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By teachmedeepthroat

submitted October 9, 2011

Categories: Discipline, Fetish, Initiations, Orgies, S/M, Secret Clubs (Men)

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It all started 17 days before. I replied to a personal ad from a man like I'd never met before. He wanted someone to control COMPLETELY. He made it very clear he was a total top and described it as a conquering. He called me 5 minutes after i replied. From that moment I was his. Immediately he was inside my head and when I was in his presence I never made any decisions. I was led. We would speak everyday from then on. I told him all of my awful filthy desires, a lot of things I'd never done. I let him invade me emotionally, completely yielding to this powerful, intimidating, superior man.

2 days ago there was a package on my doorstep when i got home. As soon as I crossed the threshold my phone rang and it was this man. The package was from him. He instructed me to open the box. Inside was a black backpack. He allowed me to open one compartment and in there I found a medium sized buttplug and some silicone lube. He told me to wear this as much as possible for the next 2 days, at least 10 hours each day. There was also a note in the box from this man. It had step by step directions for how I would meet him on Friday. Today was Friday. He signed it MASTER. He told me I was now to call him MASTER. I did not hear from him after that.

As instructed I parked my car at the train station and walked 9 blocks to an old decomissioned hospital to wait in an alcove in back. I was getting nervous and almost turned around twice on that walk. I arrived at 7:02 , 2 minutes late. I heard a motorcycle coming as the alcove came into my sight. I ran to get there in time. Just as I rounded the corner I heard the roar of the bike get significantly louder and all of a sudden there he was. He was 40, 6'4", shaved head, very strong and visually intimidating, with piercing eyes, huge black boots, in a black leather jacket and jeans. He was riding a beautiful, low-slung silver harley. He parked quickly and climbed off. He took long strides and was right in front of me seconds later. He was enormous and I was frozen, aghast. All he said was "face the wall" and shoved me as I turned and rushed to the wall behind me. He took my shirt off and pulled down my shorts. He slapped, prodded, and squeezed my ass roughly for a few minutes and then pulled a larger buttplug out of the backpack I had been carrying. He asked if I'd been "obeying my MASTER?" and shoved the buttplug in. I winced but thanked my MASTER. He pulled up my pants, handed me my shirt. After I put it on he spit in my face again and asked me who I belonged to. I replied "you MASTER." and he grinned. I was so proud I had pleased him.

He turned and walked back to the bike. It was clear I was meant to follow. I pulled up my pants, grabbed the backpack and was only 2 steps behind him the whole way, which is pretty hard to do when you're still adjusting to a large buttplug. He put a collar around my neck and then the heavy helmet on me, visor up. He mounted the bike and then said to me "get on slave." I quickly climbed on the back. The hard seat pushed the plug in deeper and once he started the bike it vibrated. I was forced right up against his big strong back. My MASTER said "visor down." The visor had been painted over from the inside. All I could see was a sliver of light at the bottom. And we roared off. I was scared and I held on tight. MASTER drove fast and soon we were on the highway. I could tell by the power of the wind his huge body was mostly shielding me from. It was too loud so there was no way he could hear me through my helmet, even if I had had the balls to speak out of turn. I have no idea how long the ride was because I was so nervous, but we spent quite a while on the highway and then some fast curvy and hilly rural roads (I could tell there was no more traffic around us). Soon I heard gravel and the road got rougher. We were on a dirt road.

We stopped and my MASTER barked at me "OFF THE BIKE PUSSYBOI!" That would be a term of endearment from MASTER. He took off his leather jacket, hung it on the bike and then came over and took the helmet off me. The bright sunlight shocked my eyes and I could barely see. I heard loud heavy metal music playing. He ordered me to strip. I did and handed him my clothes. I stood frozen again as MASTER walked to the door. MASTER called out "faggot, you open this door for me." Before I knew it I was taking large quick steps after this superior man. Then MASTER added "remember your place slave." I opened the door and followed in behind him. Immediately inside the door was an almost black narrow hallway going left to right. The door shut and I couldn't see anything. He grabbed me and shoved me into the room on the left. He entered behind me and slammed the door. I recoiled in fear as I lay on the floor in the corner. There were a few candles burning. MASTER walked across the room and sat in an oversized burgundy leather wingback chair. He poured a brown liquor into a rocks glass and then he said to me "crawl". I crawled across the mostly dark room until I was at my MASTERS feet. He ordered me to take his boots off and I did. They were huge and heavy. Then stood and he removed his shirt. He pointed to his belt and I went to work. When I had removed all of this mans inhibiting clothes he sat back, legs wide, lit the cigar that had been there waiting for him and blew out a very impressive smoke ring. Then he barked the order I'd been salivating for "SUCK". As I began to worship his meaty 9 inches he blew another smoke ring and said "no cigars for you faggot. You need to keep that throat willing and juicy." After a few minutes of gagging and struggling on the biggest cock I'd ever wrapped my lips around MASTER gripped my hair with one hand and pulled me off by my hair, holding my head back. WIth the other hand he took what was left in his glass and poured it into my mouth. He looked deep into my fearful eyes, I swallowed with a loud gulp and he grinned and slowly released my hair. He sat back and again instructed me "SUCK." Soon he had both of his big heavy hands on the back on my head and neck and was slowly rythmically forcing all of his thick 9 inch cock down my throat. Any free will I had was gone. My head was only filled with my new consciousness, one purpose, OBEY.

My jaw was beginning to ache but I was still working hard, knowing MASTER would have no sympathy. He removed his hands from the back of my head and then a bottle of poppers was shoved into my hand. I hit it hard and then it was being ripped from my hands. I looked up at my MASTER, his hard dick bumping me in the chin, my throat juices were still glistening. He pulled me up and shoved me down into the chair. I looked up and saw him lubing his big cock. My heart was racing from the poppers. Seconds later he was towering over me. He took both of my feet in his big dominating hands and pulled them up over my head. I sank deep into the chair. He told me I was a lucky boy and started to ease his big meaty cock into my hole. He eased it in steady and I winced. He switched both my feet to one hand, backhanded me hard across the face and told me to "SHUT THE FUCK UP." He then told me calmly "your life is about to change" and began to pump harder, with long smooth strokes and I started to cry. I had made a huge mistake. As I cried he reminded me I had no way out, I needed to forget about myself and remember why I was here. After that I began to focus and I did my best to enjoy it. I found myself trying to match his thrusts when he pushed all the way in and lifted me up. I was seated just on his massive rock hard cock. I screamed. He laughed. He sat back down and ordered me to ride him. I got to work and did my best to show my appreciation to my big man with my tight smooth hole. All of a sudden he shoved me off and I fell down onto the hard floor. He stood up and stroked his cock hard. I knew what was about to happen. I got down low on my knees before him, opened my mouth wide, and looked up into his eyes with hungry eyes. He began to cum and the load he unleashed was huge. He shot thick hot heavy gobs all over me. I had it in my hair, on my tongue, hanging off my chin, even my shoulders. I was so proud. I licked my lips and said "thank you MASTER."

He grinned and walked into the darkness. A door opened at the far end of the room and the bright light hurt my eyes. As I watched his muscular ass round the corner he called out "boy" and I got up and followed. He had walked into a large bathroom. There was 2 toilets and a large sunken shower troff about 5' x 5'. He looked bigger than ever. He pointed to the troff and said "kneel there pussyboi." I got in. He turned and walked out of another door. A few minutes later the door opened again. It was MASTER with 5 other big men. One of the men turned to MASTER and said "you did it again Gary." MASTER replied "help me clean this faggot up." All 6 big men surrounded me and pulled their cocks out. MASTER said "these are my friends. Open wide faggot." I did and shut my eyes. One by one they all began to unleash hot heavy streams of piss all over my. They seemed to take particular joy in pissing in my mouth and in my hair. I was gasping for air when the intense streams began to trickle. MASTER turned on the showerhead and cold water poured over me. They all turned and left the room. After a minute I reached up shivering and turned the water off. Immediately I heard MASTERs deep gravelly voice bellow "FAGGOT, FRONT AND CENTER." I sprung into action and rushed through the doorway.

It was a dingy bar with a pool table to the right by the front door, a long bar with about 10 stools directly across, and a dark hallway just to the left of the bar. The music had been coming from here. MASTER was standing in the middle of the room where it was relatively bright. I knelt before him and began to shiver again. He grabbed me by the hair and asked me "what do you have to say to my brothers slave?" I didn't even think but just blurted out "THANK YOU!" He spit in my face and pulled me up to my feet by my collar. He looked down into me eyes and said sternly "two pitchers of beer faggot." He lifted me up onto my feet, slapped me hard on the ass and walked into the dark corridor. I immediately scurried behind the bar and found 2 pitchers. I poured the two pitchers as fast as I could and rushed through the dark opening as MASTER had directed. 5 feet in there was a black curtain. I pushed it aside and entered. There were 3 round booths. 2 of the booths had tables in the middle but all 6 men were sitting in one without a table. I stood there with the two pitchers waiting for direction. One of the men said "STUPID FAG forgot to bring glasses." He was right. I was in such a trance and in a rush to please I had forgotten to think. I kneeled, set the pitchers down and looked to my MASTER. He knodded approval and I almost ran to get the glasses. I was so embarrassed and scared. I got 6 glasses and poured them each a beer. I presented the beers to them on my knees one by one and each one of them found a way to make me feel lowlier then the previous. They spit on my face, slapped me, called me degrading names, gagged me with their fingers. The last one grabbed my collar hard. His knuckles hurt, forced between the already tight collar and my neck. He roughly pulled me half-way up off of my knees, bent down right into my face and said "DON'T even think about refusing an order from ANY of your SUPERIORS." and dropped me to the floor. I was gasping for air and rubbing my aching neck. MASTER confirmed "These men are your SUPERIORS. Faggots will never disobey any MANS order. 6 cigars FAGGOT" and he pointed to a wooden box on the floor.

It was a large box of thick cigars. I also saw a box of long matches and grinned, imagining that would redeem my previous miss-step. I handed each man a cigar and lit them all for them. MASTER snatched the matches out of my hand. I cowered. He said "kneel over there" and gestured toward the dark corner. I did and the men began to talk. Some about me and how Gary always knew how to spot the weakest pussy boy. They were pounding their beers. One of them called for me to fetch them another 2 pitchers. I rushed over and quickly grabbed the pitchers. As I turned to head to the bar one of the men slapped my ass so hard I dropped a pitcher. I bent down to pick it up and the two closest to me spit on my back. I picked it up and as quietly as I could hurried out of the room, not daring to look back. When I returned the men were silent. I brought them their beers and again and poured each of them a glass. They did not address me. Then MASTER spoke. His deep gravelly voice made me jump. He said "better get us 2 more. When I returned and as I approached the table he asked "How are those knees holding up cocksucker?" I looked at him and whispered "they hurt MASTER." He pointed to the corner behind me. This was the most well lit corner of the room. In the corner was a padded stool about 6 inches high, with an 8 inch dildo mounted in the middle. My jaw dropped and then I looked back at MASTER. The men laughed and MASTER said "Put the beers down you ungrateful little bitch. YOU'RE WELCOME!" I said "thank you SIR" He directed me to turn around and grab my ankles and he began pouring lube into my tender hole, fingering it, and slapping my ass so hard I almost fell over a couple times. Then he pushed me away and one of the guys laughed and called out "We call that the faggots perch." They all stared at me while I lowered myself down onto it. I wanted to cry again. One by one they each came over and pissed down my throat. I was so full I had to pee. I started to squirm and fidget. MASTER asked me what was wrong. I told him I had to pee. My picked up a 3' burgundy leather leash from the back of the booth and walked over to me. He snapped it onto my neck and then he said "it may stand." I stood and he gripped my shoulder, pushing me to my knees. He turned to walk away and jerked my neck. I had to hustle to keep up with MASTERs pace. He lead me into the troff where he let me piss, down on all 4s.

When I was done he turned and lead me back again without saying anything. When he lead me back to the room he lead me back to the booth with him and had me crawl into the middle of all the men. The floor in the center was a 5 foot circular turntable. In the very center was a 9 foot chain attached to the floor. MASTER locked the other end to my collar. The chain was heavy. All six men were now naked and jerking their pretty hefty cocks. I gulped and finally came to terms with what was about to happen. I felt powerless surrounded by these big burly intimidating MEN. I think I went into a state of shock. All of my fear and emotions vanished yet again. I could no longer hear the music. I was on my hands and knees, sticking my ass in the air. MASTER handed me an almost full rocks glass of that same dark brown liquor. I gulped it down. The turntable began to spin slowly. I looked up at each of my superiors. The men began to rub my ass,finger it, pinch me and feel me all over. Then one of the men pulled me forward and slapped me with his cock. The next few hours would be wilder and more intense than any depravity I had ever seen outside of my own head.

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