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POWER. Submitting to a man in his car

By teachmedeepthroat

submitted November 15, 2009

Categories: Sex On The Road, Older/younger

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The following is a true story.

It was a warm fall afternoon I was returning to college after a weekend at home. My car (a Civic) was in the shop my father let me borrow his 350Z for the week. I was a little bit of a gear head at only 18 and I loved speed, but I knew the Z was too much for me to handle anyway. My father was constantly reminding me. I was only 5'8" and 135 lbs. I had a swimmer's build, but limited muscle mass.

I stopped to get some gas. After paying the attendant I walked back to the Z and saw that one of the sexiest cars I had ever seen had pulled up at the behind me. It was a brand new Dodge Charger R/T, white with black stripes down both sides. It's bold styling, huge power, and throaty exhaust note made me wet.

The driver was very hot too. I couldn't stop staring at the car or the driver as he got out. He was about 6'2, late 20s or early 30s, very muscular, brown hair with a well trimmed goatee. He had several tattoos on his neck and forearms. I could tell he was a cocky bastard and with good reason.

He must have noticed me eye fucking him or the car because after about 30 seconds he said "This beast would rape you're little Z." I was sort of dumbstruck, and I started to get hard. And his voice was so deep and sexy. I knew I didn't have much protection as I was just wearing workout shorts with nothing under, but I tried to play it as cool as I could.

I explained to him that I thought his car was one of the sexiest cars on the road and that it was my father's Z and I hated it. He went on to tell me that he had just picked it up from having a kick ass radar detector wired into it, and that it had 372 horses and he had purchased it a month ago.

I finished pumping my gas and started walking around it and checking it out. All the way down to the big chunky wheels, this thing oozed manliness. He asked me if I wanted to go for a little ride.

I blurted out "Yes!" in about a quarter of a second and he laughed at me. I moved the Z into a regular parking space and jumped in. He took off letting the back end slide out as we left the gas station and jumped back on the highway. He was flying. We were going well over 100 miles per hour for about two exits. Then he jumped off the highway and we took back roads.

That's when the conversation turned. He said "Damn boy, you must really like this car. Look at that tent you're making." I blushed and said nothing. He then looked at me intensely and said "It is the car isn't it boy, or are you one of cocksucking faggots? Yeah, you're a faggot huh. All you boys in your Zs love to bitch out for us power men." He started to rub his crotch. I was scared, but really intrigued.

He grabbed my hand roughly and placed it on his crotch. I felt a HUGE lump through his jeans and my jaw dropped. He laughed at me and said "Yeah boy. I'm about to show you what a real man is. Take it out for me boy."

I did as I was told and when it flopped out I jumped back. I had sucked plenty of cock growing up, but this thing was a really fat well formed 7 1/2 inches cut with a beautiful mushroom head and it wasn't even fully hard. He said "Boy, quit being suck a little bitch and get down on this dick or I'll kick your pussy ass out right here."

I was scared, but what choice did I have. I had no idea where I was right now and there was no way I could walk the distance back. As soon as that head hit my lips my shyness disappeared and my hunger took over. I was gagging and slurping on that huge cock as it grew to a fat 9 or bigger.

Now he was telling me how much I loved it and verbally degrading me. His favorite name for me was clearly faggot, and for some weird reason it was driving me wild. I was sucking harder and more intensely than I ever had before.

All of a sudden we turned down a bumpy dirt road and it was hard to not let my teeth scrape his cock. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me up to his face. He barked "Watch them teeth you little faggot!" and spit in my face, then slammed me right back down on his monster cock. I gagged and almost heaved but then the car stopped. He ordered me to get out and strip.

I looked around to see where we were. There were no lights in sight and we were just surrounded by fields and woods. He began "Faggot!" as he was not pleased with my hesitation, but before he could finish I had jumped out of the car and was nearly completely stripped.

He got out too and ordered me to bend over the hood. I did as I was told. He started to inspect and play with my ass. Spitting on his fingers and rubbing it on my pussy. He asked me if I had ever had anything this big up my pretty little cunt before. I said "No SIR!" He laughed and this evil grin came across his face.

The next thing I knew he had grabbed me by the hair, spun me around, and slammed me down on my knees. He was slapping me with his huge heavy cock. This was the first time I saw his low hanging balls. They were HUGE. Probably the size of limes or kiwis and hairy. I was in love, and I dove in hard gagging and slurping on that huge cock.

He said "Damn boy, you want this dick bad huh?" All I could do was let out a muffled "uh huh!" and look up into his eyes. He asked me if I wanted to empty those big balls and I let out another muffled "uh huhhhh!" and started to suck even faster and harder.

He asked me where I wanted his load, but I refused to answer and just kept sucking as if my life depended on it. I didn't want to choose. I wanted this man to put me in my place. He pulled back and ordered me to suck his balls. I did immediately, but I couldn't even get one in my mouth. They were just massive.

Then before I knew it he had me standing and bent over the hood again. I felt the hot wet big fat head of this beast's cock being rubbed around my hole. I knew there was nothing I could do, he had my wrists pinned at my sides. I just accepted it. Then I felt him line up and start to slide it in. I let out a few gasps. This was bigger than anything I had ever taken before, but I was totally intoxicated by this incredible man and this super sexy car.

He slowly slid it in deeper and deeper until I felt his enormous balls firmly against my ass. The last inch and a half were brand new for me and I did a bit of squeeling which made him laugh. He was really kind to give me a couple minutes to adjust and then I really wanted to be able to take it all and serve this god the way he deserved to be served. I started to wiggle back and forth and push back to grind him as deep inside me as I could.

That's when the pounding started. And boy could this man pound. At first it was pure physical agony, but knowing what a hot man with a huge cock I had I made myself press on. The truth is I don't think he would have stopped if I begged him and I would have ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

He plowed into me for what seemed like an hour and then I felt him tense up and heard his intense deep moans. He shot load after load into my tight little pussy and collapsed on top of me. Once he regained his strength he got up, got dressed, and I did the same. On the ride back he said nothing and I was still trying to catch my breathe.

As he dropped me off he told me if I wanted it again to be here at the same time next week. He'd bring a buddy. I smiled and was about to tell him "I'll be there." but before I could get it out he took off.

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