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A Whore for Eddie!

By assgivergr

submitted December 11, 2011

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy, Role Playing, Celebrity Fantasy

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***I know you probably know this, but I need to say it, THIS story, is fictional, I have never met or had sex with Eddie McClintock, even though I wish!***

Being the son of a celebrity's manager, always had the benefits, I get to meet famous actors/singers and such, even if my father isn't their manager, because he simply takes me with him, in those parties, what I really enjoy though is when I find a willing celebrity, to feed my ass with his cock...

I'm 21 years old, not too short, not too tall, normal guy, I'm a bottom gay, and I really like dick, especially the famous ones!

My new crush is Eddie McClintock, he is starring at the "Warehouse 13" tv show, what I like on him, is that he is 40 years old, and he seems like a young man! but he has the mature man's eyes...anyway you would understand why I was so eager to go to that party that my father was invited, it was a party for that show, and Eddie would be there.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was amazed at how many cars where there, I even show famous celebrities too, but I had eyes only for spotting Eddie.

My father spotted him, and went to greet him, since he was the star of the show, he was a nice guy, he was wearing, a suit, grey, with white shirt, without a tie, somehow it made him younger, my father introduced me to him, he smiled and said "Nice to meet you" and he shaked my hand, I gave him a dirty look, he seemed surprised, and then he turned away, not a good thing for me, since I wanted to lure him, to turn him on, anyway, tha party was boring, and Eddie did everything to avoid to stay alone with me, I grabbed a cucumber, and ate it in a dirty way, looking at him, he was sitting at a sofa across me, he was talking but his eyes were at me, when he relaxed and sat back at the sofa, I saw he had a bulge, a very big one, so I managed to turn him on, he smiled at me, I went to the balcony, he followed, I pretended to not see him behind me, I heard his steps as he approached, he stood beside me "Hey there, nice way to eat a cucumber" he said, and a smile appeared on his mouth, I looked at him, "I had a nice inspiration" I said, "I feel honored, as you can see" he said and he showed me his bulging cock through the pants, I smiled and said "Nice tool over there, but nowhere to use it, its full of people here" I said, he looked at me and smiled wider "wait here", he went inside and some minutes later he returned, "OK, I told your father, I would give you a tour at my house, so you can see the show's props and replicas", I was so amazed at how easily he found an excuse, I followed him, his car was a very expensive one, "Nice car" I said, he was driving, "Ah this is only for occasions like this, my everyday car is an SUV", I could smell his cologne all over the car, I touched his leg and stroke it, "Don't do this right now, I might end up crashing out of the bridge" he said in a light tone, we arrived at a very descent house, "Is this your house?' I said, he replied "No its a friends house, he is not here, my house is occupied with my family you know?', we entered the house, it was clean, and close for a long time, he shut the door behind me, "You know?" he said, I turned to face him, "I have some fetishes on sex" he finished his phrase, he was so charming now, I could smell the cologne along with his own perfume, his manly smell, he saw I was drunk by him he threw his suit's jacket to the floor, I got on my knees looking at him "What kind of fetishes?" I asked, I was eager to do everything he wanted, if he was irresistible on tv, now he was even more, his eyes were those of a sexy predator, and I felt like his little male slut, "I like to play roles", I knew what he meant, he continued "I want you to be a paid slut who came to please a customer" he said, so I acted as he said, I went by the door, to knock, he opened the door "Your service is quick, come on in" he said, I entered the room, and pretended to see it for the first time, he sat on the sofa, he looked at me, I approached him, I got on my knees, I unzipped his pants, and the dick smell hit me, it was a 18 cm cock, with veins and all, with trimmed hair around it, and two nice balls, I started licking it, my tongue, run around his cock from head to balls, and again the same, I played with his dick's hole, he moaned a bit, so I continued playing, I started sucking the cock, it wasn't easy, it was big, I managed to put it inside my mouth, I started sucking, "Look at me" he said in a low voice, I felt a bit embarassed so I didn't do it, "Look at me bitch, I will give you an extra tip" he said, I looked at his eyes, they were full of passion and dirty thoughts, he was sweating, his cock was getting harder and harder, "Oh yeah, set your ass for me" he said, and I got on doggystyle position as he took place behind me, He was massaging my ass with an oil, "Oily ass" thats how I like it, he said, slapping my butt, I felt my asshole being ready, and he felt it too with his finger, I felt the dick entering, he was slow at first, my moan was something I didn't planned, it was pain mixed with passion, I felt so nice with his dick inside my ass, he started fucking me hard, "Who's your daddy?" he was asking me "You are Eddie" I was moaning, "Yeah bitch, I'm, You like being fucked for money?" he asked me, I said "Yes, I like cocks, I like your cock daddy" I said, he was putting more force, my ass was opened, I mean it wasn't my first time, but he surely opened it a bit more, "Take your drink" he yelled and I felt his cums inside my butt, I yelled with him, it was so intense, his moves slowed down, until he was out of my ass, he took a shower, "You were amazing" he said, and we drove back to the party, I wasn't able to sit comfortably after such fuck, but I was happy!

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