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Gay Campground, Part 71

By jarbear

submitted January 2, 2012

Categories: Camping, Interracial, Orgies, Outdoor Sex, Fetish

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By jarbear1974@yahoo.com. Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an outline, let me know. After every five chapters, I would recommend you ask for an updated outline as I add to it after every chapter. ----

It was late afternoon and the campground was crowded. Even though there was a large crowd of bikers, there was also a good mix of campers. As I cruised the grounds, I made sure that everyone was have a good and time and yet keeping some semblance of order. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. There was sex going on here and there as usual. In fact, there was more of it going on since there was such a large crowd this weekend.

I had given Trey and Joe (55) responsibility for overseeing the weekend and it seemed like they were doing a good job of it so far. The road that was headed off for the primitive campground was line up along one side with parked bikes. It was a beautiful site seeing all that chrome and wheels. Everything for the event seemed very organized, so I decided to look for the two and give them good pats on the back for their good work. As I was walking down the street, among all the naked campers, I saw Trey and Joe approaching me with sly grins on their faces. "Just what are they up to?" I thought.

"Everything looks great," I exclaimed when we got to each other, "What a great crowd and it looks like you've got everything in order. I forgot to tell you: with all the work you put into this, I'm giving you both this weekend free. You deserve it."

"We thought you should," replied Trey, "By the way, we've got a surprise for you. We don't think you've been to this part of the campground lately, but we've built something. Your staff allowed us to do it without your approval because we think you will like it."

"Okay, let's go see it." I really didn't like not being informed of what was going on with the campgrounds, but the staff hasn't failed me yet.

"First we want to blindfold you," said Joe. When he sensed my hesitancy, he continued, "Don't worry. There's nothing to worry about. I know you will like this." So I obliged. I was blindfolded and then led to the location.

When we stopped I heard sounds of grunts, pants and moans along with phrases like: "Fuck yeah!" "Do it!" "Suck that fuckin' dick!" along with too many others to mention. They removed my blindfold and I immediately saw that I was in the cluster of trees that was in the middle of the circle of camper trailers. It was just a small overgrown area - but it wasn't now. I just stood there and looked around. I couldn't believe what I saw - a grove of trees with the brush cleared out and cleaned up.

Right in front of me was a sign that said, "Bob's Playground". Looking ahead I saw playground equipment; not for kids, but for adults. Of course, there was a sling built on a wooden frame with chains and a leather interwoven seat. There was a tree house in a tree! There was a merry-go-round. There was a small platform stage with a rim seat bolted on it. There was a six by six post with handcuffs and chains posted on each of the four sides.

And everything that was going on! The sling was busy, of course, with an occupant. His hands and ankles were cuffed to the frame. There was one guy riding his ass hard with a good fuck. The frame was obviously solid and the chains were strong because there was another camper who had crawled over the guy in the sling and was sitting on his face. The camper in the sling was obviously giving him a good rim job because the guy on top of him was taking some popper huffs and groaning loudly. Another camper was bent over sucking the facesitter's cock. I definitely approved of that!

The merry-go- round definitely got my attention. I walked over to it to take a closer look. It was a regular child's merry-go-round except that it was mounted higher off the ground. The floor of it was waist high and the grab bars divided the floor into six sections. There was a guy in each section - some on their backs and some on their stomachs. There were guys standing around it. The guys lying on their backs were getting ass fucked by the guy standing by them and the guys lying on their stomachs were blowing the guys in front of them. They were all going at it furiously when someone would call out, "Change!" The merry-go-round would then turn until the guy riding would be moved to the next guy standing. Then the sucking/fucking would resume again -- only different partners. After a time, the leader would call out, "Change!" again and the merry-go-round would move the rider to the next guy standing. This would keep up until they made a completed round. Then the riders would change -- they had to because there was a line waiting to get on. This was new and unique to me -- and I liked it -- a lot! "This looked really great! I'd really like to try this out sometime," I exclaimed eagerly to Trey and Joe.

"You can right now," Trey replied, "These guys will let you butt in since you are the camp manager here." The guys standing in line murmured in agreement. So I got on, laid on my back. I propped up my legs and hooked my ankles on a bar on each side of me. My asshole was close to the edge -- easy access to each cock it came to. Others quickly got on with me, guys gathered around - and we were ready to go.

I smiled as I looked between my legs at the first fucker ready to slide his cock up my ass. His cock was thick and long and my asshole twitched in excitement, anticipating his entry. He grabbed hold of it, aimed, and rammed it. I gasped. My asshole loosend to receive it and when the piston started its work on me, I opened my bottle and took some huffs. I laid back in ecstacy as his cock plowed me.

I had about five minutes of good fucking when I heard, "Change!" I felt the move of the merry-go-round and I was moved over to the next guy. This next guy was black, stroking his black rod with a wide smile. I recognized him. It was Jim (1,10,57)! "Hey Jim!" I called out to him between my legs.

He took hold of my ankles, since they were up in the air. "Hey Bob," he replied in his deep, seductive voice.

Nothing more was said as he aimed his black shaft for my hole. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling as it slid in further and further, all the way to the base. He gasped when my sphincter muscle gripped his cock. As we got more into our fucking, we became oblivious to all the sex that was happening around us. Just as he pushed his cock all the way in me, he pulled it all the way back to the crowning head. He kept at this as I luxuriated in the feeling of sexual euphoria.

"Man, you sure are a good fuck!" Jim moaned as he continued his fucking.

"It's because of that great cock of yours. You sure know how to use that fuck handle," I responded.

After another five minutes, "Change!" As I was being moved over, I quickly moved onto my stomach, giving my mouth easy access to the next guy. I didn't look up to see who it was. I just opened my mouth, ready to swallow the next sex organ that was available. Sure enough, I felt a hand on the back of my head and saw a cock aimed for my mouth.

When it entered, I wrapped my lips around the shaft and sucked. I don't know - maybe it was the position - but the cock easily slid in all the way to the base. As as result, my face was pushed into the guy's crotch hairs. It tickled my nose and I smelled the wonderful, musky aroma of his groin. I loved it!

As I was sucking his cock, I heard him uncap his bottle and take some huffs. He then lowered the bottle to my nostril and I took several long huffs while his cock was still in my mouth. I don't know what kind of aroma he had - it was different than mine - but it really sent me into a sexual frenzy. I raised myself up, grabbed his hips and began to rapidly force him to fuck my mouth harder.

I couldn't hold back. He was building up to shoot when I heard, "Change!" I didn't let go of him, but held on. I wanted his load down my throat and he wanted to give it to me. So he kept his hands firmly on the back of my head - my mouth locked onto his hard cock. The guy who called out to change started to speak when I immediately held up a finger inidcating for him to wait.

There was a pause in which everyone looked at me, wondering what to do. It only took that moment for my mouth fucker to shoot his load into my mouth. When he let out a loud grunt, everyone watching then knew what the wait was for. When he was done and pulled out, I got up off the merry-go-round. "Thanks for the wait guys," I said as I began to walk away. Immediately another guy took my place on the merry-go-round and another took place of the guy who shot his load down my throat.

I walked over to a large tree and looked up at the treehouse that was built within its branches. I wanted to see what was within the walls of this eight by six structure that was built without my knowledge. So I climbed up the ladder that was attached onto the trunk of the tree. When I got up in it, I paused to look around. There was a small balcony before you entered. The small structure had a couple of open windows. Upon entering, in one corner was an overstuffed chair. Seated in the chair was a guy whose legs were draped over the arms and he was casually stroking his cock, smiling at me. In the other corner was a double bed and on it was another guy sitting up with his back against the corner. He, too, was smiling at me with his legs apart, stroking his cock.

"My!" I said aloud, "What have we got here?"

"Two guys who've been waiting for you," spoke the guy in the chair.

"Yeah," spoke the guy in the bed, "We thought you should try out this treehouse first with a three-way."

Smiling, I replied, "Well, I don't know where to start first, but let's just get started and see what happens."

I walked over to the chair, crawled over him and straddled the chair with his cock pointing up towards my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I lowered myself down on him. We deeply kissed while I felt his hard shaft slide up in me, filling me with a pulsing sex organ that increased my sexual desire.

As I rode his cock and we kissed, the guy in the other corner got out of bed and crawled up over the back of the chair, positioning himself above the guy in the chair, his hard cock facing me. I broke from the kiss, moved my head forward and wrapped my lips around the cock now in front of me. I slid all the way down to his base, sucking all the way. I set up a steady rhythm of my ass sucking on one cock while my mouth sucked on another. Both guys moaned in delight.

The guy fucking my ass grabbed my ass cheeks for a firmer hold as well as the guy who I was blowing, grabbed my head with his hands. It was great for the three of us! I've never done anything like this in a treehouse before. When I was a kid, I had a treehouse, but then I never thought of doing anything like this. If I only knew then what I know now!

Then I wanted to get into bed with them. As I pulled my mouth off one cock and my ass off another, I heard some movement. I looked around and noticed that a few guys had climbed up into the treehouse. They were standing on the balcony leaning through the windows watching us. When I looked at them, they were smiling and one spoke up, "Oh, don't mind us. We're just here to watch. We heard that you like an audience."

"You got that right," I said with a smile, "Watch all you want!"

I crawled onto the bed and the two guys crawled on after me. We three wrapped our arms around each other and began a three-way kiss. I then opened up my bottle of poppers, took a couple of good huffs and then passed it to the other two. They, as well, sniffed up the aroma. They both then moved down on me. As one took my cock in his mouth, the other pushed my legs up in the air and went for my asshole.

As they were working on me, I looked over at the guys peering through the windows. With a smile, I gave them the thumbs up and they all returned the same sign. I closed my eyes and relaxed while my cock and ass were getting a work over. "What a great treehouse!" I thought to myself, "Pics of this playground should definitely be on the camp website ... Oh fuck, yeah! That feels so good!" The deep cocksucking along with the deep tonguefucking was churning the cum in my balls. I knew that I would soon shoot.

Just when I was about to shoot, I gasped to the cocksucker, "Don't swallow my load!" I then shot several good, thick spurts of cum into his mouth. When I was done, I moved back and motioned for my ass rimmer to lay on his back which he did. My cocksucker then move his face above about six inches above the rimmer's mouth. Making sure everyone was watching, he let the semen flow out of his mouth into the mouth below his. When that was done, I laid on my back and the rimmer passed my cum on into my mouth.

Looking at my audience, I stood up, spit all my cum into my hands and then rubbed them together, spreading the cum all ove my palms and fingers. As I did that, I walked to the windows and invited everyone to a taste of my load. They eagerly leaned forward through the window with their tongues hanging out. I went to each one of them and made sure they had a taste.

When this was all done, everyone gave me the high five and we all went down the ladder.

Once we got back down on the ground, I walked over to the next play area -- the rim seat bolted onto the platform. As I approached it, I saw that it was already occupied. There was a leather biker on the seat and a camper was lying on his back underneath rimming away. Both of their cocks were hard; the biker's was sticking straight out and the rimmer's was sticking straight up. A couple of campers stood with me watching them. It looked like they were having a great time -- the biker looked up at me, smiled, and gave me the thumbs up.

Even though I just shot my load up in the treehouse -- being an oversexed guy -- my cock rose to attention. This was my campground and the guys built this playground in honor of me. So I'm going to try it out. I got on the platform and straddled the rimmer facing the biker on the seat. I sqatted down and lowered my ass slowly. Knowing that several campers were watching, I wanted to put on another good show. Just before the tip of the cockhead touched my hole, I reached back and massaged my butt cheeks and wiggled my ass a little. I looked back behind me and smiled at my audience. A couple of them were smiling, a couple were stroking their cocks and another gave me an automatic thumbs up.

I pushed my ass down and my asslips sucked in the hard cock. I slid all the way down until I was seated completely on the hard shaft. I was facing the biker in front of me. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me toward him. As we did our opened-mouth kiss with our wet tongues slopping back and forth against each other, I felt his moutache and beard stubble rub against my face. It felt good to be passionately kissing and getting fucked all the while an audience watching.

The biker's kisses were really turning me on, causing me to ride the stiff cock in me harder. The rimmer reached around the biker's legs and pulled himself up a little more so that he could get his face further up in the biker's butt. With on free hand, the biker reached down between his legs and was furiously beating his own cock.

The rimmer, still full of the biker's ass, moaned out loud and his body began jerking. I felt his cock shoot his load up in my ass at the same time the biker shot his all over my crotch. When they both settled down, I slowly stood up; the rimmer's cock popping out of my well fucked asshole.

I turned around to the audience, looked them over and quickly pointed out two campers and instructed them to get on the platform. The two quickly responded and I had them get on their knees as I stood between them. The one in front of me buried his face in my crotch, smearing the fresh biker's cumload all over his face. The camper behind me sucked out the cumload I captured from the rimmer. I then motioned of another camper to get on the platform and had him lick off all the biker's cum off the camper's face.

Calmly, I turned to the rest of the audience and said with a smile, "Now this is how to have a good time!" They all heartily agreed and then the crowd dispersed into different cirections. Surveyeing the premises, I was pleased. Not only was the campground full, but it was definitely crowded. It seemed that everyone was calm and relaxed with their nudity as well as their sexuality. No on was inhibited. There were different sex acts going on around everywhere -- except I noticed one camper.

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