it you’re afraid you won’t measure up when you bare all?” As I said that he got real red in the face and I added, “Oh yeah--that’s i--you’ve got a small one and are afraid I’ll find out.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll show you!” he bellowed and ripped off the muscle shirt and revealed a hugely muscled chest covered in thick mats of hair soaked in sweat. I had figured him for being hairy because of the massive amount of hair on his forearms and the fact that he had a series of tribal tattoos on the biceps of both arms drawing the lookers eyes to the striations in the muscles helped to point out just how strong he was. He then kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his pants and forced them to his ankles showing off a bulging jock strap he kicks off his pants. He slowly pulled off the black jock he was wearing clearly showing that someone had conditioned him to care for his jocks above all else he wore. As he pulled down the jock he didn’t realize that he was doing a strip tease for me as the black material came down revealing the golden brown hair of his pubic region a thick veined tube of meat came in to view that unrolled with the dropping of the jock pouch it flowed over the baseball sized nut sack that came into view as the pouch was pulled away from his crotch as the jock came down past his knees the cock finally left the pouch and the head came into view showing that Craig’s parents had left him uncut.

He stood there proud and with just the hint of a woody forming causing his cock to harden and strengthen. He just stood there waiting for me to comment about his man hood so I took the bait and said yeah that’s a good man size set of cock and balls but its nothing compared to mine. I then got up out of the water and hoisted myself onto the deck of the pool and let the kid see my 15 x 8 ass rammer and the baseball size balls that powered it hanging from my groin the kid’s mouth dropped open in astonishment my cock was starting to get hard from the intense staring the kid was doing. I looked at him as he unknowingly licked his lips and I smiled an evil little grin. I had him.

I barked, “Well I didn’t get out of that nice pool to have you stare at me, get on your knees and suck my cock boy--it’s what you want isn’t it?”

He fell to his knees and took up my tool trying to get as much of my hardening rod down his gullet as he could his mouth felt wonderful on my cock and as he worked it with the skills of a master cock sucker it told him that he was my slave now. I have a camera that covers the pool and if you ever do anything that upsets me I’ll send pictures to everyone you care about and to the school do you hear me boy he pulled himself off of my cock long enough to acknowledge that he was my slave then he went back down on my cock and tried to pull the cum right out of me. I told him enough of that and pushed him off of me with my foot.

“Get your ass over here; it’s time I clamed what’s mine and mine alone. You ever let anyone but me or someone I tell you can fuck you and I will kill you boy. Never mistake that that ass of yours is my sole property now,” and with that I took the my cock which he had lubed nicely and shoved all 15 inches of it up into his ass in one go the kid screamed and screamed till I reached over and shoved his jock in his mouth and told him the next time I fucked him, if he screamed I would cut his tongue out.

I heard someone start clapping from off to the side and saw Jack sitting in one of the loungers. When I noticed him, I started to pull out and push in a little showing my ownership of Craig’s ass and he gave me a grin that said he knew what I was doing. What came out of his mouth was: “I just love to see my employees getting along.” As he came around to Craig’s face, I got to see the hope in his face die when Jack looked not at him, but at me and said, “Since you have that end all filled up can I have this one?”

I shoved into Craig harder and said, “The boss is gona fuck that pretty little mouth of yours boy; you make him mad or hurt him and I will beat the living shit out of you.” I told Jack that Craig’s mouth was all his driving home the fact that he no longer owned his own body and it was mine to do with as I pleased. I started to hear cars coming down the lane so I released my load and coated his insides, with my cum marking him as my property.

Jack hearing the same unloaded his joy juice into Craig’s mouth telling him not to drop any of it or he’d beat the shit out of him. Then I told Craig to get his slave ass back to the bunkhouse and get cleaned up and not to talk about this to anyone.

Vince and Mike came in the same truck arriving about an hour after Craig did I met them out in the yard and told them the same thing about there truck that I had told Craig about his car then I helped them carry in their bags like I did Craig talking all the while about the property. They were both stronger willed than Craig who I had taken in only a mater of a few minutes. Both these boys had strong wills that had never been battered down by someone with the intent to control their lives like Craig’s coaches had so this was going to have to go down differently. I told all three boys that they could call me foreman or boss since most people find Alexander cumbersome.

I asked Mike to come help me with a project and told Craig to show Vince around the farm and make sure you show him the pool area too. With that Craig’s head bent down and he said in a subservient tone yes boss I will. I smiled knowing that Craig was fully conditioned now to obey me and this caused my dick to twitch and Craig with his downcast eyes saw this and looked up at me quickly with a longing look on his face, and I knew not only was he conditioned he wanted it too and that truly made him mine.

I led Mike out to the barn and asked him to help me throw some bails up into the loft and move some others out for the horses. As I was asking this I started to pull off my shirt showing off my build and my hairy chest while I was doing this Mike pulled off his shirt and showed of a very nicely muscled chest covered in a heavy lair of man fur that adorned his chest and arms he also had a tightly cropped beard running the line of his ruggedly handsome face his jeans encased very little in the way of surprises as I could see the outline of his leg muscles and the line of his cock and balls it also told me that Mikey boy didn’t wear boxers or briefs.

As we got started throwing the bails into the loft I started showing off since Mike Could only handle one bail at a time I started throwing two--one from each hand just to prove who was the stronger. As we got to the bottom of the stack I said ok now we need to move this over to the horses and I picked up 4 bails and moved over to the stalls. I watched him struggle with a bail in each had trying to prove that he was a match for me and smiled to my self and thought so this one is all about strength.

After we had recovered the stalls in hay I led him out the back of the barn after stopping the office and grabbing a couple of beers I kept in a little fridge there I stopped and sat on the grass just on the bank of a little creek that ran through the property. I said to Mike man that’s hot work isn’t it he replied that it was and hoped he got use to it. I told him you will kid it’s just a matter of getting in there and living the life. Having finished my beer I said I was going for a swim as I was too damn sweaty to go walking all the way back to the pool to cool off and with that I stripped off my boots, socks, and jeans and stood up and asked Mike if he wanted to join me. Mike looked up at me just as I planed and got a good eye full of me nervously he asked what if the boss comes I told him kid as far as your concerned I am the boss if you mean the guy who owns this place well hell kid there have been days that I’ve seen him going about the place bare as the day he was born except for his boots he says that this is his farm and if the men who work it and live on it want to go nude then they damn well should. I was still standing over him so I know he was looking at me as I reached down and scratched my cock and balls real good mainly putting on a show for him. I slowly stepped back as he got to his feet as I stretched my arms above my head flexing for him and showing off. I turned my back and walked down to the creek as I heard his zipper come down.

As I reached the water I turned around and was about to ask if he was jacking off when I saw that that’s exactly what he was doing. The little fucker was trying to get off in the effort to get control back. Well we can’t have that can we so I walked back up to him and took what was a good size cock in my big paw and quickly brought him off. Then just to prove the point that I was more of a man I got him hard and off again in just less than 2 min. At that point he gave up and as I walked back down to the water he came following behind me. The fact that I could force him to cum with nothing other than my hand had for the moment shattered his will, but the fight for control was not done with this one but was on the way to being there.

Now that we were both in the water I got busy with phase two the reward phase. I told Mike that for being such a good farm hand that he got to worship the foreman’s body. Mike stared at me for a moment as if he was scared and had his dreams come true at the same time and didn’t know what to do. I said, “Boy come over here,” he came and stood before me I said, “Now since you know shit about how to properly worship, I will tell you what to do this time and only this time--am I clear?”

He replied “yes Alexander.” I took and smacked him with my hand and said, “You will address me as either boss or foreman--is that clear boy?” He hurriedly replied, “Yes foreman.” I then said, “Good, now take your hand and slowly run it along my forearm and as you follow it up to my shoulder, I want you to take your mouth and trace back down it. After you do that, you will repeat it to the other arm paying attention with your mouth to both pits, giving them a good cleaning. Is that clear boy?” He replied “yes foreman” and got to work. After he finished with the arms and pits I instructed him to start working on my chest and to pay attention to my nipples and fell back into the enjoyment of feeling his mouth on my body.

I didn’t know what was going on here I was my first day on my new job and I was standing here worshiping my bosses body and I didn’t know why I didn’t like men yet I still couldn’t take and stop myself. He extruded what it meant to be a man and demanded worship for it I didn’t think that he was ever was turned down by anyone. He extruded strength and command and he knew that when he gave an order it would be obeyed just because he gave it. I wrapped my self around his body wanting to prove to this mountain of a man that I was worthy to worship him. As I licked and tasted his body I wanted more of it I couldn’t tell what it was weather it was the taste of his skin or the fact that he was murmuring softly to me that’s right that’s how a good boy does it and you want to be a good boy don’t you I kept hearing this over and over as I liked every part of his body I could get to as well as run my hands over. I was consumed with the desire to make myself his by giving all to him.

Things were going good I had progressed to the point were he was working his own way around my body and was responding to the phrases: that’s how a good boy does it and you want to be a good boy don’t you? Each time I repeated the phrase he worked harder as I reinforced the things he was doing as correct and welcomed. I wanted him to get comfortable with doing things because I said to. I next lead him up on the bank of the creek and laid myself and him down and told him to continue stroking my body as he was, but now he could go below my waist.

Mike looked as if I had given him the keys to the city he started by stroking my biceps and working his way down my chest as he approached my waist his touch became hesitant fearful of displeasing me and unsure of what to do. I whispered he was doing fine and asked if he liked it he replied yes foreman. I told him boy take that cock hanging between my legs and suck on it like you like to have your bitches suck on yours boy. He looked up at me and I could see in his eyes that he knew that this would change everything for him and start him down a new path for his life.

His hot mouth framed by his mustache and beard hung over my hardening cock. I could feel the hot breath as he exhaled and froze as his wants and needs warred with each other. To tip the scale I barked at him “Get your mouth on that cock now boy,” and as the last of that sentence left my mouth his mouth dropped down on my cock and he started working my knob like cock was dying out and mine was the last one on earth soon he had me moaning and ready to shot I reached out and with one big paw I held his head down on my crotch and unloaded my load down his throat forcing him to swallow all of it. As I let him up sputtering and coffining I said, “You liked that didn’t you boy; liked taking a real man’s seed and tasting it knowing you’re my bitch to do with as I want to.”

Man I don’t know how it happened the Foreman took me up on the creek bank and laid down with me and had me start worshiping his body a gain and that was great his body was a work of art all those hard muscles covered in soft thick fur I just had to touch it feel it run my tongue up and down it and then he had me over his cock and I just froze unable to decide if I wanted to take that plunge change my life forever by doing it then he decided for me and it took so much weight from me that I followed his order without question and devoted myself to pleasing my Foreman the way a real man should be pleased and in pleasing his cock and body I gave up my will to the Foreman and made my last decision as he shot his load down my throat. I would now do what ever the Foreman said he was the center of the universe his will was my will and his command was my compulsion to carry out to the bitter end.

As the tremors subsided I stood up and pick up both mine and Mike’s clothes. I said come boy and led him back through the barn and stopping long enough to put our clothes in my office. As I did this Mike started to utter a question and I reached out and grabbed his nuts and said boy this is your one and only warning you don’t get to ask any questions unless I say you can. Mike replied yes Foreman I then continued on towards the main house and other buildings with Mike following me. As we came up to the bunkhouse I told mike to go and get us something to eat. I also told him he wasn’t allowed to put on any clothes until told otherwise.

I walked around the bunkhouse to the pool deck and saw Craig and Vince along with Jack sitting around the pool. Vince looked startled so I assumed that Jack hadn’t been working on him. I came over and sat down in one of the deck chairs and just looked at Craig and frowned and Craig realized that he had done wrong in not telling Vince what to expect. He hurriedly explained to Vince that since there are only men on the farm Jack the owner had decided that clothing would be optional as he didn’t like wearing more than he had to. Vince looked over at Jack and Jack replied that the essentials of what Craig said were correct. Just as Jack was confirming the story Craig gave for me being nude Mike came out on the deck carrying a plate of sandwiches and a cooler of beer. He said to me I hope it’s alright as I didn’t realize I would be doing cooking I had nothing planned out. Vince looked over at me and I told him that we would all share the cooking duties. I told Mike that sandwiches and beer is fine with me and I saw both Mike and Craig relax as I told Mike he had done well and would not be punished for it.

After dinner I told the boys they had better take and go unpack and get some sleep as the day starts early around here. As they went back to the bunkhouse I sat there with jack and said these boys have been easy so far two of them didn’t know they wanted to be controlled hopefully Vince will be more of a challenge for me Jack replied that Vince was purely a heterosexual and didn’t have a gay thought in his oh so empty head I looked over towards the bunkhouse and saw both Craig and Mike standing at the edge of the pool deck waiting for us to notice them as good slaves are want to do. I put a bit of anger in my voice and said what are you to little maggots doing there well out with it. Mike who still had somewhat more spunk left in him than Craig, and he said we wanted to see if you needed anything else before we retired for the night Foreman. I looked at Jack and smiled a wicked evil smile and said yes there is and I motion for mike to come to me and Craig to Jack. I asked Mike if he minded that I had taken your will from you. I reached out and put my paw behind his head and drew him in.

As I was doing this Jack rose before Craig could take and get to him and stared at the boy with disapproval showed and Craig stopped and with down cast eyes pleaded his question. Boy you need to be on your knees when you approach me. Instantly Craig dropped to his knees and crawled forward to me. Now you may undress me as I haven’t had the privilege of being undressed earlier. I sat back down and motioned Craig forward and had him take my boots off. Now boy I want you to suck on those socks and pull out the funk that’s in them Craig instantly started sucking on the socks. As I watched he took and treated the socks as a reward for good work. After he had finished with the socks I told him to reach up and remove my pants he undid the large gold buckle of two bear fucking in silver and unfastened the buttons on my 501’s I then stopped him and said I he could only use his mouth to finish taking them off.

Craig moved to put his mouth over my crotch and I could feel his hot breath as he opened each button with his mouth and as he finally gotten the last button open I raised up again and allowed him to take and pull off my pants by lightly griping the crotch of the pants with his lips and slowly work them down my legs. I was now only wearing just a button down shirt I wore when we had guest who didn’t know about the clothing rule. Craig was doing everything he could to please me as he didn’t know what I was going to if he didn’t please me. I didn’t want Craig showing any initiative so as he started to rise to undo my shirt I kicked his legs out from under him enjoying the small sound of pain that he tried to keep from coming out as he landed hard. I snarled at him boy you don’t do shit unless I tell you to your ass is mine to use as I please until Alexander says otherwise. Now get off your ass and get up here and get this shirt off of me you little shit. Craig took and jumped to his feet and using only his mouth undid the buttons on the shirt and pulled it off of Jack.

While all this was going on Vince was watching from the edge of the bunkhouse in the shadows. Going through his mind were things like what the fuck are those two fuckers doing to them Craig and Mike would never do that to a guy hell I’ve never seen them do half those things to a woman. I’ve watched them both fuck girls before hell we’ve all fucked the same one before so what’s going on?

As Jack and Craig were getting into their evening I told Mike I needed to piss so get on your knees and open your mouth boy. Mike dropped and took up my cock in his mouth and awaited for me to empty my bladder down his gullet as I was finishing Mike started working my cock with his throat muscles trying to milk every drop he could from it. I pulled my cock from his excellent milking of my cock and patted him on the head like a child and told him he was a good boy. I then proceeded to tell him I needed to cum and he asked if I would use his most unworthy of asses for that purpose. I told him that since he had been a good boy and thought about the Foreman before himself that yes I would. He turned around and laid himself over the stone table that we had been using for eating to give me access to his ass and as I walked over to him I worked my cock up to its full hardness. As I reached him I just plunged my rock hard cock in and was proud of him when he didn’t scream as I reached my full depth I murmured to him he was a good boy and that I was proud of him.

Vince couldn’t believe his eyes both of his buddies were being fucked and degraded by these two guys they were making them do this some how and he would find out and make it stop. What Vince didn’t know was that this was all just a show for him that both Alexander and Jake were using this to prepare him for what lay ahead for him. Jake had let Alexander know when he felt Vince watching them from over by the bunkhouse and Alexander had decided to do a little show and tell. By having Mike and Craig go through the acts of pleasing both him and Jake he felt this would start the breaking of Vince since his will was the strongest of the three he would take the longest. Vince didn’t know what to do should he rush out there and drag both Mike and Craig out of there, or should he go and punch out his bosses the guys seem to really enjoy what there being made to do maybe he should just leave the whole thing alone. With that thought forefront in his mind he quietly walked back into the bunkhouse.

The next day I sent Craig and Mike to the fields that were on the far side of the farm and had them do maintenance on the fences out there I kept Vince with me working the nearer fields. I had come out to the bunkhouse in a flannel shirt, jeans and boots and issued orders for the day to the boys to take the brown truck load up with wire, tools and food and drink and not come home until dark. Vince I told to get dressed and meet me at the barn when he got to the barn I saw he had dressed nearly identical to me jeans and boots only he was wearing a black cotton cowboy shirt. I started the day by taking him out to a ripe field of wheat.

I told him we were going to start harvesting it the harvesting equipment was old and open to the elements so that by the middle of the day when temps were over 90 degrees we were both covered in sweat and I said lets stop and get some food and some thing to drink. We went over to a small cooler I had brought out with us so we wouldn’t have to tramp back to the house at lunch. As I sat down on the grass I took and removed my shirt so I could cool off. “Vince why don’t you take off that shirt, you can’t be comfortable in it.” I said. Vince took his shit off I got to see that Vince lived up to his Italian name the skin of his chest was a soft olive and covered in a thick dark fleece covering of hair it covered his chest and stopped just at the base of his neck the hair rolled down the front of his chest like a carpet of hair that showed no breaks no thinning the carpet continued unbroken right down into his pants. I could tell from the way that his pants had soaked become soaked in sweat and clung to his body that he was wearing a jock.

I started a conversation with Vince about what he studied in college. He told me he was studying P.E. which was an easy way for him to meet his college requirements while playing sports to hopefully go pro. I asked him, “What would you do if you couldn’t make pro?” He said he didn’t know; he kind a liked working here; so far the physical labor was nice, but just like at school it didn’t get his mind working he didn’t have to think about anything he didn’t like that part of either of them.

I looked at him and said, “Son do you know how much thinking goes into working a farm? When to plant; how to plant; and especially what to plant? Do you know how much science goes into it? I took two years at the local community college just in Ag-Science just to hold down this job”

He looked at me with a open mouth and said, “You’re kidding right?”

“No I’m not--the boss took and put me through school to run his farm.” Then I said, “Come on kid, let’s get back to work--the field won’t harvest itself.” At the end of the day we were shutting down the equipment and as I said it’s not the newest there is. Vince was climbing down from the seat when it happened just as he was near the bottom he lost his balance and fell as I reached him I saw that his leg was twisted at an odd angle. We rushed Vince to the hospital and the doctors there said that his knee cap was torn up and the cap itself was broken in three places. Then he asked the question that every collegiate athlete will ask when they are in the hospital “Will I be able to play again?” And like so many poor kids before them who saw sports as their only way out, he got the answer he dreaded. He would never be able to play at the professional level he wouldn’t even be able to play at the collegiate level in the fall.

Vince broke down at that point crying like a baby both Craig and Mike went to him and tried to comfort him like any good friends will do. I went over to the boys and put a hand on both Mike and Craig’s shoulders and they both fell back. I took their place at the bed side and sat next to Vince and laid my hand on his upper thigh and looked into his eyes and said, “Son, maybe this happened for a reason; maybe you’re not meant to play pro ball. If you want I can teach you some of the stuff they taught me up at that two year school, and then if you still like it at the end of the time you’re with me you might think of finishing school with that as your goal.” All three waited for the other two to tell me the horrible news finally since Vince was the only unbroken one not conditioned to stay silent until spoken to he told me. He said, “Alexander they won’t let me continue with my scholarship now that I can’t play and I can’t get loans or have the cash to do it with out it.”

I said, “Well we’ll use the school idea as a working plan and leave worrying about the financing to me for now, okay?”

It was only about two weeks before Vince came home from the hospital the doctor told us that he could do some walking, but no working the fields and no operating heavy machinery as he was on pain killers. I had the guys out in the far fields that day. I had gone and gotten Vince myself and took him into his room and gotten him undressed and the promise of his chest was realized when I removed his pants an saw that the carpet of black hair continued unbroken down to the tips of his toes I also saw that his cock was also covered in hair.

I laid him down on the bed and said, “Hold on kido, doc said to make sure you took some of these first.” I gave him the pain killers and slipped in a little something that will make Vince suggestible for about the next 4 hours on the dose I gave him. I let him lie down and step back and sit in a chair in the corner. After about 20 minutes I say, “Vince can you hear me?” and get back a sleepy “yes Alexander.” I tell him,”Now I want you to imagine you are on an elevator and as the elevator goes down, you get more and more relaxed and happy; can you do that Vince?” He replied, “Yes Alexander.”

“Good floor 1, you’re feeling relaxed now and the concerns about your schooling are falling from your mind. Floor 2 your body is relaxing even more than before and now you know that making Alexander happy will make you happy every time you do something that makes Alexander happy; you are happy. What will make you happy Vince?” “Making Alexander happy will make me happy.” “As we reach the third floor your body becomes four times as relaxed as you did on the floor above. Now you realize that everything Alexander tells you is the truth his truths over ride everything you know to be truth. You will also stop calling Alexander by his first name and from this moment forward you will call him Foreman; you won’t be able to call him by any other name.”

I asked him, “What’s true to you Vince?” He’s said, “Every thing you tell me is the truth--even if it’s something I know to be wrong, and I can only call you Foreman.” Foreman. Right there he was I knew he was mine I then brought him up out of the trance and left him in the induced sleep of the pain killers.

The next day I sent the boys out to finish the field that I and Vince had been working on while I took and went out to the bunkhouse and said, “Okay Vince, time to get to work.” He looked up at me, startled and said, “Bu-bu-but the doctor said I couldn’t do any field work, Foreman.”

“I know son, I was there, but there is nothing stopping you from learning how to plan how to plant a field and how to order seed and other things you can do as office work now is there?”

“No Foreman there isn’t.”

“Well, come on out to the central room and I’ll start showing you my set up. And with those bandages on your leg, you don’t need to worry about pants or a shirt--you ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before.” I heard him struggling to get out of the bed and in a few seconds he came into the room buck ass necked I had him sit next to me at the table and I powered up my laptop I then opened a program and Vince was caught by the pulsing lights and displays (gods I love led and LCD displays the individual controlling of the screens crystals and LED let me display thousands of images at one time bombarding his subconscious and conscious minds)

Vince froze as the screen began reprogramming him on a subconscious level turning him into a heavy leather/cowboy top that was also my slave. Unlike his friends I was going to keep Vince for myself he was perfect for me or at least he would be after I was done. The laptop kept him in trance for about four hours and when it released him he looked at me and I saw total devotion in his eyes and then his eyes went back to normal but his cock couldn’t hide his lying eyes and it showed that just being next to me was stimulating him. He thought that I had been lecturing him on field crop rotation and about nitrogen regeneration.

I said, ‘Rready to apply some of your learning to the real world son?” He said, “Yes Foreman,” and with me standing behind him with my hands on his shoulders he planed out the planting of the field the other boys were harvesting. We then moved on to ordering the winter clover to cover the field and what fertilizers we thought we would need for that specific field. The boys came back soon after that ready to eat and that would be the next test as the boys came through the door and saw Vince sitting there Mike said, “Hey Vince, you fixing dinner tonight?” Vince snapped his head around and said: “No you little shit, you’re fixing dinner. What ever entered you candy assed slave head that made you think I would cook for you?”

This pleased me very much; this meant that the programming had taken full effect. Both Mike and Craig snapped into submissive roles as soon as Vince showed by tone of voice and wording that he was dominant to them and he was in charge. Mike said: “Sir is there anything in particular you would like for dinner?”

Vince said, “No I’m busy so it doesn’t matte--fix what ever you would like.” Vince then turned back to the laptop and said, “Foreman do you think we’ve finished with this field for today?” I said, “Yes I think we’re done for today; why don’t you come out to the hot tub? I think it will help your knee don’t you?”

“Yes Foreman, I think it will.” We left the laptop on the table and told the boys to join us when dinner was ready. As we got nearer the hot tub Vince said to me, “Thank you Foreman for showing me there is something to life other than sports; I really enjoyed working with you today. Is there anything I can do to repay you for this?” We reached the tub as he finished his statement; I told him go ahead and get in as he got in I took off my clothes. I stood above him on the edge of the tub as he turned as he got in.

I saw the Foreman standing there looking down at me and all I felt was love I had never felt like this for a man and never for a woman the man was everything I wanted to be he was strong and caring and dominate all at the same time. I thought for a brief instant this was the same thing that the others were doing. It was then over ridden by the thought that no it wasn’t I was still in charge of myself I mean what happened in the bunkhouse proved that.

So that issue resolved I looked unabashed at the Foreman he stood there so manly with out even trying looking like a real man should a scruffy beard on his hansom rugged face his muscular body covered in thick hair that covers the front of his body like a carpet down his legs and over the tops of his feet both his arms are tattooed down to the forearms the tattoos are of tribal art bands and lines that make his biceps and triceps look like there in cages his forearms were also covered in a thick carpet of hair as well I moved back from the steps and as I did I noticed that he wore a piercing through the slit in his dick, and that dick was wondrous it was about a foot long soft and that ring looked like is pulled gently on it causing it to stretch to it’s maximum soft length it draped snuggly over his golf ball size furry balls.

Then the Foreman came down into the water and came to me and took me into his arms the touch of his arms sent a electric thrill through my body and something in me changed I wanted this man I wanted to submit to him and only him something said this was right he was the stronger the strongest of men and that meant his was the right to dominate me control me. As his arms closed his lips came down to meet mine and this just reinforced what his arms told me. He guided his mouth down from my lips and to my neck I gave him my neck to do with as he chose to rip out or suckle on he chose to suckle and I was in heaven then he reached up and took my nipples in his fingers and twisted it sent a electric shock right to my dick causing it to rise up and into his crotch.

The Foreman said to me, “Boy I’m going to make you mine right now if that’s what you want.” I told him “I wish to belong to you Foreman now and forever,” and with that he turned me around plunged his hardening cock into my virgin ass.

As I took his virgin ass for the first time the last of the programming I had given to Vince slipped into his conscious mind and made its changes and locked everything in place he was mine and would be now until the worlds collide.


The world continues on though not in the same way it would have if we hadn’t come to the farm. I Vince serve the Foreman in all things I aid him in the running of the farm and training the hired hands. I still go to college though I switched to AG science per the Foreman’s directions. One task for me is to look for and nudge new prospects into the hired hands positions. The old hands after their summer of work are sold at auction after being trained they drop out and go to work at various places were unquestioned following of orders is an asset. We may have to expand the Foreman’s operations as the government is hinting it would like a bulk order.


Well Jacks back for the final word in this story after all (never thought that damn author would get back to me) now didn’t my little Alexander grow up to be the conqueror of men we all new he could be although I didn’t think he would take Vince as a slave but when you through humans into any mix chaos always shows her hand (the bitch). As far as havoc goes I’ll admit its not much but then this is a long term project I mean three men in three months is nothing, but its already showing results I mean the families of the young men Alexander and Vince condition and sell are already causing a stir as the families go looking for them and demanding actions from police who can do nothing as the boys left school of their own free will and just disappeared.

As for me I’m tired of playing the humble sadomasochist farmer who lets his farm hand run a white slavery ring. So I sold Alexander the farm at a very good rate for him and with the rumors of a government contract for Alexander’s slaves he will do very well. Well time for me to get moving and see what’s out there for me to throw a stone into. Be seeing you…

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