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By bmbm

submitted January 3, 2012

Categories: Caught In the Act, Men On Holiday, True Stories, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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My wife and I were in Cabo a couple of years ago, on vacation at an all inclusive resort. One morning near the end of our stay we had just finished breakfast and my wife was leaving with some women she had met for a day of shopping. I planned to hang around the pool and so headed back to our room to get my trunks on and a book. When I entered our room I found the maintenance man had finally shown up to replace the light bulb in the ceiling fixture. He was a younger guy maybe 30 at most and in pretty good shape wearing a tee shirt and kakhi shorts. Anyway he was standing on a shakey three step stool trying to work and hold on to the stool railing at the same time. I went over and said I would hold onto the stool and keep it from shaking while he worked so he could use two hands. I walked up to the stool and was securing it and wouldn't you know it his crotch was staring me right in the face. When he got the shade off he passed it down to me and as I reached for it I accidentally brushed his crotch with my hand. When I turned back it seemed as if his bulge had grown some and when he passed the bulb down he made sure that he held it right next to his bulge for me to grab. I wasn't sure if I dared but I made obvious contact with his crotch when I took the bulb and he definitely pushed forward trying for more. When I handed him the new bulb I again brushed his growing bulge and my hand even lingered a bit and there was no doubt that he was wanting that and more. When he had the bulb in I handed him the shade and as he took it I shocked myself by putting my hand up the leg of his shorts and taking his cock into my hand. It was definitely getting firmer and felt very warm. He clearly loved that so while he fastened the shade I played with his cock under his pants which was easy as he had no underwear on. When he got finished with the shade he brought his hand down and unzipped his fly and pulled out a nice dark firm cock which was staring me right in the face. As he pushed his crotch forward I felt compelled to lick his cock. He was really getting hot now as well as aggressive. He climbed down from the stool and pushed me backwards to the bed and when I hit the bed I automatically sat down with his cock again starring me in the face. He just walked forward and I opened my mouth and took his cock in and started to give my first and only blowjob. I was just going slow as I wasn't sure how to do this but he wasn't having any of that. He put his hands on my head and started thrusting in and out of my mouth and his breathing and sounds let me know that I must be doing something right. As he was pounding my mouth I heard a key in the door and I almost had a heart attach. It turned out to be the maid coming in to do the room up and I caught a glimpse of her as he waved her out. As he waved he lost his balance and fell forward on me and he continued thrusting the whole time. Now he was basically fucking my face and there was no stopping him that's for sure. I wasn't used to having a cock in my mouth and definitely not having a guy on top of my face just fucking my mouth as urgently as he could. Soon the inevitable was about to happen and I managed to turn away as his cum came shooting out spurt after spurt after spurt. I had cum all over me, my face, my chest, my hands and there was cum on the bed covers. Finally he finished and rolled off me and got up to clean up and leave. As he left he said he might see me again maybe with another friend or two. It was only then that I had time realize what had happened and that it was kind of enjoyable and exciting. And it was only then that I realized how hard my own cock was and I made my way to the bathroom and jerked off and I came immediately. The rest of the day I lay by the pool reading and thinking about what had happened but every so often I had to go back to the room and jack off again. I never saw the maintenance guy again but I did see the maid a couple of times and as she would give me a knowing smile I would return with a nod and a red face.

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