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By teachmedeepthroat

submitted November 26, 2011

Categories: S/M

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I was 19, still living at home and trying to keep my marijuana use a secret. We lived in an upper-class neighborhood with very large wooded lots. In the 3 years we'd lived there I don't think I'd ever seen anyone but the lawn crew come or go. I would cut through the woods most nights to the empty house and smoke on their patio. I sat down on a one of the patio chairs, cracked my beer, and lit up the fat joint I had rolled. I took two puff and all of a sudden the lights flashed on. I was frozen for a second and before I could react a door opened and a man stepped out.

He was about 40, about 6'3", dark hair, light stubble, broad shoulders, solid build, wearing black boots, jeans, and a black t-shirt. His dark eyes were piercing. I got up to run and he spoke in a deep voice "hold on there boy." I paused. He came over, sat down, put his feet up on the table and said "let me hit that joint, little man." I handed him the joint, hand shaking. He took it. His hands were huge, coarse, and his knuckles were hairy. He took a few strong hits and passed it back to me. I was still shocked, petrified. He picked up my beer and started drinking it fast. We continued to pass the joint back and forth as he asked me a litany of random questions. I was too nervous to ask him any. After a few minutes he finished the beer I had brought for myself, handed it to me and told me to go inside and get him another beer. I did as I was told, just hoping this man I'd never met before wouldn't tell my parents.

I came back out and handed him the beer. He had finished the joint while I was in the house. When i came back out and handed him the beer he asked me if I wanted a tour of the house. I hesitated and he stood up, towering over me. He grabbed me under my shoulder, pulled my like 130 lbs body up off the sofa and guided me toward the house. I had no choice but to comply but my heart was racing. As he led me into the house I and started showing me around I started to calm myself. This seemed like a nice neighborly thing to do. He seemed like a nice man, definitely an alpha but a nice guy. It was a very nice house, 4 bedrooms, well furnished, definitely masculine. He told me he had more pot and a pool table in the basement.

I followed him downstairs and into a room that had lots of tools and storage. He walked with me over to a nondescript door in the far left corner. He opened the door and ushered me in while saying here we go. The room was pitch black. As i crossed the threshold he shoved me and shut the door behind me. I felt all over the door opening. There was no handle on this side. I was afraid to explore as I'd love my point of reference to the door. I screamed out a few times. It was very echoey in here. I was alone in the dark and petrified. I was right to be scared.

I was alone in the dark quiet room for a few minutes. My heart rate had finally begun to slow when a door about 30 feet away opened and I saw the silhouette of the big man step in. The door slammed loudly behind him and i heard several locks engage, then a few footsteps. His boots were loud on the hard concrete floor. I gulped. He flicked on a switch and 3 uncovered bulbs started to glow. As my eyes adjusted I realized I was in a cell, about 8 x 14. In the cell there was a metal bench with a stained lumpy old pad and a troff in the opposite corner. He walked over slowly and looked down at me through the bars. I had started to cry. He was breathing deeply and looking at me angrily. I was afraid to look him in the eye and started to scan the room nervously. There were several padded and unpadded benchs, chains hanging from hooks, and a sling. This was his dungeon.

He ordered me to strip and i complied, shivering. He told me to fold them and hand them to him through the bars. Then he told me to face the wall in the opposite corner and kneel. He unlocked the cell door and entered. I was so scared. He pulled out a metal collar and padlock and put it around my neck. When the lock snapped shut i started to sob again. He yanked my head back by my hair and spit right in my face. Then he let me go and ordered me to climb into the troff.

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