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Best Friends at Bible School - Part 5

By funstuff961

submitted February 5, 2012

Categories: Fetish, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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And so it continued. For the next couple of months I was trained as Jeff's bitch. If he needed to shoot a load he ordered me into his room and I served him. Sometimes it was just a hard face fucking and other times it was my ass he wanted. I just never knew when he would call or email me. But I always knew I would obey.

Outside of his room it was friendship as usual. I was getting used to the difference between Jeff my Owner and Jeff my best friend and bible study companion. We would hang out in town together, go to bible class and even double date. Little did the girl's know that Jeff owned my ass and I was his sex slave.

one day we were hanging out in town and stopped in the local pet shop to check out the puppies. They were so cute and playful and it was a hoot to watch them run a round in their cages. We were alone in the store with the clerk, who seemed to be keeping an eye on us as if we were gonna steal something.

At one point the clerk came over to see us and asked if he could help us with something.Jeff turned to him and said, "yes, I am looking for a collar for my dog." I shot a questioning look at Jeff as he followed the young clerk over to the section where all the collars were.

"So what kind of dog do you have?"

"A fairly big dog, a female actually", Jeff responded. " Her neck is about so big" as he gestured with his hands.

"It must be a big dog" said the clerk. "Looks about the size of a man's neck."

"That's exactly right" stated Jeff as he stared into the clerk's eyes.

"Then you may want to look at this one. It is heavy and strong enough to restrain any bitch that I have ever seen."

"Really?" said Jeff, " I am not sure it is big enough."

Jeff looked at me. "Come here." He positioned himself behind me and started laughing. "Your neck looks about the same size as my dog. I am sure if it fit you it would fit my bitch as well."

"No way." I said as I turned to Jeff.

Jeff stared right through me and said "yes way".

He then placed his hands soldily on my shoulders and began pushing me down to my knees. I knew the feeling of the grip on my shoulders. It usually indicated he meant business and that I was going to be sucking cock. I looked at the clerk as the pressure on my shoulders grew. The clerk was grinning as I resisted. "I think you better do as he says." I sank to my knees and Jeff positioned the collar around my neck. The clerk stepped forward as Jeff fuumbled with the collar. His crotch was no more than inch from my face. He reached behind my neck and helped Jeff attach the collar. He pushed my head forward under the pretext of adjusting the collar. I got a mouthful of his crotch as he began to grind his hips into face.

Once the collar was attached, they both just looked down at me. "I assume this is your bitch", said the clerk.

"Sure is" remarked Jeff. I just lowered my head in embarrassment. Up until now this was our secret. It was never meant to go outside the bedroom.

"I used to own a bitch much like this one", stated the clerk. "He left town to go to university. Was quite useful when there were no chicks around. You taken his cherry yet? Was he difficult to train?"

"Yeah, I took his cherry the first week. Had to give him a good spanking but he ended up giving it willingly. He has become pretty obedient. Once in a while he will act up but it is nothing that a belt doesn't fix. I thought the collar may help remind him of his role as slave." Jeff gave the collar a tugged, jerking back my head. He was right. The collar definitely made me feel submissive and was a reminder of my role in this friendship.

The clerk laughed. "They do need to be reminded who the owner is every now and then. Why don't you go and lock the front door and we can take five minutes to negotiate payment of the collar."

Jeff left to go to the front door. The clerk put his hand under my jaw and tilted my head so that I was looking up at him and him down at me. He was in his early twenties with a military haircut and a physique to match. A tight t-shirt showed off a well trained body and his jeans were molded to his legs. The outline of his dick could not be mistaken. He stuck his index finger in my mouth and pumped it in and out a few times before letting some spit drip from his lips onto my forehead. "A little fucking pussy bitch huh. I bet you love that collar don't you. Get used to it cause I have plans for you." I could hear Jeff coming back and the clerk removed his finger and wiped the spit off my face.

"Why don't you grab a leash as you pass them there on your left.", the clerk shouted at Jeff.

Jeff came back with a leather leash dangling from his hand. The clerk lean forward again and placed his hands on my shoulders ensuring I was not going anywhere. "Use the leash to tie his hands behind his back and then we can negotiate." Jeff grabbed my arms. I struggled a bit but the clerk had me pinned and there was no way I could get away from both of them. I felt the leather being wrapped around my wrists as Jeff bound my arms behind my back.

"So how much?" said Jeff.

"Well how does free sound?"

"sounds great to me!"

"In return for services rendered of course."

"What kind of services you looking for."

The clerk moved his hand towards the zipper of his jeans. "Well I like the look of your bitch's lips. I don't think a blowjob is too much to ask. Does he deep throat? Swallow?"

"Yeah he can take every inch of me with a bit of forcing and I just make him swallow my load. He actually has no say in the matter. I am his owner after all."

"Good. I see you have trained him well. So if he can give me a blow job to my satisfaction, you can walk out of here with the collar and I will even throw in the leash. Deal?"

I looked up at Jeff and said no I did not want this. They both just looked down at me and laughed. "Your ass is gonna be red once you get home if you keep that up." stated Jeff in no uncertain terms. They laughed again and shook hands. I was going to be forced to service the clerk in exchange for the collar and the leash.

The clerk began undoing his belt and Jeff placed his hands on my head. I could see a bulge building in his pants and the clerk reached in and pulled out his cock. It was not as big as Jeff's but had a huge mushroom head. He slapped my face with his hardening cock a few times. "Open up cocksucker." I was slow to react and the clerk pinched my nose so I could only breath through my mouth.

He looked at Jeff. "This is how you make a resistant cocksucker behave. Block his nostrils and he will eventually open his mouth. He has to breath at some point."

"Cool.", said Jeff. "Looks like I have a few things I could learn from you. Let me know if he uses his teeth at all. I will be sure to punish him when he gets home if he tries to act up like that."

I did not last long and my mouth opened for air. The clerk was ready and pried me opened with his fingers and then pushed his stiff rod in my mouth. I finally gave in knowing that it would be for the best.

The clerk grabbed my head and Jeff came around front to watch me get face fucked. Three strokes later and the clerk's balls were slapping against my chin.

Jeff knelt down to get a close look. "Wow, what you wouldn't do for a free collar you whore. Such a fucking cumslut."

The clerk was in heat. "Fucking hell this bitch can suck!" as he continued to drill me. "Check to see if he is hard."

Jeff reached down between my legs. One quick brush across my crotch was all he needed to confirm my throbbing erection. "fuck is he ever hard dude."

"That is the best kind of slave bitch. It means they will never refuse you. They actually get off on serving even if they complain."

"That too is good to know." said Jeff.

"Oh fuck I am gonna nut soon." The clerk picked up the pace. His thick bush was pounding against my nose. I could feel his strokes get deeper and his cock begin to swell. With my hands tied behind my back I was not able to slow him down or control how deep into my throat he sunk his shaft.

One last deep stroke and he held me down on his shaft, the mushroom head lodged firmly in my throat. "Ahhhhhh, swallow it bitch." He started shooting and I began to swallow as ordered. Jeff had whipped out his cock and I could see him cumming on floor as I took the clerk's thick load. The clerk shot four thick loads before continuing the assault on my throat. A few more deep strokes and he had thoroughly emptied his balls. I kept sucking until he pulled out.

Jeff came over in front of me and presented his semi-hard cock to me. "Clean it boi!" I took his softening cock in my mouth and sucked him clean making sure there were no drops of his semen left on his cock that may leave stains in his underwear. "Now the floor", demanded Jeff. This time I did not hesitate. I bent over and licked my master's cum off the floor ensuring there was not a drop left anywhere.

"Untie him and take off the collar. I have to open up the store again."

Jeff untied my hands and removed the collar from around my neck. He whispered in my ear, "good little bitch. You are gonna get SO fucked when I get you back to my place."

We went to the cash and the next customer walked through the door. The clerk put collar and leash in a bag and handed it to Jeff.

"Sounds lke you could use some help training your new pet", he said being careful to use words that hid the meaning from the new client. "Give me a shout and I am sure I could help you out."

"Sounds like a plan", said Jeff and we turned to leave.

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