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Buddy and I share

By David Johns

submitted December 10, 2010

Categories: Bisexual, Foreskin Fun--Uncut, Friends, Threesomes

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My buddy and I recently shared some sexual fantasies we both share. I might mention that we have seen each other in the locker room at the gym and we have very similar bodies and our cocks are very similar except he is cut and I am uncut.

We both found out that the other fantasized about sharing a woman with another guy, one cock in her ass and one cock in her pussy. I have seen plenty of videos with this scene, but he had not. Little did we know what was coming up!

We were talking about this fantasy at work one day when a female co-worker happened to be outside our door and was secretly listening in. After a while she knocked on the door, and when I opened it, there she was.

"I heard about you guys' fantasy and I wanted to let you know I have the same fantasy. Want to get a motel room?"

Wow, my bud (whose name is John) and I couldn't believe it! "You bet!" I answered for us both. We decided on a motel close to us, and she told us to go there and get naked and she would be there shortly.

John and I raced to the motel, got a room (we called her cell phone with the room number), and then took off our clothes. I could John was as turned on as I was since we were both rock hard. John's cock pointed straight up toward the ceiling, almost touching his belly, and it had a nice mushroom-shaped head.

My cock pointed straight out and the foreskin still covered three-fourths of the head. "Nice!" I said to John, looking down at his cock. "Yours too, buddy!" John responded,"I like your hood." "I like your mushroom," I complimented him back. And then we heard a knock on the door.

In came our friend (whose name is Betty). "Wow! You guys are all ready!" Betty said to us. She quickly stripped. "OK, David, since yours points straight out, just lie on your back on the bed."

She didn't have to ask me twice. I lay down, my rock hard cock pointing straight up. She straddled me and slowly lowered her pussy down on my cock, pushing the foreskin back till my super-sensitive head was exposed inside her pussy. "Oh man!" I exclaimed.

"Now you, John," she said to my friend, who (I could see him in the mirror on the wall) came up behind her, pushed his cock down and placed it at her ass hole (after lubing up with spit) and then slowly entered her tight ass. "Oh man!" John said as Betty said "Oh yeah!" All I could say was "Oh yeah baby!"

I could feel Betty's tight pussy grasping my cock, and I could also feel John's hard cock rubbing on the other side of her pussy wall. (John told me later that it was really hot knowing that it was my cock he was feeling on the other side of her ass wall.)

"Let's go, guys!" Betty told us. I stayed still while John started, pumping his cock in and out of her ass. Then I began to move, pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, feeling the foreskin sliding back and forth over the head every time I went in and out. We were all groaning in pleasure, Betty most of all. Damn, that was hot!!

We kept this going for a while and then Betty told us to swap places. John pulled out and Betty got off my cock. Then, following Betty's encouragement, John lay down on his back and I held his cock back so it pointed straight up and then watched as Betty lowered herself down on it. "Oh yeah!" they both said at the same time.

Then I went behind Betty. My cock was already lubed with my own precum (John didn't really have any precum it seemed) and Betty's pussy juices, so I could easily slide it in her ass. Man, it felt good as her ass hole pushed my foreskin back as I entered!

Then I began thrusting, then John began thrusting, and off we were again. We could feel not only each other's cocks inside Betty, but we could also feel our nut sacs gently touching each other as we pumped. That was so fuckin' hot!!

"Oh yeah!" Betty let out as she climaxed. "OH FUCK!" she said ever louder. John and I could both feel our cocks being squeezed by her pussy and ass as she cummed. That was hot too!

Then Betty asked us to stop, which we did, our cocks still in her. She told us how she wanted us to come: She wanted to lay on her back, playing with her swollen clit, while we jacked each other off onto her tits.

John and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Why not?" we must have each thought. So we positioned ourselves on either side of Betty, lying on her back and massaging her swollen pussy lips and clit. I reached over and took ahold of John's swollen mushroom-headed cock, and he reached over and wrapped his hand around my loose-foreskinned cock.

I had seen plenty of cut guys jacking before, so I knew I was to pull my hand up and down and let it rub especially against the rim of the head. (I could tell from John's moaning that that was how he liked it!)

John hadn't held an uncut cock before, but he quickly figured out how I like having the foreskin pulled back and forth over the swollen head. "Cool!" John said as he watched my cock head play peek-a-boo because of its skin cover.

I could feel his cock starting to swell, and I said, "You close, John?" He said breathlessly, "Oh yeah!" and I said, "Me, too! Let's shoot our cum on her!"

Out came gobs and gobs of hot cum from both of our cocks. We were both shaking from the intense climaxes we were having, and Betty was cumming yet again from her touching herself and her watching us make each other cum.

"Time to go back to the office, boys!" Betty said with a wink. We were all so out of breath, but we knew we'd have to go back and pretend like nothing had happened over the lunch hour. That would be difficult!

Betty got transferred to another city not long after, so we haven't been able to have a repeat session with her. But John and I have begun to meet frequently to jack each other off -- we even docked one time! That was hot, I can tell you! We both came inside my foreskin, and we saw all the cum leaking out of my hood onto both of our nut sacs.

John and I will never forget what we did with Betty. But I think we also will not forget what we did with each other -- and we KEEP doing things with each other, too. Having a buddy like that is great!

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