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By teachmedeepthroat

submitted December 23, 2011

Categories: Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Discipline, S/M

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It was a clear autumn day. My car was in the shop so I was walking the 2 1/2 miles from work to my home. I set out around 5:15. I walked for about a mile when a large blue pickup truck slowed as they drove past. Both the men stared at me intently as they passed. Two big burly intimidating looking men. The sort of men no one has ever picked a fight with.

I walked another block and rounded the corner. Just as I did the pickup pulled up from behind and honked. I jumped. The man in the passenger seat leaned out the window, his shoulder and arm were huge, with thick dark brown hair on his toned forearm. He spoke in a deep powerful voice "HEY BOY. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET TO CHERRY PARK?" I froze and stared back at them, my heart was racing. I didn't understand why I felt so weird and weak, almost scared. He barked out "COME HERE BOY." I stuttered and looked down as i cautiously approached the big truck. I had a hard time focusing and explaining. After a few seconds of my incoherent babble the other man spoke. His voice was deep and gravelly. He said "Why don't you just show us boy. And we'll drop you off where you're headed after." I stuttered again and took a step back. The huge man in the passenger seat got out and told me to get in the truck. I was trying to say no but I felt powerless, nervous, weak.

The man grabbed my arm. His hands were like bear paws. I turned and looked up at him. He must have been 6'6". He spoke again, loud over the diesel engine "GET IN THE TRUCK BOY" as he guided me forcefully. I was so nervous. He shoved me as i climbed into the cab, a little too hard to be helpful. He climbed in behind me and slammed the door. I was between two huge men. I felt so tiny. I was so nervous. The driver asked me my name and I replied. They did not offer their names. I stuttered through the as we drove. I started to shake. The men laughed at me. As we drove into the park I asked them to let me off here. They gave my request little regard and told me we were almost there.

We drove to a dark parking lot in the back of the park and parked. The man to my right turned to me and said to me "LOOK BOY. WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE." I looked at them trying to act confused, but I knew exactly what he meant. I looked at the lock on the door contemplating escape. The man saw it and said sternly "we all know you don't want to do that boy." I paused. He grinned. The driver grabbed my hair and pulled me back into him. I tried to pull away and in doing so threw my legs toward the other huge man. He grabbed my right leg and pinned me down. I was trying to kick. He moved in closer and looked deep into my eyes and he slid his huge hand between my legs and started to rub my hole. I pulled back but the man holding my hair used his other hand to force me back down. I screamed. The man behind me let go of my hair and put his huge hand over my mouth, holding my whole head still and muting my cries. All I could do was take it.

After a few minutes the man let go of my lower body and the man holding me by my head pushed me down so my head was in his lap, looking up at him. They both spit in my face and called me a faggot. I fell down onto the floor. The passenger looked down at me with a look of disgust and said calmly "better get comfortable boy." They both unzipped their pants and flopped out two huge meaty cocks out. Both were about 8 inches soft, cut, veiny, with big egg sized balls. I gulped and they laughed. The driver put the truck in drive and we began to move.

We drove in silence for a few minutes while my too captors completely ignored me. I looked up at them and studied them more carefully. Mostly i studied their big dicks. Both of these men had HUGE balls. The driver was roughly 7 inches soft, chubby, cut, big purple head. The passenger was a about 8 inches soft, not quite as fat, cut, big purple head, with big veins. I was totally captivated by them. The driver broke the silence and said "My brother and I thought you were cute boy. You should feel lucky we picked you." After a few more minutes in silence we finally stopped.

The passenger got out and dragged me out behind him. I looked around. We were at a low rent industrial complex. There was no one, no cars, no signs of life in sight. The two brothers stood squarely in front of me again looking me over intently. The bigger of the two brothers (passenger) barked to me "GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES BOY." I looked around. He spoke again in a more menacing tone "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY BOY." I wanted to cry. I stripped there. After the both looked me up and down again the bigger brother grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me into the cinderblock building.

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