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big daddy neighbor

By xzibit

submitted November 19, 2011

Categories: Neighbors, Role Playing

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i live by the beach on a beautiful island in the pacific.i have a nice beach schack behind my friends.my yard is pretty well conceiled so i live naked when im home.i get naked as soon as i get home from work.i live by a nice family of locals the grandfather is so handsome .he is 6-8 very nice body he always says how he is the small one in the family.he befriended me when i moved in and always comes to my yard and brings me food that his wife makes and he likes to shoot the shit.once he starts talking you are in for a long story session.he always ends up telling some kind of fuck story and he always ends with his story of him going to the doctor and how the doctor fingered his ass.when he sets in his porch he can pretty much see in my yard its the only place you can look in my yard.ive always fantasized about him because hes so big i wondered how big his cock was.i have lived here over a year and my shower is outside. i shower when i get home from work and he has the time down pretty well because hes always watching and waiting for me.im straight acting but i love to dress like a girl i have a hot body and have learned to transform pretty well.i always turn the water on and as its getting hot i drop my towell and show him my ass .i pose nasty for him and really push my ass out. i watch him watch me and my dick gets hard i always makes sure he sees my hard cock.a couple times i guess no one was home he hollars hi to me and i stand where he can see my whole front naked and wave back and smile he smiles really nice back.he can see in my kitchen window and is always out on the porch late at night.i think hes naked but he doesnt have lights so im not sure.ill put on my lingerie nylons stilletos do my make up i open the curtains in the dark so when i turn on the lights he sees me dressed as a nasty girl.i have done this quite often do the dishes move around so he can watch me.i turn on my outside light and walk around on my deck pose my ass i know he thinks about fucking me i see him jacking off but its dark at his house and cant really see anything.well one night i guess his curiosity or his hard on got the best of him.it was late one night i was on the internet dressed nasty and had my window open so when i would grab a beer he knew i was dressed.no one comes by my house late at night but i heard a strong knock on my door and i got so scared because i didnt want one of my friends to catch me dressed.then i heard him say are you home and i knew who it was by the sound of his voice i had never been with a man and definately never dressed for anyone .well i had snorted some coke and when i do my asshole loves dildos and i was so hot for cock.i always thought about getting fucked when i was high.i got so flushed my temperature went so hot and i was scared but excited too. my cock got hard instantly.it was hard to keep it tucked. i thought fuck it im going to open that door he knocked again and said stephen are you home. i said just a second and i couldnt beleive it my voice changed and sounded like a girl.i got up and opened the door he smiled and said wow you are so pretty he smiled and his smile was so nice he asked what i was doing up so late.i smiled back and we kinda laughed.i told him i was watching porn and asked if he wanted to come in.im 6-1 175 lbs very fit nice stomach legs and ass. when he walked in the door he was so big nice head of white hair and a erotic white fu man chu.i could see his cock getting big in his shorts and it was as big as he was . i loved to be touched when im high and he reach out and touched my shoulders i wanted to kiss him so bad.he pulled me too him and brought his hands around the small of my back he leaned down and kissed me . oh my god my first man was so beautiful. i put my hands down and touched his cock he moaned and his voice is so low it was the hottest moan i have ever heard.he kept kissing me telling me how many times he watched me and had wanted to fuck me.i told him that i had always seen him watch me and i put those shows on just for him.and how i always wanted him to knock on my door. we laughed and kissed he felt me up like a man does a girl. i asked him if we could roleplay.he smiled and said whatever you want baby girl.i told him i had always had a fantasy about daddy coming in my room a little drunk and catching me dressed like a nasty girl. i told him to wait a second and come into my room . he stopped me and said just a second he noticed that i had a big bottle of patron tequila so we each did 3 or 4 shots i asked him if it was alright if i snorted some coke he smiled and said yes its o.k. so i did a big sniff and smiled i told him to give me a sec when i called out he could come in.i went in the room redid my makeup put on my lipstick made my lips big and sexy gave my lashes another brush of mascara.i have mirrors on my closet they are 8 feet high 8 feet wide another one on the wall in front of my bed.when i looked at myself i was looking nasty for daddy. i started looking in the mirror and i said ok daddy come in.he came thru the door and had already gotten naked he gave me that nice smile .i acted like he had caught me and i said im sorry daddy i just like to be a girl.im sorry im a faggot.when i said that i looked down at his cock and i couldnt beleive it.i look at cocks on the internet but had never seen such a beautiful huge uncut cock.it was as long as my fore arm and it was as wide as my arm he laughed and said what do you think baby girl you like my daddy cock.i turned around and crawled up on the bed doggy style.he pulled my panties and ripped them off completely with one pull. he put his hands underneath me and told me he had been waiting to taste my pussy i just moaned.i was lost his tounge was huge he was eating my pussy so sloppy biting my ass lips it felt so good.i finally was going to be with my man.he picked me up completely till my mouth was at cock height i could hardly get his cock in my mouth at first buthe was holding me up with one hand andpulling my head down on his cock forcing it in my mouth.i was gagging and spitting on it snot blowing out my nose.i couldnt breath but he didnt care.he kept fucking my face getting more of his cock down my throat.i started making alot of noise.i was loving this big man raping my mouth with his big cock.i told him i wanted him to fuck my pussy so hard i didnt want him to stop till i had it all in my asshole. he turned me around and layed me on the bed he put his face down and started kissing me i opened my legs and guided his cock into my new pussy. his head was like a fist i almost passed out when it popped my sphincter i started bleeding and he was so turned on he said he was the first man too pop my cherry and we laughed and kissed so nasty.i said i love you daddy and he said i love you too baby girl.he was pushing this monster cock in me and squeezing my nipples so hard i didnt care i loved the pain . i started fucking back pushing back on him. it was so good to feel that big cock i could feel every inch as it kept going deeper in me.i didnt know a man has an inner sphincter and he was pushing his cock past it and it was hurting so bad he told me relax baby and he kissed me .i was lost i wanted to feel his tounge in me so bad i sucked on it when i did that his dick went past my inner hole.at first it was so painfull i was crying he stopped and let me get used to it i was looking at him he asked if i wanted him to stop.i said no fuck my asshole daddy.fuck my faggot pussy .something about the word faggot he started making animal sounds and shoving his cock hard in me .i finally felt his balls against my ass i knew i had daddies cock all the way up my ass.i felt like a petite little girl with this big man. he started fucking me slow got i was so hot for his cock.i told him i loved him again.he asked if i wanted to be his secret girlfriend and i said yes.his pace got faster and he started fucking me harder god it felt so good better than i ever imagined.he was pulling it out like ten inches and shoving it in me as hard as he could push his big ass.i started talking nasty to him he loved it fuck me daddy rape my pussy with that cock fuck me fuck me he was fucking me so hard i felt him tighten up and i felt him cum he said it had been along time he filled my ass up there was so much cum in me. he pulled out and it was still shooting.he put his hand under my ass and made me push his cum out. his hand was completely full i opened my mouth he made me eat it all. i loved it he cleaned me off making me eat it all.i was so exausted he kissed me and left i get his big cock every night i love him so much.

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