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A Dude Loves Jude - part 1

By blondeallover

submitted April 25, 2010

Categories: Bisexual, Crush, First Time, Holiday Cheer, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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Terri moved her hand down to her fiance’s lower torso and pressed her fingers into his pubic area to trace the thick plumping boner swelling against the fabric of his jeans. She surmised the warm stiffening was not just from the stimulus of her probing fingers, but the content of the card he was reading for the umpteenth time. This was one of the most precious things she enjoyed about the current man in her life, whom she had selected to be her soul mate for the rest of her days. Her ear pressed against his chest listened to a slight quickening of his pounding hear beat. Where he may not express himself well verbally, those animated organs that defined his sex communicated the subtleties of his desire and intentions with endearing complexity. “Oh, come on, sweetie. Admit it! You really want to try it. Don’t tell me you haven’t been curious about such a thing for a long time now.”

He was quick and almost irritated with his retort. “I am not gay.”

“I know sweetie. If it was a girl who had forwarded this card into your hand at the brunch party today, I would have been ready to find out who she is and strangle her. But the idea of another guy being hot for you, gets me real wet so fast.” He was able to get her out of all her clothes in record time and was amazed at the number of times she orgasmed, always with shaking intensity.

“Damn!”, he thought to himself. “If I can get her off that heavy and the sex can continue to be this great, I will have to play along as long as I can. What a way to start the year.” The catalyst that prompted all the happy commotion for the New Year was the anonymously presented early homemade Valentine card from an apparently gay friend. It reads as follows:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Know you got a great gal, But I just keep lovin’ you !

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I should know better it’s true, But you stick in my head!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Don’t be offended, I’m a guy who wants you, dude!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, You must’ve wondered its true, What its like to give a dude head!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, You give me head Jude My love for you will always be true!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, We get to a secret bed, You’ll know how much I love you!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Together let’s get naked, Don’t hold back and let’s screw!

I am so hot for you, Jude. I guess you know that. I know you aren’t gay, but just for once try it with another guy. I am super discreet. No one will ever have to know. Afterward, you can walk away and no one will be the wiser. I am so in love, I suggest we meet on Valentine’s Day. But with Terri, I know that might be difficult, so we can set a time for the weekend after if that will be more convenient.

Just admit it to yourself that one day you want to see what it’s like to suck on another cock. What is the point of depriving yourself from that curiosity? This is my email address: hot4jude@xxxmeet.net. If you are not interested, write me back. If you do not write back, I will know you are doing something that hurts nobody and are at least thinking about it. I will write back within days before Valentine’s Day and reveal who I am, when and how I came to love you, and where we can rendezvous.

Love from a secret admirer and ur wanna be passionate lover !

It was Terri, not her fiance Jude who responded the next day.

Dear Hot4Jude,

First, I know where you are cumming from (HA! HA!) Jude is a very sexy dude. But I hope you are too. I can really get off with the idea that it is a cute guy who wants to get down and dirty with my guy. I want another hottie to seduce Jude and get all intimate and passionate with him. Do I know you?

If you write back and tell me who you are and I think you are cute, trust me when I insist Jude will meet with you on Valentine’s Day and get it on with you, as a Valentine gift to me. I know at one time his gay cousin would suck his dick in between steady relationships. According to Jude, he was good at it. But I do not believe (or cannot be sure) whether he has ever sucked off another guy before. If I agree to this little Valentine’s Day rendezvous, he will acquiesce to your desire to have him suck your cock.

Another question: Do you beat off to fantasies about doing it with Jude? I look forward to a reply soon and suggest you may want to send pictures of yourself.

XO in Appreciation, Terri

P.S. You could really score points if those pictures were of you nude.

Dear Terri,

I am just ecstatic that you are turned on by the idea of Jude having sex with me. Let me be upfront. I want Jude to be my gay lover. But I love your sense of devotion and the upfront way you state your feelings. I want him to be your str8 lover (and husband) too. Do you think such a thing is possible? I hope I am cute enough for you. I am Tristan Bellwether and we have been acquainted for some time. I was Jude’s tennis coach (sort of, I assisted Jed Numbers) when he was at the college. Yeah, I know. That was a horrendous season.

I had written in my Valentine that I would explain how I have come to love Jude. When I coached that tennis team, I was struck by his perpetually smiling blue eyes and toothsome grin. When I would help instruct on his serve, his muscles rippled noticeably and his scent would make my head spin, like I was getting a sort of high. But it was in the locker room showers that I truly fell in love. Most guys shower in each other’s presence in a sort of guarded way below the waist. But some are unselfconscious and wash themselves just the way they do in private. That was Jude. It did not matter if we had just lost a match, those smiling eyes would gaze on a team mate as he conversed, and his hand would be almost absent-mindedly soaping and rinsing his crotch, penis, balls, and thoroughly shampooed pubes. His hips would be almost thrust a little forward as if to almost accentuate his hygiene to sexual offering. Well it was offering an eyeful for me and more than once I would find myself almost sprinting to a supply closet to conceal a boner coming on.

Mind you, I have always known I had a wandering eye for the well-formed guy, but it wasn’t until I encountered Jude that I knew I was full-blown gay. I broke with my girl at the time and sought gay interludes, thinking one day I would meet the equal of or surpass the image of Jude. Four years later and I never have, and I owe you a debt of gratitude for allowing me to open up to you about my intense feelings for him. No matter what comes of this, I hope we can be close friends from now on. Yes, I bust my nut and shoot a hot load when I fantasize about having sex with him. LOL! I will see what I can do about sending nude photos eventually.

………………. The remainder of the correspondence was about the motel, where they would meet, and other logistical information for a Valentine’s Day meeting.

Dear Tristan,

Everything is ready sweetie and Jude seems a little resistant to the whole arrangement. But I actually think he is a little turned on and curious about how things are going to turn out. Me? I get wet in the panties every time I think about it. LOL! Here I am calling you sweetie the way I do Jude, but I already feel I know you like a brother. I know you but we did not know you are gay. You are a smaller framed guy than has normally been my type, but I think you are very cute and I am sure any nude pictures you could forward would be very hot for me. The thought of you two naked and in each others arms almost makes my fingers freeze up at the keyboard. LOL!

I know exactly what you mean about Jude showering. Sometimes I sneak in and stand as far back in the tub while he is showering, and ask him to pretend like I am not there. Watching him wash himself with the water rushing over him and casually hum and sing in that soft voice of his is the most sensual thing I have ever seen.

As far as Jude becoming your lover and my husband at the same time, well we will just have to see how events turn out. Whatever happens, I just feel I can really trust you and that you will not do anything to hurt us or yourself. We are soul mates for the finer things in life. LOL! But he will be at the motel that Thursday evening at 6:00 PM for absolute certain and he will do anything you want him to.

XO with Hugs and Kisses, Terri

P.S. FYI, Jude has such a cute ass that he has enjoyed my fucking it with a strapon, off and on for the last year or so.

Tristan waited in an unassuming almost sterile motel room determined not to appear like some slouch to his new love interest. He wore his best beige cashmere sweater, but his first impulse after checking in and examining the room was to strip down and leave the door unlocked. He would greet his new lover in the nude stretched out on the queen sized bed. He has started blind dates in vaguely similar circumstances, but his better sense indicated this would be too bold for a first encounter with a nervous straight guy.

When his partner in intimacy knocked on the door that unusually mild evening however, he opened it and Jude walked through wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt and beat up looking jeans.

“Hi Jude! Thanks for showing up.”

Jude just looked him in the eye, speechless with almost a scared look and suddenly dropped to his knees in front of startled Tristan. He planted one hand on the standing man’s waist and reached with his other to unzip the standing man. His mind had been racing all day. He could hardly wait to uncover the guy his fiancée had been urging him to meet and embrace in physical intimacy. He was going to find out once and for all whether he would enjoy or be repulsed by going oral on another guy. Tristan became instantly excited and started to go hard like an on switch. Was it really true that the man of his dreams was finally going to put the focus of his male excitement into his mouth and suck a mind-blowing explosive load out of him? His head reeled to the delicious sensation of the bigger man’s reaching through his open fly and boxer fly with outstretched fingers and grasping his 7 ½” twitching meat to extract in open exposure.

Jude flash backed to that moment of thrilling adventure when he was 18 and he finally peeled off a young girl’s panties and got up close and personal with female anatomy for the first time. But this was very different. Reaching to fondle a guy’s excitement for the first time had a ring of familiarity about it. The cock was not the same dimensions as his own but its features and the effect of how he would manipulate them were known to him. His mind shifted to when his cousin had blown him and those moments of nagging curiosity of how well he could satisfy another guy by servicing him. The subtly animated living guy meat in his fingers seduced him to the moment and he immersed himself to the task of experiencing what it would be to be serviceable this way. The odor and taste, not at all unpleasant emanated sort of a magnetic thickness and his tongue explored with pressured sweeps the velvety smooth pliancy of the head, the firmness of the shaft and acute partition of the ridge. He wanted to taste it and feel it with urgency like some new candy. He bobbed his head so that it would run to the back of his mouth and along his cheek . The tongue tip would sweep away the tart and salty tasting flow of pre-cum from an increasingly dilated piss slit.

“Oh yes, sweet guy”, Tristan moaned in heady delirium. “Oh how I’ve dreamed of you sucking me like this. Do it Jude. Suck the life out of me and drain my nuts dry . Speaking of nuts“ He pulled his encouraging hands away from Jude’s head and temples and reached to expose his hairless sac with excited orbs. The sucking man moved his mouth down gently maneuver first one orb and then the next into his mouth so that the tip of his tongue could familiarize itself with every ridge. The recipient focused on every delectable sweep of tongue and the seeming experienced conviction of the practitioner. Back to his cock head and the sucking man marveled at how tasty and pliant the male organ was, as if it had been designed to be enjoyed as much by the cocksucker as its owner: a lip smacking treat. “Oooh, it won’t be long, now. Yes, suck it like that. . . . Try and take it in and swallow when I shoot. I can’t, can’t hold out much longer. Unconsciously, Tristan was swinging his hips so that his cock had started to impact to the back of Jude’s mouth and impact to the open of his throat. The cocksucker resisted the need to gag and the stimulus triggered the first of many ejaculatory spasms. “Oh, yeah I’m cumming now, but don’t. . . . . .aaaaheeeee.” Great ropes of slightly congealed salty bleachy man spooge splashed against the opening of the sucking man‘s throat. He struggled to swallow it all but succeeded for the most part.

Before the softening guy meat slipped from the sucking man’s mouth, Tristan started to tug at his partner’s hooded sweat shirt to remove it. “Oh Jude, man that was the best sex ever. I love you dude. I’ve loved you so much for so long, now.”

Jude spoke for the first time, but allowed this first time partner in male intimacy to wrench away his clothes and his flushed bare torso was becoming exposed in the commotion. “Well my little Valentine queer man, do you think you’ve got what it takes to fuck me?” The shorter man standing at about 5’ 9” stood speechless unprepared for such a direct question. “That’s right, my little smitten one. I read that last message my love queen sent you. You think that tool I just sucked a load out of with such sterling expertise can do as good a job reaming up my tight ass as she does?

Jude was startled by the loud and boisterously confident reply. “I could fuck your sweet tight ass until you couldn’t bear the thought of my dick not slamming you up there.

“You’re on, hot stuff. Show me what you got. “ By now they were stripping each other with such abandon, clothes were flying every which way. Heads, eyes, and mouths inched closer and finally lips pressed and tongues intertwined in oral mating. Tristan could taste residue of his own cum and it had the effect of greatly renewing his ardor. Exploring hands groped bare flesh and twisted nipples in the flush of new passions and desires. They boldy stroked and grasped turgid man flesh and guided each other to the waiting queen bed. “I want foreplay, queer man. No way are you going to cram that horny bone you got up me dry. Eat my ass, man. Lube my hole by fucking it with your tongue.” The air was electric with sexual aggression. Tristan brusquely asserted his challenger to lie face down supine and legs spread wide and knees bent. He spread two sculpted muscular ass cheeks himself and dove his face and mouth to the appointed mannish rosebud. His tongue thick with a layer of saliva licked and thrust little digging motions against the tiny opening. “Oooooooo fuck yeah, you little ass slut. Slobber against that hole and get me all wet and ready.”

With his left hand he reached under the lying naked man’s front and fondled the splendid thick long meat he had so far only had a chance to glance at. He also gently played with the mature masculine walnuts that shifted about in an impressive growth of lightly fuzzed nut sac. He quickly slobbered fingers of his right hand and gently inserted it through the firm grip of rectal barrier. He withdrew once and twice until he detected some muscular relaxation there. With his index finger inserted 2 or 3” in, he started to insert his middle finger in as well in the same sequence. He could discern his subject of sexual practice was no stranger to anal play, for he could tell his bowels would flex rendering it easier for him to gently stroke the end of his prostate. “Oh that’s nice, ass fucker. Go ahead! Do your stuff. Shove it in and let me feel what its like to have that horny tool of yours stuffed up in me.”

“I’ve got an idea.”

“What, are you going to be a little stinker and back off my ass, now.“

“No way man, I was just thinking it would be comfortable if you got on top and sat on it, so that it would slide in a way that you control to your own comfort level.”

Jude’s twisted head with almost frowning expression morphed into an almost sly smirk. “Why you sly little devil. You really have thought this out with your wicked horny imagination, haven’t you. If you think it will make for better fucking, I defer to the queer man.” The bigger lying man shifted his warm naked body to the delight of his partner and they both eagerly arranged themselves on the bed to position for an act of unparalleled male bonding. Tristan knew that in the throes of passion that he would better be able to acquaint himself with his long held love interest’s naked charms. He was not disappointed. Jude’s splendid thick 8 ½” thick meat with cut small head set off by a handsomely fulsome tuft of tousled dark man pubes languidly shifted about in the maneuverings. His own cock raged and swelled with the need for further contact. It was the sexiest visual moment of his life as the bigger broad shouldered man lewdly squatted over his mid section, powerful outstretched thigh muscles tightened as he steadied himself with one hand and the two them both reached for what would be the impaling man meat to guide it to the squirming aperture to be seated in unobstructed sexual coupling. Jude felt the point of cock head line up to his tiny opening and satisfied that the alignment was right lowered himself very slowly to feel the meaty heat easily breech and penetrate into his most intimate orifice. Focusing on the sensation, the warmth and liveliness were a welcome contrast to the hard plastic of the strapon. The linings of his passage were not stretched or spread apart as much as with the artificial toy, but the male organ seemed to adapt and adjust to the movement of his ass very readily and he sensed pumping action would be easy. He was amazed at how sensitive he was inside his ass to every twitch and pulse of guy meat, as if the conjoining in and out body parts were made for each other. He thought, “no wonder Terri got to love taking it up the ass so much.”

Tristan was ecstatic about the close body movement with the man he had pined for so long. He very carefully moved his hips in syncopated movement to affect a coordinated rhythm. Every time his partner lowered his powerful ass, Tristan would pump up to meet him. Jude had reached for the headboard to hold on, angling his ass for greater impact. The man in a trance of physical love under him was thrusting his hips almost frantically, now. “Thwap, thwap, thwap.” He would raise his head to stick his tongue in the fucked man’s mouth. With one hand he reached down to grab the splendid thick meat and jack it and with the other he would twist his nipples.

“Ugh, ugh”, Jude would grunt earthy noises from deep in his gut much to partner’s delight. But from back in his deepest bowels there was only a sense of nagging yearning. He delighted in the friction of his prostate with sharp thrusting man tool, but the impact was not deep enough. “Is that as hard as you can fuck, sport? Your dick is not that undersized. I want to feel it bangin’ into my guts. My girl can fuck better than this.“ He stopped and lifted himself up and nearly shoved the other naked man aside as he lay himself down on his back.

Tristan was genuinely startled and started to lose some stiffness. “Oh I am so sorry man. I only want to do what it takes to make it feel good for you.”

“Well then get your queer ass up and move up over here to fuck this horny hole.” The sight of Jude on his back with his leg muscles all taut as he had them swung back and clasped at the back of the knees to prop his open and awesome ass revived the electricity and stiffness in Tristan’s manhood. As he clambered over the lying bigger man to mount him once more. “You were the man who knew all about the serves. What the fuck, I thought you could serve up a good fuck better than this.“ Tristan was now determined to show his new lover he knew about rough stuff. He lined up his heated cockhead to the lying man’s very flexing bull’s eye and thrust in with some force. The rectal depth grabbed hold of his cock with a challenging grip. He started in with long and quick strokes both in and out. “Yeah, now you’re fucking man. . . Oh my queer man, if you were so hot for my ass, all you had to do is show it. . . Do it, yeah. . . . Fuck hard like that.” With his ass propped up to savor every crushing thrust forward past his blissfully battered prostate deep into the inner recesses of his bowels, he cringed with the joy of painful friction to evince unparalleled pleasure. “Oh yeah, if you really love me, keep it up like this, man.” The large and heavy bed was now creaking and shaking in a way that would only happen with the coupling of men in their passion play.

“Oh Jude, I do love you man.” In the passions of his thrustings, he was snarling himself and induced to nibble at his partners neck and shoulder blades. He now reached down to stroke at the hot banana and then thrust at an angle where he knew his lower abdomen with fuzzy treasure trail would slam into his partner’s stimulated ample package.

“Yes, yes, . . . . .oh you little stud, I am going to bust loose, hard and fast now.” Panting like an assaulting bear, suddenly Jude’s expanded cock danced its throbs of climax to squirt many increments of warm man jizz. The squeeze from the mechanics of ejaculation against Tristan’s ready meat induced that wave of heat so that his partner could feel that sweet splash of slithering man cream into the upper reaches of his acutely exercised man hole. They both panted now voicelessly for five minutes. Tristan collapsed into his partner’s arms. When Jude pushed Tristan off himself, he broke the silence. “Not bad stud. You got off to a shaky start, but you really got me off in the end. Kudos!”

“Jude, it was awesome and I am more hooked on you then ever. . .”

Jude interrupted, “Wait just a sec there, lover boy. I’ve got a say in this matter, but my woman has got the final say. We don’t make a move until my goddess and angel speaks from on high. Got that, sport?”

“Got it.” The smaller naked man smiled and giggled. He beamed partly with pride and partly out of the steady trickle of his cum that was oozing from his lover’s ass. He was confident that the young woman who would be calling the shots would be sympathetic to his physically amorous intentions. He could not help himself from snuggling and cuddling himself against his larger partner and Jude did nothing in protest. He gently rubbed his hand up and down Jude’s torso in post coital intimate gestures and he was encouraged as he noticed the placid dick begin to liven and swell again.

“Of course, I think you’re pretty cute. You do a good job of keeping yourself in buff tone to your credit and that feels nice. You realize that one day I am going to want to fuck you. Terri will probably want to watch when that happens.”

The smaller man swooned. “Oh Jude, that would be heaven.”

Jude smirked back. “I thought a queer man like you would like to hear that. But be warned, once the clothes are off of you, I can fuck the stuffings out of you.“ They both laughed heartily and the jocular amusement caused both their flaccid dicks to bounce about in the moment. “Well, I guess its time for that reunion shower of ours. No doubt you will want to watch me clean my dick and balls.”

Tristan grinned back and affectionately nestled his head into the crook of the arm of the one who was the focus of so much desire. “You know how hard that will make me.“

The bigger man responded by giving him a good swat on the ass cheek. “Well get your lazy butt out of the bed and let’s get to it. I’ve got to pee, anyway. Oh, and speaking of lazy butt, where the hell are those naked pictures my woman wants? No matter, we can take care of that before we leave. She leant me her camera.“

They arose and the two naked men sauntered off to the bathroom, the smaller man’s arm wrapped around the waist of his partner. The partner was not finished in giving out instructions. “Before we finish our shower, you understand you are going to knosh on my meat and suck another load out of me. I figure she won’t object to that. “

to be continued . . . . .

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